Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things I'm lovin' this month!

Bare Essentials:  I have been receiving shipments of Bare Essentials for close to 5 years now.  They come every 6 months.  I'm totally stock-piled.  If I could change the frequency to once a year, it would be perfect.  I just don't go through the stuff that quickly.  Mineral veil yes, but foundations, no.  I did give away a few jars to my sister over Christmas.  I was getting really bored with it and over the winter I started experimenting with liquid foundations again.  Revlon ColorStay in Buff did the trick.  But now as summer is in full swing, I've been walking around with greasy face.  So my June shipment of BE came in and it is working perfectly again. 

Sejaa:  Gisele Bundchen's new skincare line.  Though I have only been trying it out for a day, it's wonderful.  It might be the exitement of trying something new again, but it really was a pick-me-up today.

Orglamix:  I still need to do a review and swatch. But these eyeshadows are so pretty and shimmery.  They really brighten the eye and make my blue eyes pop.  I'm almost ready to try their foundation line.  I meant to this month but then BE came in.  lol