Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Urban Decay Naked... Basics

Ah yeah, it's here!  A matte palette from UD baby!  We have been awaiting this moment for what seems like ever.  But after 2-3 years of begging, it's finally here. 

I ordered this immediately when I got the email that it was on the website last Thursday.  Which I do with most new UD releases. :)  I also ordered a couple other things (not surprising) but I will go into that later.

And can we get a drum roll please... 

6 shades.  5 mattes, one demi matte and one repeat.  Not too shabby!

And it fits nicely into the palm of your hand.  I didn't expect it to be so... tiny.  Smaller than an Iphone.  But I like it.


Nice study plastic case.  Has a soft feel to it, like NARS packaging.  It clicks shut and it is pretty tight so this won't be flying open in your bag. 

The shadows are the same size as the other 2 palettes, the Original Naked Palette and Naked2.  You get 1.3 grams per shadow.  So at $27 for 6, it's slightly (33 cents) more expensive per shadow than the other 2 Naked palettes.  Plus those palettes come with either a brush or a liner. 

That being said, $27 for 6 quality UD buttery shadows is a bargain!

And when I say buttery, I mean they practically melted onto my finger for the swatches.  In a gorgeous way of course.  These are beautifully pigmented, non-chalky goodness.  You will love them!

No primer.  Just the shadows in their glory.  Not heavily swatched either.  Just a swipe or 2 and bam!  They are good.

1st: So first up we have Venus, a milky and creamy white demi-matte which is not matte of course but a satiny-shimmer.  Love!  You need this to brighten up the inner eye and to ever so lightly apply to your brow bone as a highlight.  I swatched it next to Virgin from the original Naked Palette.  No dupe here if you were worried.  Venus is definitely more white and slightly golden.

Virgin on the left, Venus on the right.
2nd:  A repeat of Foxy from the Naked 2 palette.  A matte yellow beige.  Use it all the time.  Happy to have a back up.

3rd:  W.O.S. Walk of Shame, a matte slight pinky light beige.  This almost completely matches my underarm skintone.  How's that for naked!  lol

4th:  Naked 2, matte light brown, a cooler toned Naked from the original Naked Palette.  Now I am really excited for this one.  When I first started wearing the original Naked palette, I was very unfamiliar with warm colors on my eyes.  They took some getting used to.  Naked in particular was frustrating to me because I felt it was too warm.  So now to have a cooler toned brown for my crease is really exciting for me!

Top is Naked from the original Naked palette and Naked 2 is on the bottom from the Naked Basics palette.  When swatching, the difference in quality is very apparent.  Naked is dryer, Naked 2 is much more silkier.

5th:  Faint is a medium matte brown shade on the cooler side as well.  I'm really liking this palette!

6th: Crave is a deep, dark matte brown, so dark it's almost black.  Love!  This will be my go to liner.  Black is beginning to look a bit harsh on my eyes so a super dark brown is just perfect for me.

So what do you think?  Have you purchased this yet?  Perfect timing for the holidays.  A small, reasonably priced gift for yourself.  And Urban Decay is offering free shipping on $35 purchase right now through December 31st.

Stay tuned for my full UD haul.  Mystery Bag and exclusive sample!!!  If you follow me on Instagram you will know what I am talking about.  :)