Friday, June 25, 2010

Hair One Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

I've been talking about Hair One for a while now and I finally got around to Sally Beauty with a 20% off coupon of course!  I'm not sure which came first Wen or Hair One but they are both conditioning hair cleansers.  One I can afford, the other, not so much right now...  However, after using Hair One, I almost feel even more compelled to order Wen!

This stuff is great, when you get the hang of using it.  It took me a couple of days.  It might have been an unfair first day test because my hair was super unclean.  I had just colored it.  After coloring I wait a day to wash thinking my color will last longer.  I also had used some dry shampoo in addition to hair spray and my heat protector.  Needless to say, Hair One was going to be challenged on the first run.

So I prepared myself, read the directions thoroughly, not once but twice.  It's reeally not that complicated.  The instructions say to start off with 5-7 pumps for the crown, 5-10 pumps for the midshafts and ends and for me since my hair is a little past my shoulders another 10 pumps.  Your hair is obviously wet while incorporating the cleanser and you need to scrub pretty vigorously and keep adding small amounts of water.  The first couple of days my hair, which can be pretty oily, was looking greasy by noon.

I wasn't about to give up.  I really wanted this product to work!  Well by the end of the week I learned that 30 pumps was enough for my hair.  Which seems like a lot...  Wow 30 pumps, but it is really the same amount as using the normal amout of shampoo and conditioner.  My hair is not course in texture but really thick, I have a ton of hair.  Also by the end of the week I was able to work it up into a semi-lather.  It's sulfate free so it isn't going to lather like your traditional shampoo but it does lather.  The trick is to keep adding bit of water during your scrub.  Which is great for your scalp by the way.  The scalp is often neglected until we go to the salon and the shampooer spends all that time lathering and massaging.

So I really like Hair One.  What I didn't like about it was the smell.  It has a nice clean smell but nothing that wows the senses.  I bought the Jojoba for color treated hair.  Also this one product is really a substitute for four.  It replaces your conditioner for one.  Second, I didn't need hair spray to tame down my flyaways after blow drying because I didn't have any.  And lastly, I didn't use my smoothing serum either.  So it really conditions. 

It retails for $10.99 for 12 fl.oz.  A Sally Beauty card will save you 50 cents.  By looking at how much I used this week, it looks like I have about 3 weeks worth of product left.  So $10.99 for 30 days, sulfate free, and replaces 3 other products.   I also like the ingredient label.  Tons of natural plant extracts and oils. 

It's worth a try!