Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be spending any money during my Project 100 Pan.  I was so good though!  I had coupons and Extra Care Bucks from a shampoo and diaper purchase, I just couldn't let those go to waste now could I?

So here's the skinny on my purchases.  I had a BOGO coupon for Rimmel Nail Polish from the latest All You magazine.  I picked up Steel Grey and Midnight Blue.  So $3.99 for 2. I had a $1 off coupon for Nivea Happiness which has an absolutely divine scent that I have reviewed before.  CVS was offering $1 off as well.  It's a bonus size and came with a travel size shower gel in Touch of Water Lily.  So the lotion came to $5.99.    I also picked up some L'OREAL Magic Perfecting Base which I have reviewed as well.  It was $12.99 but I had a $2 off coupon and L'OREAL was BOGO 1/2 off and I spied a Felt Tip Liquid Liner in Mineral Grey for 75% off so $2.12.  CVS was offering ECB's on a $10 Milani purchase so I grabbed an Infinite Liquid Liner in Endless which looked to me to be a purple and an eyeshadow in Black Out. 

I will swatch everything out soon.  In addition, I had a $5 off $25 CVS purchase and the $15 ECBs so my total out of pocket expense was... drumroll please... $14.57.  And I will have $3 ECBs for another purchase.  So $11.57.  Well I guess that isn't that great but 7 (8 if you include the shower gel  lol)  products for around $1.65 a piece, looking at it that way, I did pretty well!  Yay!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Protect your investment

Every beauty product should be treated as an investment in yourself.  Hair color is no exception.  Should be a no-brainer because of the expense.  Even that $10 hair color bought at the grocer adds up.  There are so many products on the market right now that claim to enhance your color, maintain your color, wash the brass away...  I was tempted to try AVON's new line.  I might pick it up eventually.

I change my hair color a couple times a year, pretty drastically at that.  Right now, it's blonde, a few months before that brown, a few months before that and the past couple of years varying shades of dark brown and red.  Right now I'm close to my true hair color.

Now that I have gone the blonde route again after a 3 year hiatus, I went back to John Frieda.  The company has a color enhancing formula, a purple shampoo that guarantees to keep the brass at bay.  I've been using it for about 2 and a half weeks and no hint of brass.  So if I can keep this color lasting 2-3 weeks longer than the 4-6 weeks, I will cut down on my yearly hair dying upkeep.  Money saved! 

The shampoo and conditioner will run you $8.99 a piece.  I was able to score mine with a $1 off coupon and $5 Extra Care Bucks at CVS.  So it cost me around $12 for the both of them.  I use the shampoo every other to every 2 days so I'm hoping they will last until the next CVS Extra Care Bucks sale.

Bottomline, by protected and keeping your hair investment looking fresh longer, you will save in the long run.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

EcoTools Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign

Everyone knows about this program right?  You send in some products and Ecotools sends you coupons to try theirs.  Well I forgot all about it.  I meant to do this months ago and sure enough, they are still have the offer.

So they want you to swap your supplies.  We all have some things laying around that we didn't like, that we are not ever going to use anymore because they are a fail etc...  Here are the products/supplies EcoTools will swap for a coupon to try their brand:

To encourage women to get gorgeously green with their beauty routine, EcoTools will collect used cosmetic brushes and bath + body care products to swap them for an EcoTools alternative. The Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign strives to show women that EcoTools will keep them stunning – and sustainable.

Examples of items to swap include:

•makeup brushes

•body washes and scrubs

•body lotions/butters

•hand creams

•body mists

•bath sponges
I'm sending in two bath sponges.  I've been wanting to try EcoTools forever.  I have even had brushes in my cart before on more than one occasion.  So I'm ready to take the EcoTool plunge!

The address to send your products to:

Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign
c/o Skirt Public Relations
2320 N. Damen Ave., #2D
Chicago, IL 60647

They are limiting it to 2 coupons per household which is quite reasonable.  You send in 2 products and they send you two coupons for $7.99.

Here is the link.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can't get enough vegetables in your diet???

Try Zuchini bread! 

Zuchini is a wonderful summer vegetable packed with Vitamin A, C and folate.  Check out it's nutritional analysis here.  Sue you lose a little nutritional value oven cooking, but it's more than you'll get by not eating it!

Find your favorite recipe.  I just googled one.  Then grate up some of this lovely green summer veggie...


Mix with eggs, vegetable oil, white sugar and brown sugar along with flour, baking soda and powder, pinch of salt and some cinnamon and pop in a 325 degree oven...

50 minutes later your vegetable is well tolerated when consumed in a gorgeous warm bread straight out of the oven  (maybe with a little pat of butter). 

Friday, August 27, 2010

A couple kid-less days...

My mother took the kids for a few days to allow me to rest during my last (hopefully) days of pregnancy.  Of course there is nothing on tv.  Thankfully the September Issue of Vogue came in yesterday which has been keeping me quite occupied.  As I have been flipping through the channels I came across Jennifer Love Hewitt's show Ghost Whisperer.  I'm not sure if I have ever watched a full episode but how gorgeous is her hair and make-up?  Rosy cheeks, dark smokey eye, perfect wavy chocolate brown hair.  She looks amazing!

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator

I actually tried this one morning when I did wake up with puffy eyes.  I have found when I eat salty foods at night I usually wake up puffy the next morning.  Murad's claim is that the Eye Left Illuminator will "increase firmness by 50% in 15 minutes."  Well I can honestly say it did what it claimed.  I didn't set a timer but by the time I left the house that morning, my eyes were de-puffed and less tired looking. 

The violet color of the formula left my undereye area quite white.  I used the illuminator as a base and followed up with my e.l.f. concealer.  But at $35 a punch, not sure if I can justify the price since I have a few other products in my possession that perform equally.  The sample itself lasted 5 days, the full size 0.06 fl. oz might last me a few months.  You only need a quick dab under the eye. 

However, when I do finish up those other products, I may come back to Murad.  I would also like to try their Skin Perfecting Primer.  Anything that says it can reduce pores, even skin tone and give me a matte finish, I'm all for it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

100 Follower Mini-Giveaway on MyFitBlog.com

I just came across this blog today and it is wonderful!  http://www.myfitbeauty.com/  Khristine is so candid in her vlog's and I love her reviews.  I've just spent the past couple of hours reading her posts!  We both have 2 kids, we are both in nursing school, and we both love beauty products!  So much in common!

Khristine is having a blog giveaway that ends on August 31st!

Be sure to check out her blog!

Have you seen this monster yet?

September Issue of Vogue!!!  Fall Fashion Baby!!!

AVON Goodies!

BOGO!  I've been wanting to try out a lash grower/thickener for some time now.  I've had these stashed for some reason.  Not on purpose, just had other things I was trying out first!  So starting today I will be experimenting with ANEW Lash-Transforming Mascara + Serum and I will let you all know how it goes!  It was on-sale for $14, regularly $20 and the ANEW Youth Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer Kit came free with it.  So I'll try them out so I can give a full review!

AVON ANEW REVERSALIST Illuminating Eye System

I have been using this gem for months now.  I always go back to it.  I use it only during the day.  It's a two part eye system.  It comes with a cream and the top contains a veil that softens lines and the appearance of any discoloration you might have.  I used the veil every morning underneath concealer.  Depending on your genetics and sleep deprivation, it only lightly softens, I however need another concealer. 

The moisturizer is light, absorbs quickly and has no descernible smell that I can detect.  At $30, it can be a bit pricey but I've found that drug store prices are starting to creep up.  However, AVON continues to be very affordable for the technology and advances that they keep coming up with in the anti-aging department.  Plus AVON always has sale.  You never have to pay full price if you are patient! 

You only need a tiny dap of eyecream unless you have super dry skin.  This has literally lasted me so many months, I can't count!  I think I opened it up in January and thought I'm more than half way through the jar, I should be good for a few more months. 

Holiday 2010

Getting excited for the palettes that will be coming out this holiday season!  I know we are only in August but when you walk around the malls, they are already decorated for Halloween! 

So looking forward to Smashbox's holiday palette.  It usually costs about $60.  I missed out on ordering it last year so I'm determined to get it this year!  I hope they are offering a similar palette.  Totally wearable for me but I know some reviewers were disappointed in the many lighter shades.  
Sephora has their Endless Color Blockbuster ready now!  $48 will give you the following:

- 98 totally original, iridescent effect eyeshadow shades
- 70 shiny lip glosses
- 6 cream eyeliners
- 2 lip liners
- 3 eyeliners
- Mascara
- 4 applicators
Which is a tremendous deal!  So if you are a beauty insider, you can order this on-line now!  Free shipping code BLOCKBUSTER.  For everyone else, it will be available in stores October 1st.
What else you need to know:

This palette uses high-quality formulas. Its signature design features sliding trays that allow for easy storage, all while paying tribute to the original look of the famous Sephora bag. Each 2010 SEPHORA COLLECTION Collector's Edition Makeup Palette includes a silver ticket that automatically enters you in the SEPHORA COLLECTION Silver Ticket Sweepstakes*. Hang on to it and visit Sephora.com on January 1, 2011 to see if you have the winning silver ticket. Whoever has it will receive the Grand Prize, a $1,000 Sephora shopping spree, one-year supply of SEPHORA COLLECTION products, and more.

*No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win. Purchase will not increase chances of winning. To receive a ticket without purchase, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Silver Ticket Request, Sephora USA, Inc., 525 Market St., 32nd Fl., SF, CA 94105 to be received by 12/15/10 (VT and Canadian residents may omit return postage). Odds of winning depend on number of tickets distributed/requested. See here for more details, including eligibility requirements, prize descriptions and official rules.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


While flipping through my latest issue of I think Allure, I came across some ads.  I like to cut out looks and paste them into a look book.  Sort of like the look for less.  I barely ever bring my look book into a store and shop.  I should.  I constantly buy pieces that I love on the rack but never have anything at home to pair them up with.  Of course I am a sale or clearance rack shopper so that doesn't help either. 

Buying entire outfits is the plan for me this fall.  So I cut out the first look, love the jacket and shoes.  I had no idea it was Kmart because I just cut out the look.  I went back to the magazine to figure out the brand and where I could buy it and I saw that it was Kmart.  CRAZY but very exciting!  When I think Kmart, I think affordable.  In fact, I believe the military jacket is $39.99.  I hastily cut out the picture and I'm pretty sure the first digit was a 3!  I'm not really into fur or faux fur but the skinny cargo pants look fun in the 2nd picture.

Fashion shouldn't be about how much you are spending, though I tend to have an expensive taste, but never satisfied believe me.   It's the texture of the fabric/material that I look for.  I immediately went on-line to order, it has been years since I stepped foot into a Kmart, but this look isn't available yet unfortunately.  Looks like most if not all the pieces will be available September 1st.  I'm thinking it is going to be a quick sell out.  I hope that the quality is there. 

Target has some great trendy affordable clothes but I have found that after a couple of washes, the color fades, the fabric breaks down...  For pieces that I love and want to keep new and crisp looking I use Woolite on the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.  It never seems to work out for my despite my efforts so I haven't bought much from Target in a while.  Pre-pregnancy, I did a lot of my shopping at TJ's, my other faves are Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic (mind you sales only) and the GAP. 

But I'm excited that Kmart is updating their image and making fun clothes.  I will defintitely be on-line September 1st to see what is available!

Check out the line here. 

Kmart is also have a $100 shopping spree giveaway. You just have to watch a quick video and answer a question.

My new HG

Of course it's from e.l.f.  Undereye concealer and highlighter in glow/fair for $3.  $3!!!  And if you get on a sale for 50% off studio line, it will be $1.50!  It also comes in glow/light and glow/medium. 

This is the best concealer and highlighter I have ever tried/used.    It's not heavy or cakey, and it's not runny so you don't have to let it sit for a few seconds to dry when you have really dark circles to cover up.  The color matches my complexion perfectly and naturally.

It blends in quickly for a flawless finish.  It even fades out the broken capillaries around my nose.  They are very difficult to conceal.  I can use a cakier concealer but then it looks like I'm covering up something. I have used the the highlighter as an eyeshadow base as well. It works okay for lighter shades. My eyeshadow will crease a little but it's less noticeable with lighter eyeshadows.  But my eyeshadows crease with every primer/base I have ever used.

 However, combine this with e.l.f.'s HD powder and your looking at complexion perfection.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

September Issue of Redbook

In the September issue of Redbook there is a promotion going on where if you buy CoverGirl Clean makeup you can receive a free scarf.  Cool freebie for a make up purchase that you could be making anyway right?  The scarf that is pictured is purple.  Great fall color!

To receive your FREE scarf, simply send your receipt, name, and address to:

300 W 57th ST
22nd Floor
New York, NY 10019

So here are the details to receive your free scarf:

Receipts must be received between 8/24/10 and 9/20/10 and offer is available while supplies last. Must be 18 years or older and a resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia.

Limit one entry per household.

Today is the 24th, so get out there and get your makeup!

Revlon nail polish on sale at Wegman's!

Run out to your local Wegman's and stock up on Revlon nail polish for $2.99!!!  Including the limited edition Just Add Sparkle Collection! 

I'll post pictures of my haul soon!

What I use for damaged hair

After coloring, I usually head straight for Aveda Damage Remedy.  It seems to take care of dryness right away, well after a couple of washes.  It has a great spa smell.  I love to have products that smell like a spa in the shower.  I can't always go to the spa so it is a great alternative!

I have found it is best to use a shampoo like this a week or two before you decide to color your hair more than a couple of shades lighter from your current color, especially if you are going lighter. 

Recently I had my hair highlighted and I was using Hair One (cheaper version of Wen) for the weeks before, ran out and then used the Aveda Damage Remedy after the coloring.  No dry hair!  I didn't need and haven't needed any deep conditioning treatments or any other leave in treatments.  My hair has stayed soft and silky the entire time. 

Conditioning is really key before the coloring so your strand will lock in that color for longer.  Hair One works great at conditioning your hair.  Hair One is a process though.  If you are not normally a long shower taker, be prepared for at least 15 minutes of working it in, combing it through, letting it sit, and rinsing.  However, I found that if I used regular shampoo first and then followed up with Hair One I didn't have to let it sit for the 15 minutes that they recommend.  It really works incredibly well if time isn't a factor.

Target Daily Deal!!!

I ordered mine!  $9.99 people! I couldn't resist.  It's not exactly make-up right???

Target has these daily deals everyday where they feature a product severaly discounted and then offer it with free shipping.  This is a great price for good quality brushes.  And you are saving $5.50 in shipping costs.  Can't beat it!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Origins Modern Friction

This is a nice gentle exfoliator.  I bought this a while back along with the White Tea cleanser which I will review separately. 

It is a white cream with soft exfoliating particles, that break down as you work it in.  I was afraid that it didn't have the scrubbing power but I was wrong. Origins Modern Friction has starch particles that do the sloughing and your skin will thank you for it.  The first time I used this product I cleansed before and my face felt a little strange.  Not tingling, not burning, I'm not sure I know how to describe it.  The feeling went away in a few minutes and my face never reddened.  I attributed it to be being pregnant and wonky hormones.  Which is the reason I went with Origins, to eliminate harsh chemicals during my pregnancy  Just in the last month or so I took it out again and have had no problems and really like using it.

Product details from the Origins website:

Sand-blasting skin with coarse, chemical crystals? How painfully passé. Here’s age-smoothing exfoliation without irritation. Skin-refining Rice Starch, cushioned in cream, shows real affinity for rapidly removing sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolorations. Lemon Oil kick starts the process of illumination. Another age-sweeping action: skin-menacing molecules are mopped up. All while Aloe keeps skin calm and comfy. There’s no ouch, extra steps or other complications. No redness or flaking follows. The before-and-afters are amazing. Signs of fine lines and size of pores appear to shrink in size. Skin looks perfectly polished, smooth and luminous. And the perk-me-up aromas of Bergamot and Peppermint help you look on the bright side."

I actually do not smell the lemon or the peppermint at all.  So if those scents are bothersome to you, don't fret!  So at $37.50 for 4.2 fl.oz, it can be a bit pricey but I always wait for free shipping codes and coupon codes that I receive via email.  And of course I wait until they are offering free samples/products with purchase as well!  I do not have an Origins store around me unfortunately.  Well it is probably fortunate because it is saving me a boat load of money!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

planet spa greek seas firming body gel

It has been super triple H around here, hazy, hot and humid with a capital H.  I had this gem hanging around and a moisturizing body gel seemed so much better than a cream or a lotion in this heat.  This AVON product touts sea salt and algae extract that quickly absorbs and moisturizes the skin.  It has a pleasent scent but when mixed with my body chemistry, it kind of smells more like isopropyl alcohol at first.  Thankfully the scent exaporates away quickly. 

So after reading the ingredient list, SD Alcohol 40-D is the second ingredient.  Good thing I didn't put this immediately after shaving my legs!  Ouch!  But it does leave the skin soft and smooth and absorbs very quickly, perfect for a hot and humid day.  The light scent does linger and I do have wandering thoughts of laying on the beach...  I did notice a little firming action on my thighs, but I have nothing to compare it to so I don't really have much to comment on. 

I believe I picked up this body gel from an AVON outlet brochure for $1.99.  So for a $1.99, it's a nice moisturizing body gel!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Origins A Perfect World Cleanser

This cleanser is a mouthfull...  Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea.

They had me at antioxidant of course.  Who doesn't need some antioxidants in their lives?  We are inundated with free radicals daily, from the food we eat, to the sun that shines down on us, to all the pollutants that smack us in the face as we walk to our gas guzzling cars, busses, trains...  Where am I going with this?  Ah yes, an antioxidant packed cleanser to combat the damage caused by free radicals to our delicate facial skin. 

Product deets on the Origins website:

"This perfect foaming-face wash is formulated with nature’s rare Silver Tipped White Tea. In a pre-emptive sweep, dirt-grabbing minerals combined with the gentle, skin-compatible cleansing action of Palm, Coconut and Oat Amino Acid reach deep to help detoxify and free skin of harmful, free radical-releasing impurities before they settle down and cause skin-aging oxidation, deterioration, dehydration and even some forms of irritation. Skin is perfectly clean, smoothed and refreshed."

It is a very silky, creamy cleanser that lathers amazing well for those of us that really like that!  It is lightly scented, nothing heavy or perfumey and cleanses spot on.  You just need a tiny dribble of the product for your entire face so the product lasts and lasts.  At $20 for 5 fl.oz. it is going to stick around for a few months unless you are washing your face 5 times a day.  Morning and night for me and I had it for months it seemed. And if you sign up on their website they always send out coupons codes...

Another lovely product from Origins!

Cherryculture.com 20% off through August 24th!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Freebies

This week's free samples... 

Veria Vanilla Organic Lip Balm and a 20% off coupon code
b-liv by cellnique off with those heads  pro sebum gel
Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo, Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner and Humectress Hydrating Treatment samples and a $3 coupon
Hugo Boss Boss Sample
philosophy purity made simple one-step facial cleansing cloth and 15% off coupon code
Orgins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream sample and a free shipping code
Similac formulas and $25 in coupons
Pampers Easy Ups Trainers and $4 in coupons
Crest 3D White strips

Oh the baby shoes were not free but they came in the mail this week too.  I used the $10 off $10 purchase at JC Penney's and got these cute Momo baby shoes for $6!!!  They were on sale at the time and Penney's was offering free shipping on shoes.  They are now back up to full price  $24 unfortunately.  But I believe you can still get the $10 off $10 puchase by using TEN2YOU at check out.

Check out this crazy blog giveaway from Elle Hearts Blogs!!!

Chanel, Coach, Yves Saint Laurent, Lush, Vera Wang, Smashbox, OPI

Enter now!  Contest ends August 25th!!!

Good Luck!!!

planet spa mediterranean olive oil firming neck and chest serum

I love this stuff.  I was using it every day for 2 weeks until I read the directions and noticed that it said to use a couple of times per week so I slowed down a bit.  I had a couple of lines forming across my neck that I really wanted to take care of.  I have a very sensitive neck.  If one vapor drop of perfume lands anywhere on it, I'm doomed with a hyper sensitivity break out reaction.  It is quite strange.  Thankfully the skin on my face does not react that way.

Anyway, my chest has been a bit bumpy lately, probably TMI but not sure if it's skin damage from the sun, pregnancy hormones or age.  Not breakout bumpy just red blotchy and not feeling smooth.  So I gave this planet spa product a try and I really like the results.  The lines on my neck are gone and my skin is very smooth.  I've been using a little on my upperback and shoulders as well.  It does have glycolic acid as an ingredient and potent skin smoother but also has olive leaf extract, olive fruit oil, and olive fruit extract.  And olive oil is amazing for the body, inside and out.

I'm not seeing the serum on the AVON website right now but all the planet spa products are on sale.  The other formulations that they offer are African Shea Butter, Himalayan Goji Berry, Palm Desert Rose, Greek Seas in addition to the Mediterrean Olive Oil.  The products come in shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, facial cleansers, masks, hair conditioning masks...  They all see to be on sale actually.

I really like the Mediterrean Olive Oil lotion and body wash.  I usually stock up on it when it is on sale.  I go through it so quickly!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

all you Issue 9, September 24, 2010

Just took a quick peak at this issue's coupons...

Neutrogena Cosmetics $3 off
Softsoap Body Wash $1 off
Nivea Body Wash or Shower Gel $1 off
Nivea Lip Care $1 off
got2b styling product $2 off
wet n wild save $5 when you spend $10
Maybelline foundation $2 off (which I am super excited about b/c
Rite Aid will have a 40% off sale next week)
Infusium 23 $2 off
3 $1 off NYC products

Tons of recipes too...  Yum! 

Mashed Potato Soup
Shrimp, Avocado and Orange Salad
Crunchy Falafel Pitas
Popcorn and Peanut Fudge
Roasted Garlic Soup
Molten Chocolate Cakes with Chunky Raspberry Sauce
Apple Cider Donuts
Gingersnap Woopie Pies

Blog Giveaway Announcement

Maquilagem Masstige is having her first blog giveaway!  Yay!  And she is giving away quite a few products that I have been wanting to get my hands on!  Check it out!

Neosporin Lip Health

I can't remember if I reviewed this product before but it's worth mentioning again if I have!  The overnight renewel therapy is the best lip treatment I have ever used.  It does not smell or taste like anything.  I put it on every night before bed.  This product is super useful in the dry winter and hopefully it also helps with the damge caused by the hot summer sun. I feel like my lips are rejuvinated overnight. I cannot remember the last time I had dry lips.

Lips are often neglected.  Sure we put a ton of lipstick and gloss on them, but in terms of caring for the delicate skin, we sometimes overlook this important step in our regimen.  It's a great lip plumper too, I wake up in the morning and wish my lips could stay that big all the time!  The skin on our lips ages too and it's important to keep them hydrated and protected with SPF too!

The lip treatment runs about $5.  I was able to pick a couple up at Walgreens a few months back.  I had coupons and register rewards and I got everything for free.  Drug store shopping is the way to go.  If you just take the time to open up a flyer and clip some coupons, you can really save big.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So it's not very often when I try product that I am blown out of the water.   I'm usually impressed with a product if I get a really good deal on it, or get it for free...  It is the price that I like more often than not.  Well a few weeks ago I picked up a sample (of course!) of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair.  All I can say is that this formula is amazing.  My skin looks amazing.  After I wash my face and smooth on the serum, it looks like I have flawless skin, like I have make-up on.  It's really incredible.  My skin is usually pretty clear, I do not break out at all but I do have larger pores and have to be diligent at cleansing to prevent the dreaded blackhead.  But my skin tone is evened out and my skin feels so smooth.  Usually when I try a product out for the first time my skin will look great because it's new and sometimes your skin needs a break from the old routine. 

As of late, I literally get 4 hours of sleep at night between being pregnant, going to school, studying, cooking, cleaning and taking care of my husband and two kids!   It's insane!  I do not have bags, circles, or discoloraton under my eyes at all.  I really think that this nightly routine has saved me.  One thing worth mentioning, I had a broken caplillary or 2 on the end of my nose.  Nothing covered it up, not concealer, nothing.  It was really starting to bother me having this red dot at the end of my nose.  It is gone!  It may have spontaneously went away on its own as it spontaneously showed up a couple of months ago, so it may be just a coincidence that since I have been using the Advanced Night Repair it went away... Not so sure though!

The sample was supposed to last 10 days, well I have been using it for 3 and a half weeks now (I think?) and I probably have a couple more nights left. I am already bummed and wondering if I should go to the Estee Lauder counter and purchase. The sample size is 7ml or .24 fl.oz.  It comes in 3 sizes as well, 1.0, 1.7, 3.4 oz. the 1 oz is $47.50. By my calculations, 1 oz could potentially last me 4 months? It's worth it! Buying it on-line with free shipping a free gift works too! Right now free shipping with $25 purchase, your choice of 2 free samples which the eye cream is offered. Eye cream samples last me months as well!  http://www.esteelauder.com/promotions/samples.tmpl?cm_sp=Lnav-_-Special%20Offers-_-Free%20Samples

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

September's Real Simple

Best issue in a long time!  I'm a fan but lately it's been pretty blah.  I finish reading it in like 10 minutes.

They are calling that the color of the season is red though I've heard purple.  I don't really follow trends per se, what feels good to me at the time is what I wear!  I do like small pops of red myself.  If you were to look in my closet right now, I'm not sure if I even own anything red.  At all?  I recently sent half my wardrobe to a consignment shop.  It was at the beginning of my pregnancy.  I'm really hoping I didn't make a huge mistake but at the time I was thinking that a.  I wouldn't be able to wear the clothes for probably a year and b.  Everything would be outdated more than they already are.  c.  Wouldn't that be a great incentive to lose baby weight?  and I guess I thought about d.  How much money will I make? 

Have I been back to the consignment shop to check on my sales?  Nope.  I should probably do that this week! 

Great articles this month in Real Simple...  The Bootie Buying Guide, Fast Makeup Tricks, the decoder Sweeteners, which are always so confusing to me!  Is agave natural or what?  Some ideas for decorating those bare walls, like the ones in my livingroom and dinner swap ideas.   I have always wanted to have a dinner swap!  Christmas cookie swaps are the best! 

Of course my favorite....samples and coupons!

What a great incentive to try L'OREAL's new foundation, Visible Lift with Serum Absolute.   The formula contains Pro-Retinol A and Vitamin C.  Sounds like a winner to me!  I was in CVS recently and I didn't even see this yet.  What is Savvy Beauty going to do?  Well try out all the shades, specifically 143, 144, 145 and 146 to see if one matches my crazy hard to match ivory/light complexion of course!  Then I will wait for this Sunday's ads to see if L'OREAL goes on sale somewhere.  This week it's all about Covergirl and Revlon in the drugstores.

There is also a sample and coupon for Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Moisturizer.  I have been intrigued by the Garnier ads but never have tried.  Here's my chance!

The Body Shop DeoDry

I love this product!  I ordered this a couple weeks ago while they were offering free shipping and BOGO 50% and the refills were BOGO.  So I got 3 deodorants for $14 including tax.  I ordered the Fresh and Floral Roll-On.  The scent is lovely and it does everything it says without aluminum salts!  Now I have tried deodorants in the past with out the dreaded aluminum and not sure if it has been my body chemistry or ingredients like rosemary and sage that actually make me smell like I have body order.  No thanks! 

It dries quickly, has a pleasent scent and keeps me dry.  That is everything I want!   But I'm not really a big time sweater either.  I can use it after shaving.  No irritation at all.  Looks like they are doing a BOGO 50% right now as well.  You have to pick this up, your body will thank you in 20 years if alumunmin salts are really as harmful as they say...

Here's some info from the website...

Best if you want to: Stay dry with a roll on deodorant that works in a more natural, yet effective way. Enjoy effective 24-hour odor protection with our unique blend of volcanic minerals and refreshing essential oils with a fresh, floral scent. Contains no aluminum salts or parabens!

Best for: all skin types

How it works:

■Minimizes white marks on clothing.

■Community Trade aloe vera from Guatemala is renowned for its incredible soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties — perfect for sensitive skin.

■Community Trade alcohol is made from alcohol which comes from the organic sugar cane farmers of the CADO cooperative in Ecuador.

■A unique volcanic mineral absorbs moisture to help keep you dry.

Haute Look Sale!!!

To get in on the 50% off sale click here!

And Designer sunglasses for more than 50% off!  Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Dior...

Monday, August 16, 2010

e.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen

Color SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection actually matches my complexion quite nicely so I can wear it on the weekends as a super sheer foundation.  It's certainly not meant for coverage, only a sunscreen to wear under or over your foundation.  I have ivory/light skin so the color works well for me.  It has the same properties of the high definition powder in terms of covering up fine lines and giving you a poreless finish.  I smooth it on my chest as well for extra protection from the sun. 

The container is a little difficult to manage just like the high definition powder.  It's actually in the same container.  You really have to store it flat and in a place where it does not get jostled around.  The powder is very finely milled.  A puff does come with it but it is only useful in containing the powder when you have to twist off the lid.  I usually dip my brush on the puff and then swirl it on the container's grated opening. 

Now I haven't laid out in the sun to actually test out the spf 45 but I do burn very easily, literally walking to and from classes and no burns for me!  Remember spf protection is key if you want to keep you skin lookng younger for longer.  You may not see the damage now but it will creep up if you are not careful!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here they are!!!

I caved and bought them!  They have been sitting snuggly in their box since early last week and I finally had time today to open them up and try them on!  I look fabulous (ridiculous) walking around the house with my big 'ole pregnant belly.  I will definitely be wearing them all the time!  So I saved $10 with  free shipping code and free shipping for a total savings of $17.95.  Out of pocket, $39.95!  And it was shipped with a $5 coupon, which expires in 2 days.  I don't think I will get to use it...

It's going to start getting cooler here in a couple of weeks, I can't believe it's already the middle of August!

It's always nice to have a day off...

All I feel like doing is baking today!!!  I plan on freezing most for quick snacks and meals for when the baby comes!  28 more days or sooner of course...

Notice the package says WHOLE GRAINS!  Can't be too unhealthy right?  lol

Umm... the batter does not taste too chocolatey.  Should have made my own!
But a box is just so convenient.  20 minutes in a 400 degree oven and...

They are quite delicious actually!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yves Rocher Haul

I thought maybe I have heard of this company before but wasn't sure.  I shop on ebates.com which is a saver website.  You register on the site and get cash back on purchases.  You can either get the cash back by check or paypal which is super convenient for me.  There are multiple vendors, probably all the stores that you buy from already are on ebates so you just log on to the ebates.com site, click on your store and ebates will provde you with a coupon code so they can keep track of your cashback. 

So for example:
Target 3%
Ulta 3%
Nordstrom 5%

There are so many more.  They seem a bit low right now but if you were going to order from Target anyway, why not pocket some cash back on your purchase?  It really adds up...

So I needed shampoo a while back when Yves Rocher was having a sale and ebates.com was offering cash back.  Well I stocked up.  I took a chance though because I do not recall every buying shampoo on-line before.  So I had a 30% off coupon code, spent $35 so I had free shipping, qualified for a $75 free gift , free samples and the cash back which amounted to $14.42 so I ended up saving close to $30 on the order well if you had in the free gift $105! I think they added a couple more things in there as well.

The shampoos came up to $2 a piece.  I also bought a cleanser and tonor as well which I haven't tried yet.  Check out the picture. Everything came up to $38.00 minus the cash back so about $24.  I'm really impressed with the shampoos so far.  Especially on my daughter's summer pool hair, talk about tangles.  We can get a brush through her hair now with no tears! 

I'm trying out a bodywash right now as well.  I grabbed a couple of eyeshadows which I forgot to include in the picture.  I needed a pearly white for my inner corner.  The body wash was around $1.50 and I am quite pleased as well.  I'll keep trying everything out for a little while before I do a full review on everything but so far, I'm impressed.  I hope that when I run out of everything, I will be able to get a similar deal!

Right now ebates.com if offering 9% cash back on Yves Rocher and the Yves Rocher site is offering free shipping with a $40 order.  Everyday shipping is $4.95 which is not too bad.  My free shipping took 10 days...  So it does take a while.  I'm wondering if it is quicker to pay for the shipping.  I noticed with e.l.f. it's like that.  When I order things with free shipping it takes a few days, if I pay for shipping, I get my order in 2 days...  Anyone else notice that???

The Best Cold Cream...

This is the best cold cream I have ever used!  Well, I have only tried one other cold cream before for make-up removal but I'm super happy that this was the first one I bought and it was cheap.  I got it for nearly $2 from Botanic Choice.  I had a coupon code for the website and it was on the SuperSaver list.  http://www.botanicchoice.com/Super-Savers/ 

I have been scooping it out with a cotton ball and swirling it all over my face.  Even my eye make up comes off pretty good.  Depending on how much I have piled on that day I might have to go over it a couple times.  I am out of eye make up remover at the momemt but this cold cream works really well.  My skin feels soft and smooth upon rinsing, which it comes off quite easily.

My mom has used Pond's cold cream for years.  Not for makeup removal but for a moisturizer.  Can you say dry skin?  I have my dad's skin for sure, as oily as they come.  Which is fine with me, less wrinkles right?  But years ago I did try the Pond's cold cream as a makeup remover and it did work okay around the eyes but it was exceedibgly difficult to rinse off without the scrubbing of a face cloth. 

Botanic Choice Freshen Up Cold Cream rinses off like a cleanser.  It has a nice clean smell, like a cleanser, not a soapy smell, but you know it is a cleanser, not a moisturizer.

Here's their product description:

"Deeply cleanses without dryness. Leaves your skin feeling silky soft, radiantly clean, and richly moisturized. Never dry or tight. Quickly removes makeup, dirt and even stubborn water-proof mascara. Ideal to use daily on even the most sensitive skin. Light delicate fragrance contains Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Chamomile Oil, Cucumber Extract and other luxurious emollients."

If you sign up on the Botonic Choice website they always send you shipping codes and coupon codes to make the savings even nore sweeter.  Right now the cold cream is $4.99 for 2 oz.  It does get used up pretty fast.  Even with my oily skin it cleanses beautifully.  It's not drying and I don't wake up in the morning sopping with oil so I know it's not stripping my natural oils which is super important for those of us with oily skin.  We can keep taking it off but our skin will keep producing it, in excess at that!  So do your face a favor, cleanse gently daily and maybe every 3 days or so, if needed, deep cleanse.

Currently TAKE30 at checkout witll give you 30% off!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Look what I get in the mail for free every week!!!

So I am a sample queen, I am always signing up for free samples, products, magazines.  Why not right?  Well this week was finals week and this has been piling up on the table waiting for me to open and look at everything. I actually had 3 US Weekly magazines to get through.  This one came today!  The Lucky Magazine came from an e.l.f. order.  Love them!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Last week's empties!!!

I have a ton of reviews coming up as well.  I won't have time to post until Friday!

44.  AVON planet spa mediterranean olive oil hydrating body wash
45.  AVON planet spa mediterranean olive oil whipped body cream
46.  AVON Skin SO Soft fusions Dual Softening Body Moisturizer
47.  AVON Shimmering swirls face illuminator
48.  Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea
49.  e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 Apricot
50.  Mary Kay creeme-to-powder foundation Ivory 2


Gotta love a bargain.  Walgreens has a 20% or coupon code for beauty and personal care items.  SALE20 at the check out.  Most items are Free Shipping eligible for orders of $25 or more.  Coupon code is good through August 14th! 

Nivea bodywash is BOGO
L'Oreal is BOGO 1/2 off as well as Rimmel and Sally Hansen

And there is also a $10  rebate available on a $30 purchase of Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, or Pantene products.  Offer valid from 6/30/10 to 9/17/10. Must be postmarked by 10/1/10.  Cash back for products that you probably already use. 


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dry cuticle solution

Nothing looks worse than dry, ragged cuticles.  I have a tendency to of course rip at those dry cuticles instead of doing the sensible thing of cutting them back.  When I have the urge, I reach for  Mango Tango Mango Magic Cuticle Oil Treatment.

It has really made a difference in the appearance of my nails and it lasts longer than lotion.  After you work it in, it doesn't have an oil slick appearance and it lasts after several handwashings.   I have found that it also makes a manicure last a bit longer as well. 

I tend to wash my hands a lot during the day and this cuticle oil has really helped to keep my cuticles from drying out.  It has a lovely mango sent as well.  You can pick it up at Sally Beauty for under $4.