Saturday, June 26, 2010

L'OREAL Bare Naturale

I think I talked about this kit before I ever really got around to trying it out.  I had picked this up on a whim from a pile of clearance items in Walmart for $5.  The kit came with Bare Naturale Mascara in Black, Bare Naturale Eyeliner in Defining Onyx and Bare Naturale Eye Shadow in Lavender. 

The smell of the mascara brought me back to my L'OREAL Voluminous mascara days of old.  I'm not super wowed but it does dry soft which I do like.  I have to curl my lashes because they are super straight so I have to watch out for heavy mascaras that weigh the lashes down as they dry.  The two mascaras I am working on right now do just that.  They look great as I put my make-up on but then 5 minutes later when I look back in the mirror, the curl is gone and my lashes are straight again.  This will be a great replacement during my challenge.  I forgot I even had it!

The brushes that come with the eyeshadows are soft, but I found them hard to work with since I didn't have a long handle but in a pinch, they could get the job done.  The lavender is a really nice shade, I find it to be pretty neutral and potentially flattering on most. 

All-in-all it was a great $5 purchase.  I say it over and over again, you don't need to spend a bundle on cosmetics.  I just happened to browse through the clearance at the end of an aisle.  You never know what you will be able to find.