Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paula's Choice

So I'm always on a quest to find a perfect foundation.  It has been Bare Minerals for a number of years until last winter when I wanted to give liquid foundations another try.  I started off with Revlon PhotoReady in Shell.  I loved it but the shade was too light and when I returned to the store Nude was sold out.  I had read some reviews on Revlon ColorStay so I decided to go with that and it was a few dollars cheaper.  I grabbed the shade Buff in the Combination/Oily skin formula.  It worked out great through the winter and spring but now the summer humidity has made it impossible to use for me.  Back to Bare Minerals... 

Recently I ordered some samples from Paula's Choice.  The owner Paula Begoun has a few books out and reviews skincare products and I think I saw her on Oprah once.  I purchased the Advanced Skin Balancing System for Normal to Oily/Combination Skin sample.  It came with a little makeup case and 3 samples.  I decided to try the Best Face Forward Foundation in Best Bisque.  Here's the description from the website:

•Ultra-light liquid texture is ideal for normal to very oily skin
•Silky, long-lasting matte finish with light to medium coverage
•Blends impeccably
•Long-wearing formula helps keep skin looking fresh & even
•Protects skin with am in-part titanium dioxide SPF 15 sunscreen
•100% fragrance-free

I've been wearing the foundation for 3 days now.  It feels wonderful and it does stay matte throughout the day.  I'm really impressed and I can't believe I picked the correct shade the first time.  That never happens.   My skin is very tough to match perfectly and I really have to get it right because my neck is so white and then my chest is a little darker.  Believe me, it's tough.  I plan on purchasing a full size when my Project 75 Pan Challenge is over!  One of the samples will last me probably 5 days and I'll have 2 more after that.   I just needed a small amount for the coverage that I was looking for.  Oh and the samples came with a $5 gift card for my next purchase.  The foundation costs $14.95.

I haven't tried the samples to the skin care line yet.  I will do that through the weekend and get back to reviewing them.