Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking ahead...

Sales, Sales, Sales the week of April 3rd!  We have now entered my Birthday Month!

Kind of a snoozer this week. 


Should have saved my John Frieda coupons!  John Frieda is on sale for $5.  Spend $10 get $3 ECB.
Covergirl Lash Blast $6.  Add a $1 MC, you are looking at $5 for an amazing mascara.
L'OREAL, Spend $10 get $3 ECBs (excludes clearance items)
ALMAY, Spend $10 get $4 ECBs
Revlon BOGO 1/2 off.
Goldbond lotion might be interesting.  $3 ECB, possible $2 MC  so 88 cents.


Great filler items:  Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs 39 cents!
Maybelline, Revlon, L'OREAL, Neutrogena BOGO 1/2 off
Almay 40% off
Pantene, Aussie, Herbal Essences 2/$7 with $2 RR so possibly 2 for $3 if you can find 2 $1/1 MCs
Not beauty but Kellog's cereal is on sale for $1.88.  Plenty of $1 MCs out there.

Rite Aid:

Alright I saved the best for last...

Covergirl, Olay BOGO 1/2 off
Physican's Formula is BOGO and the last time I was in Rite Aid there were a ton of $3 off peelies on the new stuff.
Buy 2 L'OREAL get $4 +up rewards. 
NYC 40% off.  I have a ton of $1 coupons, so free stuff.
Scrunchi hair assessories $1 and $1 +up rewards so free!
L'OREAL Youth Code is $21.99 with $5 +up reward.  I'm pretty sure that there was a Video Values on this as well.
Intresting $4 +up rewards on select Maybelline and Garnier BOGO 1/2 off products.

Well not a complete list but enough to get you thinking about next week!

Walgreens Friends and Family Event

Make sure you head on over here and print out your 15% in-store purchase coupon.

I guess I will head over and grab some Rimmel with all my coupons that I'm pretty sure are expiring today...

Hopefully there are some stuff left!

This week at Wags...

Well I needed a passport photo and I happened to see that they were on sale this week at Walgreens for $8.99.  I also picked up a couple of other things...

Coffee-mate is BOGO at $2.49, I had a 75 cents off 2 so 87 cents a piece.  The Folgers were on-sale for $2.79 a piece and I had 2 $2/1 MCs.  I do not need toothepaste but since this was a 50 cents MM I went with it.  2/$6 with $4 RR.  I had a $1.50 MC and a $1 MC so that brings it down to 2/$3.50 and I got back $4 in RR.

I have another 75 cents/1 coupon for the Coffee-mate so I may go back but will I go through 4 bottles before expiration?  Hmm...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fitness Log Day #7, #8 & #9

Sunday and Monday...

Sunday was kind of a day off.  I have the core routine down so I do it everyday.  It takes me 20 minutes to go through it twice.   I'm working up to do all the exercises 3 times but double the times that they say to do.

Monday I did a ton of ab work.  I remember watching this Mtv show on Britney Spears, I mean years ago.  One of the segments focused on her work out.  She said at the time she was doing a 1000 variations of crunches a day.  That's what I am working up to.  I'm up to 200.  I do all different kinds.  1000 will probably take me an hour straight.  I don't usually have the kind of time.  lol

Tuesday (yesterday) more abs, I incorporated weights, push-ups, planks, pilates 100 and I did an hour of yoga.

I realize that I need to get some cardio in the mix.  I would have went running but it is so dang cold around here the past week. I mean in the 20's.  That doesn't make for fun running and yes I want it to be fun.  I don't want to be huffing and puffing trying to catch a breath and my lungs will burn from the cold air and all I will be doing in coughing.  I know, excuses, excuses, but I swear it is the truth.  hahahaha  I might be a little asthmatic but I ignore it.  However, if I was more in shape, I wouldn't be gasping for as much breath and I wouldn't be coughing as much.  So that's why I am not running in the cold.  lol

Oh and 11 more days to form a habit.  It usually takes the body about 21 days of consistant routine.  I'm almost half way there!  Yay!

And I should probably start a food journal.  I eat healthy, well right now my diet consists of oatmeal in the morning, sometimes with blueberries or bananas in the mix, a Smart One for lunch, a bowl of Special K for dinner, last night we had eggs and toast.  I'm not much of a snacker but I need to get more veggies in there and water.  I can get down a liter in the morning no problem but I start to taper off in the afternoon.  I have to get back to 2 liters a day.

So there you have it. I'm about to start working on Day #10.

Latest Target Trip

Pretty good deals.  I did the 10 Smart Ones for the $5 Target Card.  They were on-sale for $1.80 a piece.  I thought that I had a $5 coupon for 10 but alas it was expired.  Boo!  But still a good price.   I picked up 3 Swedish Meatballs.  Delish!

The Benefiber I picked up for 94 cents a piece.  I had a 2 $3/1 Target coupons as well as 2 $3/1 MC coupon!

The double pack or bonus back of Secret was $3.64 I think and I had a $2 MC.  It was actually for The Secret Clinical and no beep!  Yay!  So $1.64 for 2 deordorants.

The Satin Care wasn't an amazing deal but I had a $1 MC making the 3 pack $3.24.  I think I have enough shave gel...

The John Frieda was on sale for $5 and some odd cents, probably 94 or 97.  But I had 2 $1/1 MCs and $3/2 Target coupon.  I can't wait to try it out!  Since I've been using the lightening spray, my hair has been a little dry, probably from all the blow drying.  Normally I air dry until it's almost dry then I will put large velcro rollers in and blast with heat and let it totally dry.  About 30 minutes, usually about the time it takes to get all three kids up, dressed and the older 2 teeth brushed.  I get up super early btw...

But with everything else I got, 2 loaves of bread, 2 boxes of Gogurt, 2 gallons of milk, 3 lean cusinines, 10 Smartones, some fruit snacks...  I think that's it, $31 in coupon savings and $5 GC.  Not bad...

UPDATE:  I just printed out 2 $3/10 SmartOnes MCs.  Wish I had these when I went shopping!  Now they are offering $1/5

Annoyed at Rite Aid

I got all of this for 54 cents.  Why am I annoyed?  Well I went in for some Natureluxe because RA has Covergirl on sale for 30% off and I still had the BOGO Natureluxe foundation get the lip balm for free.  Well as I was walking around I saw signs for the John Frieda, Biore deal!  I was freaking out because I still had another set of $2 off John Frieda styling aid and BOGO Biore strips and get Biore face wash.  I also had 3 NYC coupons that will be expiring on 3/31.  So I get up to the register and of course the $10 +up rewards do not print out.  The cashier goes to the aisle and grabs the sign.  She can't figure out how to give me the rewards.  The deal happens to start today, 3/30.  I failed to read the fine print.  So we start refunding and re-ringing, the manager comes up to help.  He ends up taking off $10 off my order. 

However, this is where I am annoyed, one I already used my coupons and 2 I had in my hand $10 off in other coupons that I now couldn't use.  In the perfect scenerio I could have used those $10 coupons, pay the same 54 cents and got back another $10.  See my frustration?

So in the future, read your signs, I've messed up this deal twice this week and lost all my coupons.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This week at CVS

This was on Sunday but as you know I'm back studying hard at school this week.  lol

This was a $17.66 MM!!! Yay!

I went in for the Mascara but left with the 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum because the Try Me Free peelie sticker was on it.  I also grabbed a Sunday paper and some Skintimate.  So I used my $3 MC for Physician's Formula, 55 cents for the Skintimate $5 Beauty Club ECB and $6 ECBs from last week.

I got back $7 ECBs for the PF and $2.50 ECBs for the Skintimate.  I'm going to submit for me PF rebate.

Monday, March 28, 2011

SNOTD but on Monday

I did my nails last night.  I wanted to give my nails a 48 hour breather.  lol  I'm glad I waited until today to take a picture because guess what?  The sun is out!  Woo-hoo!

This is a gorgeous color.  OPI Extravagance from the Designer Series.  Looks a little orangey in the picture. 

Here's without sun.

The true color is in between those.  I need to get another camera!
True Story:  I was dropping off the kids at the Wegman's daycare.  Love Wegman's for their daycare!  They probaby figure parents will spend more time and more money if they don't have to rush the shopping with screaming crying kids.  lol 

The day care attendants are phenomenal too.  Just wonderful.  This one woman had this polish on her nails and I had to ask her.  So I found this beauty on ebay!  Yay!

The Latest Damage at Rite Aid

So going out shopping yesterday, I had heart palpatations.  Seriously.  I had gone on Hip2Save and found that Rite Aid had a $10 +up reward on $20 of John Frieda and Biore.  Of course it ended up being a regional promotion and apparently, not in my region.  I was so bummed!    And I was going to do it twice! 

Ugh!  I had it all planned out.  Here was my plan:

I had a Buy Biore Strips pack of 6 and get a free cleanser coupon.  I also had my $2 off $10 beauty purchase from the Video Values, $1 RA John Frieda Styler coupon and a $2 John Frieda Style Product MC.  So OOP I paid $7.18.  I thought I was going to get back $10 to put on my next transaction of 4 Quaker oatmeals, 2 wonderful pistachios, 4 Stayfree products and Revlon tools.  But they didn't have the pistachios and I had the kids with me and I got all flustered after the $10 +up reward didn't spit out.  So I did the Revlon tool deal, Revlon is 40% off and I had 3 $2 Revlon tool coupons so I paid $4.32 and I got back $4+up rewards and $1 SCR which I need to submit for.  So I rolled that $4 and the $4 from my last Rite Aid trip on the my last transaction with the Stayfree and Quaker Oats and I paid $7 OOP and got back 2 $1.49 +up rewards for the Stayfree.

Coupons I had:

3 $2 Revlon Tools MC (found on the Target Coupon website)
2 BOGO Stay Free MC
1 50 cents/1 Stay Free
4 $1/1 Quaker Oats MC
Buy 1 Biore Strips, Get 1 Cleanser Free
$4 +up rewards from last trip
$1 John Frieda from Rite Aid Video Values
$2/$10 Beauty Purchse from Rite Aid Video Values

$4 +up rewards for $10 Revlon purchase
2 $1.49 +up rewards for each 2 Stayfree purchases
So essentially I paid $11 for everything.  It wasn't the greatest trip.  It would have been amazing if I got the John Frieda deal.  I was thinking that I would return the 3 items...  Still deciding.  Not sure how they would return the money I used for the coupons with the free item.  I've returned make-up at CVS before and they gave me a CVS giftcard.  That was before I was serious about coupons, forgot I even used a coupon to pay for it and was totally confused why they gave me the coupon money back but of course was happy. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break is OV-AH!

Too much of my dismay, my 9 days of shopping, catching up on sleep, cleaning, organizing, blogging, taking care of sick kids, construction and putting our house on the market has come to an end.  Boo-hoo, I know.  It's been a wicked adventure!  lol

I will try to keep up with my fitness logs, SNOTD, and posts as best as I can while I finish up my last semester!  Roughly 5 more weeks to go, minus holidays, weekends. etc...  Yippee! 

Don't forget to follow me!  I will be hosting a huge blog/moving/fan appreciating giveaway very soon!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fitness Log Day #5

Okay so I walked the dog... no running involved.  I just wasn't ready.  I have to work myself up to certain challenges.  lol  It was freezing I might add.  I should have worn gloves.  If I was warmer I might have walked longer.  My hands hurt so bad! 

Also when I talk about walking the dog, all I have to do is walk up the street and there are some major hills.  I walking up works my calves and butt and then walking down the steep ones totally work out my quads.  They are burning people!  So serious hills.  I used to like sprinting up hills back in the day.  Not too long ago, okay it's going on a few years now, my daughter is 6...  Umm, let's just keep it at a few years.

I did the 15 minute core work out twice and a few 3 times and then I did some more ab work from 6 pack abs that I found here.  I also did a little yoga to stretch out and I attempted a Pilates 100 but didn't make it.  This youtube version has 3 version.  I was trying to do the 3rd.  lol  I forgot that I can keep my knees bent and work my legs straight as I get stronger.  I'll try again tomorrow.

I need to get some cardio in though.  Hopefully the weather will turn warmer soon!

Tomorrow I'm going to do more 6 pack abs, the 100, and arms and back with free weights.  I probably should work some legs in there too. 

Hope that you are keeping up!

Orglamix Giveaway!!!

Check out MamaBuzz's Giveaway here!

Beauty Sales I'm excited about starting tomorrow 3/27!


Wicked psyched to see that at CVS $7 ECB for any Physcian's Formula purchase.  I'm going to get some Happy blusher.  My old Body Shop blusher that I have been using for a year just doesn't look right to me anymore.  Too light and shimmery.  It's been bothering me for a couple of weeks.  lol

Revlon, Clean & Clear, Sally Hansen L'OREAL eyshadow, liner or mascara:  BOGO 1/2 off 
Better deal on Revlon at Rite Aid though.

Rimmel and Maybelline:  Spend $10 get $3ECB
Better deal on Rimmel at Rite Aid though.

Lots of Skincare and Lotion generating ECBs.

Also Skintimate Shave gel is generating $2.50 in ECB making it 44 cents after a 55 cent MC.

All Tresemme is 2/$7.  I've been wanting to try out the new dry shampoo.

Rite Aid:

Revlon is 40% off and $4+up rewards with $10 purchase.

Maybelline & Garnier BOGO1/2 off and $5+up rewards with $15 purchase.

Covergirl 30% off.

Almay 40% off.  Do you really need any more?  lol

Aveeno, Neutragena, Lubriderm  $5 +up rewards when you buy 3.

Crest Pro-Health BOGO 1/2 off and $5 +up rewards with $25 purchase. There are a ton of MC's floating around out there to make this a good deal. This toothpaste and rinse combo really makes the teefers sparkle.


Great filler items for 29 cents this week... Snickers eggs or Russell Stover eggs....  Awesome.

RIMMEL 50% off  I have a few $1 off coupons for the Lash accelerator mascara which is amazing and nail polish...  also great stuff.

Cheap Colgate Total  2/$6 with $4 RR, so 2 for $2  I have $1/1 MCs but they expire today.  Bummer.  But if I go late, sometimes my store switches over and I can get both Saturday and Sunday deals...  If the signs are up, they have to give you the rewards...  Just saying.

Covergirl BOGO 1/2 off

Aveeno, Clean & Clear & Neutragena 25% off

Dove deodorant, body, hair care 4/$15 with $5 RR so 4 for $10.    Hook it up with some coupons, I am just finding on $1/1 MC in my binder but there are way more out there...  So potentially 4 for $6.  Nice.

Garnier:  4/$14 with $4 RR so 4/$10  I have 4 $1/1.  I might make this one work.

This isn't beauty but Domino Sugar is 79 cents.  There is a $1/2 MC floating around.  Good deal!

So get organized, make a list and work those coupons to get the deals!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness Log Day #4

Phew what a day! 

I didn't do much "exercise" per se,  just lots and lots of cleaning.  I filled up the Jeep and brought many bags and baby things to the Salvation Army.

I did some more core exercises this evening and my daughter showed me a few things that Kindergartener's are doing during gym class.  Holy Cow!  They are working those kids hard!  Tons of floor exercises and ab workouts.  The do this climb the rope thing wear they count down from 10 to 1 while sitting back to laying down on the ground and then they count up to 10 while sitting up.  Holy abs!  Craziness!  I was happy to hear that they do a lot of stretching as well.  Childhood obesity is really on the rise, I see it every day.  Teaching kids healthy habits while they are younger are super important for the future of the world. Seriously...

We did a little yoga, I made up a routine so my son and daughter could follow along.  It was really funny.

Tomorrow I plan on my first run, well it will probably turn into a 5 minute jog, and then a longer walk with the dog.  I will let you know how it goes!

Who's with me here?  Anyone?  Bueller, Bueller...

This looks interesting...

NYX has a new palette coming out for Spring 2011 called Nude on Nude.  Is this a spin on UD Naked Palette, which I so have been wanting, for so long, which I've had in my cart many a times???

$25 for 20 eyeshadows and 10 lippies.  I'm not a huge fan of pan lippies.  But this is an all-in-one kit perfect for travelling.  I love me some mineral shadows but they sure get messy after being jostled about during the trip.

Beauty Junkies Unite have some swatches for you to check out.  Looks promising!

I have NYX I dream of Jamaica from their Carribean Collection.  All 5 eyeshadows are super pigmented.

This new one could be a possibility...

NY & Company, Ann Taylor Loft, JC Penney

 NY & Co.:  $50 off $100 purchase through Marh 27th, Promo Code 3379 check out.  Like it, like it a lot.  And check this...  Everything is BOGO 1/2 off.  Free shipping Promo Code 2186

Ann Taylor is 30% and free shipping today and tomorrow. 2DAY at checkout

JCP:  $10 off $25 purchase, no exclusions, SALEDAZE at checkout

I'm due for new duds but I need to wait until I tone up.  I'm guilty of buying clothes a little snug for "just in case I lose a couple pounds."  Not a good practice, trust me. 

I sold all my clothes over the summer to a consignment shop that still had tags on it because I thought it was a good deal, too good to pass up but I could never fit into the darn things!  lol

Drum roll please...

Okay so hefty sum OOP but I got a lot of stuff!  Can you see everything?  I know you can see me standing on two chairs in the background.  lol

Roughly $40 and change but I have $8 +up rewards for Rite Aid and $6 ECBs at CVS so essentially $24 for all of these goodies.  And to be honest, I used to pay $9.99 and up for a tub of that oxyclean before I got serious with coupons.  I might have found a MC for $1 here or there but I got them both for free essentially with the $5 in RR Almay purchase. 

And lookie, not all make-up!  I decided to save my $3 MC for PF for the CVS sale next week.  $7 ECB with any purchase.  More on that later...

Most of this I told you about here.  Not pictured... One more bag of Chex mix, a girl's got to eat especially with all this exercising going on.  lol  2 Reach toothbrushes.  Not sure where they are at the moment.  Hopefully in the back of the Jeep.  I decided not to get another Benefiber because I think I can do better at Target on a sale with coupon match ups.  More on that later as well...

I forgot to mention the Nivea hand cream.  I needed an extra filler item for one of my transactions at Walgreens.  This stuff is awesome.  99 cents.  My brother of all people introduced me to it over Christmas.  After my my nightly face washing ritual I slap some of this on my hands followed up by a pair of cotton gloves.  I usually rip the gloves off soon after getting in bed but this lotion keeps my hands super moisturized and soft!

Let me see if I can keep this straight.  I went back to CVS and instead of grabbing more Physician's formula that I don't need, again my new policy is $1 or less on those types of items, not $2 or $3 like I have done in the past, I took advantage of the spend $15 on select CVS beauty products, get $5 ECB back.  So I picked up 2 bags of cotton balls for $1.99 each, 1 50 ct. Cotton wool pads or cleansing pads, 1 bottle of tonor, and 1 packages of make up remover wipes.  I like to keep these on hand in my night stand for lazy nights.  lol  So I used my 25% off non-sale CVS coupon that was emailed to me knocking the total back $4.24.  The I paid with a $10 e-card that I bought for $6 it seems like months ago.  Lost yet?  And I paid $3.73 OOP and got back $5 ECBs and $1 for my green tag.  Phew...

I'm bummed that the CVS "Beauty" products I bought didn't count towrds my Beauty club spending but CVS is gonna get me down ladies!  I guess they have them listed as "skincare."

Here are my totals:



And is anyone else bummed about the lack of cool coupons printing from the machine?  Ugh!  I keep getting the 25 cents of 2 candy bars.  Forget it!  I have received 2 $1/1 Starbucks coffee ones.  They might come in handy to fuel my dependence.  lol

Special Delivery!

Oh, what do we have here???

Oh just some more nail polish!

I love every single one of them.  I can't decide what to paint my nails next!  Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I swear this is it.  No more nail polish.  I will try. 

You would be so proud of me.  Even with the 40% off sale of Physicians at CVS and not one but 2 $3 off coupons, I held my ground and said no.  I seriously do not need a thing.  I did want to try the PF eye brightener.  Oh another day...  ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The PolishAholic 1 year Blogiversary Giveaway!

Fabulous prizes!  Just fabulous!  There will be 4 winners!

The prizes: 

#1 4 Misas!  So pretty!  Misa Pixie Princess, Touch The Rainbow, Genie In This Bottle, Blush Hour.

#2  The 2nd half of the One Less Lonely Girl collection from Nicole by OPI!!  8 nailpolishes!!! Make U Smile, One Time Lime, I've Got Bieber Fever, Red-y to Runaway Love?, My Lifesaver, Not A Gold Bigger, "Baby" Blue, I'm A Belieber.
#3  The entire OPI Texas Collection!   What?

#4  China Glaze He's Going In Circles, Maybelline Colorama Ice Princess, China Glaze TMI, China Glaze Blk-Bla-Bong, OPI Red Dazzle, OPI Black Shatter.

Check it out here!

Lots of luck!

Necessary Nails 300 Follower Giveaway!

Huge giveaway!  Vongratulations on reaching 300 well now 400 followers!


OMG it got here so fast!  The tube is a lot smaller than I thought, hoped...  Whatever, for my face, I only need a miniscule amount.

First the packaging.  I really like the care that they put into sending out every single one of their boxes.

So I received VitaZing, Starting Over and the Mushroom serum.  lol

I immediately tried on VitaZing. 

First of all, this is way too much for my face.   I needed about half.

I lightly smoothed this out.  Yikes...Orange!  I don't know what I am MAC-wise but I would guess a NC20.

After blending...  much nicer. 

So on my face...  My face is a little darker/redder than my hand so it looks quite nice actually.  I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror.  I know, wicked vain but I want to see if from all lights and angles.  It's lovely but a tad too dark.  I'm still trying to decide if I just applied too much or it really is too dark for my skin.  I already had moisturizer on as well.  I haven't put concealer under my eyes or around my nose of blush yet.  And it is also winter.   I will most certainly be more darker in NC this summer!

I will say, Vita Zing will not work for you fairer skinned/porcelain ladies.  As you can see from my hand, it would turn you immediately orange.

So I will play with it for a few days and see if it works!

John Frieda

So John Frieda really does perform miracles for us wanna-be blondes.  lol  It seems that every year my hair gets darker and darker.  I still picture myself as being lighter brown but when my roots grow in, my hair is definitely darker now that I am older.  Or they just look darker because of my highlights?

Whatever the case, I picked up some John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightener Spray so I could blend in my roots a bit and possibly prolong the time in between highlights.  I had my fingers crossed that this wouldn't turn into another teenage Sun-In orange mess.  I used it a few times in high school during the winter.   In the summers I always sprayed lemon juice in my hair.  That works amazing.  Perfect streaks.

The first time I used Sun-In, I used the entire bottle and just kept blow drying and blow drying.  I'm lucky I didn't melt my entire head.  Well it worked!  I was at least 3 shades lighter, more orange, but lighter...

So present day, I just want my roots to look more blended.  I wish I took a before photo.  I've used it 3 times now, a couple times last week and once today and I'm pretty happy with the results.  My roots really do look nicely blended. 

 I had a pretty stark line in my part.  This is before I dried it. 

You can still see a line well that might be a shadow actually but it's less noticeable.  It even blended my grays... (what grays? lol)  It's slightly brassy as well.  But that's my hair, reddish highlights.  I use the John Frieda Tone Restoring (purple) shampoo and it helps to take care of that.  I can get super orange, trust me. 

So this stuff works.  The instructions say the more heat the better so the use of a straightener after blow drying will help it work even better.  I unfortunately left my straightener at my mother's a couple of months ago.  I forgot all about it.  I need to get that back!

Fitness Log Day #2

Okay so I shovelled up the heaviest 2 inches of snow.  Before I did that I did a 15 minute core workout from the April Real Simple twice.  It was all about the core today...

For some cardio I sprinted up and down the stairs 20 times.   It was effective because I am a huffin' and a puffin'. 

I had to squeeze it all in the 2 hours nap the babe took.  He's cutting teeth and is just miserable! Fever and all.  Have to get back to him the poor thing.

I'll walk the dog when the hubby gets home.

What did you do today???

Garnier Skin Renew Brusher Cleanser

Let me start off first by saying I like Garnier products.  But this one, is just awful.  I'm not coordinated at all so for me to squeeze the tub upside down and then quickly turn it upright so that the gel cleanser doesn't drip and is wasted in the sink or shower is an impossible feat.  You cannot squeeze it while it sits upright.  Then I find myself trying to squeeze more out while I am working the brush in circles around my face.  So I have to shake it down, then squeeze... The brush on this is uncomfortable as well.  No thanks. 

I've resorted to squeezing the gel cleanser on my Olay Pro-X.  And it's difficult to squeeze it out. 

So bottom line, like the cleanser, it smells lovely, rinses beautifully and my face feels nice and smooth but the bottle and brush are the worst.

 Stick with an old-fashioned face cloth.  They work wonders...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OPI Last Friday Night

It is just amazing...  Of course my picture cannot do it any justice!


So one of my favorite mineral companies just up and disappeared.  After a little research I had no idea that I would open up a can of worms.  Can you say FRAUD?  What the what?  I just can't believe it.  People are saying that she has put her own labels atop of already labeled jars from another company.  I mean really bizarre things.

I noticed that I hadn't seen her post on facebook lately.  The last one I remembered was that someone in her friend's family passed.  Then I read that a couple people haven't received their orders.  Umm, totally shocking, that's not like Cheri.  I'm thinking that something truly tragic happened to her.  Then I read further that there is a disgruntled fan page on facebook.  People are saying that her products are unsafe.  You just can't make this stuff up.

One thing is for sure, Cheri has worked her booty off filling orders for the short time that she was in business.  It is seriously hard work owning a small business.  She is making, or maybe she was re-packaging product and filling orders. That takes an amazing amount of time.  She also has a family.  I was always amazed by how fast she shipped things out and the few times I convo'ed her, she responded almost immediately. 

I feel that her products are amazing.  I love all my eyeshadows and I still haven't tried Magentism yet that I ordered just a short couple of months ago.  I still wanted to try her foundation but if you have have been reading my blog, you know I have a ton to get through.  ;) 

She was well loved, hence the strong backlash of disappointed fans.  I hope that she will be able to recover from this "scandal."  I will say this though, if I already paid for an item and I am still waiting for it 2 weeks later, I would be pretty mad indeed.  She does need to send out individual letters to her customers to explain herself and apologize if she truly did mislead her customers.

Good luck Cherie.  I'm still a fan!  Hopefully you can hang and weather the storm!

UPDATE: Well it's not really an update, Cheri posted this on March 7th.  Apparently I have been living under a rock and missed all of this drama.  Just craziness!!!

Fitness Goals

I did some Spring Cleaning yard work over the weekend and let me tell you, I am still feeling it.  I pinched some crazy nerve in my upper back and even my wrists are sore from raking up leaves!  I'm a mess I tell you, a mess!  Ugh.

So it's way past January 1st and I still haven't implemented an exercise routine like I had intended.  It wasn't quite a New Year's Resolution per se but I really need to get my derriere in shape.  Well not so much my back end as my stomach if we want to get into specifics.  I was blessed (cursed?) with an apple shape so my arms and legs are not the problem but my midsection is another story.  I cannot use the "Oh I just had a baby, " it has been 6 months!  Though I was talking to someone recently and she still uses it 8 years later...

So here's my announcement!  I am going to start eating healthy, which I already do, but I am prone to indulge in ice cream and other treats as my husband has a wicked sweet tooth.  I'm not placing any blame, but before I met him, I never had any sweets!  Like ever, umm, never.  Seriously.  I'm not a snacker either, so that saves me a tremendous amount of calories for sure.  I am guilty in over caffeinating myself.  What can I say, I have 3 kids, a dog, a husband and I'm a full-time student.  A girl gets tired.  But with my new exercise routine, I will undoubtedly find some new energy resources and will certainly cut back on the joe. 

So here goes nothing!

1.  So no more nightly sweets.  I will replace with an apple or dried fruit.  Or a bowl of Special K Berries or Kashi!  I'm well stocked that's for sure.

2.  Morning dog walks.  Nika needs the exercise as well.

3.  Up Yoga from once a week to 3 times a week.

4.  Light weights 3 times a week.  I'm talking lunges, triceps, biceps, shoulders.  Nothing crazy.

5.  Run 2-3 miles every Tuesday and Wednesday and once on the weekend.  Obviously I will need to work up to 2-3 miles.  I will start by walking around the local track and I should be up and running at least a mile in a couple weeks right?

6.  Instead of brewing or buying afternoon coffee, I will have tea, preferrably green tea instead.

It doesn't sound like too much, but too little either.  I think it's quite doable.  Wish I had a gym with a daycare around here.  That would be fantastic. 

So today I shoveled the driveway, sidewalk and half of the neighbors driveway and did some weights, squats and lunges.  I'm sure I won't be able to walk tomorrow.  I tend to over do it when I first start out.  lol

I still plan on walking the dog when the hubby comes home after work.

Everyday I will "log" in my exercise time and what I did.  I might not be able to get to my computer everyday so I will summarize the first chance that I get.

Sound like a plan?  Who is with me?


Elizabeth Taylor passed away.  So sad.  Her beauty was like none other.  Last night at Walgreens I smelled her latest perfume Violet Eyes.  It was actually quite pretty.  She will be missed.

Tuesday night shopping trip!

What a night! 
So here's what I did.  I went to Walgreens first and grabbed an Almay intense i-color for hazel eyes because I wanted the green.  Handed over the Walgreen's $2 coupon and my $2 MC and paid $2 dang NYS taxes!  lol  I got back $5 in RR, so $3 MM.  So I did that twice because I had 2 $2 Almay coupons.  I have another $1 one, I might go back today and get some make-up remover wipes or something. 

I rolled that $10 and another $3 RR into my next transaction.  I bought 2 tubs of oxiclean, on-sale for $5.99, normally $10.99 and I had a 50 cents/1 coupon, 2 Spot Cleaners BOGO, $6.99, $1/1 MC (wish I had 2!), 3 chex mix 3 for $4, $1/3 MC, Woolite, on-sale for $5.99, normally $9.99, $2 MC, 2 Maxwell coffees, $2.59 ea., $1 MC.  So GC of $16.14 plus that blasted tax.  I think I did pretty good.  Hefty sum OOP but I got a bunch of stuff that I needed.  Those Spot cleaners are amazing.  The kids have destroyed the diningroom chairs.  I used the last of a can on one chair.  Worked like a charm! 

Now on to Rite Aid.  I walked around forever looking for Benefiber!  Of all things.  It was on an end cap.  So it was $12.99 with $3 +up rewards and I had a $2 coupon.  Might go back and grab some more.  This is a huge bottle.  But wait let me back up.  I started off with 2 Reach toothbrushes, $2.99 with $2 +up rewards and I had a $2 MC.  I'm going to do that again too.  Is there a limit with the wellness card?

Anywho... I got back $4 +up rewards so I made 2 cents, well not really because of tax but essentially they were free.  So I rolled that $4 onto the next transaction.  I bought 2 Purex detergent sheets, I just love those things, throw them in the washer and your done, no measuring and spilling detergent.  They were BOGO and I had a $1MC.  There was only one Clorox wipes on the shelf and my coupon was $1/2 but they let me use it anyway (young male teenager, how is that for profiling?  Well he was the only one up there.  lol), so it was $1.99 with $1 +up rewards and then my $1 coupon so FREE! 

I have been using these wipes like crazy.  I bought them on a whim last week at Walmart.  I am normally way more environmentally conscious and yes I feel pretty guilty filling up the local landfill with all my wipes but I'm already doing 2 loads of laundry a day with extra for another load the next day, if I add in cleaning rags, we could be pushing 3 loads.  Detergent, water and energy to clean and dry all three loads a day has a greater impact.   I would hang my laundry but a. we never get any sun and b. we just got another snow storm this morning.  Lovely isn't it?  Yes I do think about these things.  Do they keep me up at night?  Yes the did but thankfully not anymore.  lol

Okay, let me get back on track, at Walmart 2 packs were on sale for $2.  Silly me only bought one.  I went back a couple days later and they went up to $2.52 and the 2 packs were pushed way in the back.  I grabbed the last 2.  Now I am currently hooked. 

I almost grabbed some Irish Spring 8 packs.  They are on sale for $3 and when you buy 3 you get a $2 +up reward.  That's almost too much soap.  I only had one 50 cent coupon.  If I can find some $1 coupons, I might do it.

Oh and I grabbed one of those Freshmatics.  I know they are BOGO at Walgreens but my area stores (I have 2) only have the Ultra and it's not $7.99, it's $14.99.  I only like to buy things that I don't really need $1 or less.  Rite Aid had it for 50% so I thought why not, only 99 cents after my $4 MC.  I almost forgot my Eccotools Body Butter.  This stuff is amazing.  Love the scent as well.  It was great during the dry winter.  They were BOGO and I had a $1MC. 

All said and done, I got back $4 +up rewards for this trip.    So essentially another $16 for the Rite Aid trip.

I'm definitely going back later on today.  I have another $2/2 Reach toothbrush coupon, another $2 off Benefiber.  I will roll my $4 +up rewards.  I will get back $7 in +up rewards so it will be like $4 for all 3.

I almost forgot about CVS.  This was pretty confusing, I'm going back today because I grabbed 2 $3 Physician's Formula peelies at Rite Aid to use on CVS's 40% off sale.  I was going to forego the sale but since I found the peelies, it's a go again.  As I was making my rounds trying to figure out how to use the coupons that spit out of the red box, another 25 cents off some candy bars, I have 6 of them now...  I came across some clearance Lysol Healthy no-touch soap dispensers for $6.49.  I have a $3/1 coupon.  So I look on the regular shelf, yup there are some there, look identical, but mine has the clearance price.  I go up to the register to see if they qualify for the $6 ECBs.  I ask the cashier and she says, "Uh, ya no."  So I take her word for it.  Dumby-me.  I should have just had her ring them up  (listen to me, ring them up), ummm, scan them and see.  I thought about it for a second but didn't want her to go through the entire void session if it didn't.  Well today I'm going back and we will see what happens.  That would be pretty sweet, with my $3 MC and $6 RR it would be a $2.50 MM then I will roll that on to my Physcian's Formula purchase so that would be very little $$ OOP.

I also got 4 Dawn dish soaps.  I had a 20 cent coupon, two 25 cents coupons and one $1.00 so $1.16 for all 4.  Not bad and I grabbed some Kotex pantyliners.  They are extra long ones.  Oops.  But of course they were on clearance and I had a $1 MC that was burning a hole through my baseball card holder.  You spend all this time clipping and sorting and organizing and to not use them seems wasteful....  Right?  My time is worth money too.  hahaha 

Plus I got this 25% off non-sale items coupon in my email for CVS and I was trying to find a way to spend it.

It might be easier if I use it on-line.  Plus I'm at $92 and change for the Beauty Club Rewards and 3 for the Green Bag Tag so after today's trip with the Physician's formula I will get a $5 ECB and $1 off for the gbt for the next shopping trip.  Go me!  Just kidding...

I will keep you updated on my progress and I swear I might need to lay low for a little while.  Right, who am I kidding.


I've been wanting to sign up for Birchbox for, hmm, at least a year?  Wow, time flies!  I love me some samples.  Of course I have my reasons, one, I never get through an entire pan, container, tube, what have you of any make-up item.  Well except for mascara and some eyeliners.  I've hit pan on many eyeshadows but I've never had to scrape along the edges to get every last bit.  Even foundations start to separate before I use them all up.  See where I am going with this?  

Sample sizes are perfect sizes for me!

And I would love to try some high end beauty products.  I have zero fun cosmetic stores around where I live.  Even my Sally Beauty is tiny and never stocks the latest products.  Sure I can drive 2 hours or order on-line, but to be able to try out some high end samples would be nice!

So my first Birchbox will be shipping out on April 10th!  Yay!

Target Beauty is My Bag... Baby

So I guess it was a while back that I sent away for some free samples from Target.  Well they have arrived, well yesterday afternoon to be exact!  Best part, $25 in coupons!  Perfect for match-ups!

Super cute bag too.  I've been looking for a smaller sized one for my purse.  Thank you Target!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rachel Zoe!

Baby news!  Well almost baby news, Rachel Zoe is nearing the end of her pregnancy and is quite possibly in labor right now!  Baby Zoe will definitely be the most fashionable baby on the planet as soon as he is born!  Can't wait to see his outfits...

Urban Decay

Exciting news!  Confirmed via twitter and facebook, UD primer potion is now in... wait for it... tubes!  Yay!

I don't see them up on the website for ordering yet, only the $29 "professional size."  Free shipping on $10 orders now through March 31st as well.  The Naked Pallette is probably well stocked by now!

China Glaze Island Escape

The Anchors Away Collection hasn't even hit my local Sally Beauty yet and now this tweet...

80701 Papaya Punch - bright orange crème

80702 Degrees - bright pink with pink shimmer

80703 Senorita Bonita - bright purple with pink shimmer

80704 Blue Iguana - bright blue with blue shimmer

80705 Cha Cha Cha - green with a bright yellow shimmer

80706 Electric Pineapple - bright yellow crème

Just a thought...

So I was reading this interesting article I think in Women's Day last night.  The author was describing how she once read about the toxins that were found in dryer sheets and how they disperse all over your clothes and subsequently, one breathes in all of these toxins.  Upon learning this new information, she then discarded the rest of the box to avoid such future exposures.  Then she got to thinking about the toxins in the pesticides on her food and so she made the decision to buy all organic.  Then she realized all of ther cleaners had toxins in them as well and her children were being exposed.  It just cascaded from there and she began to have trouble sleeping at night, worry about the dangers and toxins that her children were still being exposed to. 

So as I read this article, I thought of myself.  I too once stayed up late one night pondering about all of the potential dangers that which my children were being exposed. I switched to all organic foods, hormone free milk, all natural cleaners, I stopped by canned tomatoes and vegetables, I even comtemplated making my own dish and clothes detergent.  I drove myself crazy for a few months worrying.  Worrying about everything including exposure to radiation!

I'm less "crazy" now.  I did my research.  Did you know every time you fly, you are exposed to as much radiation as 200 chest x-rays?  The thing is, you can limit your exposure, but you can't eliminate it.  I still buy organic but less.  I buy organic berries, lettuce and some veggies.  And I still buy hormone free milk.  In the summer I try to buy at Farmer's Market.  When we have a yard, I will definitely grow my own garden.  I do not buy dryer sheets for that same reason.  I still have "natural" cleansers, but seriously, nothing cleans my bathroom better than Scrubbing Bubbles!

The summer before last, I threw away most of my nail polish and makeup when I became pregnant after reading the cosmetic database. I looked up all of my products and anything over a score of 3 I got rid of. Some of my products that I own still have a rating of 4-5. For instance Covergirl Lash blast is a 5, which is a "moderate" hazard. I can live with that. But it is a real eye opener for sure. I encourage you to read up on the ingredients in the products that you use.

But don't go over board. Just be aware.

In love!

So I grabbed OPI Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection off ebay for $3.50.  Which is a steal for me because I don't have an Ulta around and I have no idea where OPIs are sold around here aside from the JC Penney.  I had a crazy experience there a while back before the Marine Corps Ball, one that involved organge-y red hair and 5 hours of my time.  I had my first ever "dry" hair cut.  She didn't wet it at all and my hair was unwashed from the morning before because you don't wash your hair right before you get it colored right?  Is that still a rule?  Anywho back to Last Friday Night...

I was totally bummed when I first tried on this polish.  I usually prefer opaque polishes, ones that do not show my tips, well right now my nails are wicked short so there really aren't much for tips.  I digress once again...  So I thought I would give it a whirl again after I tried Edyta without a base coat and it stained the crap out of my nails and cuticles.  That's what I get!  I was able to get it out after much scrubbing with Mary Kay Satin Hands and this bottle of OPI was calling for me.  Well it was actually still out from my last trial.  I never did get a picture of Edyta.  It's lovely.  I nicked two nails and I already had 3 coats plus a seche vite.  I couldn't add another.  It would have been too much.  Here I go again...

Well let me tell you, I put on 3 coats of Last Friday Night and since I now have Seche Vite, a coat of it and viola!  Gorg I tell ya, gorg!  I can't stop looking at my nails! 

And this is such a bummer, I can't get a decent picture.  All the pictures I took are horrible looking but I swear in person, this nail polish is amazing.  I cannot capture the color and my cuticles are a complete and utter disaster.  I will keep trying.  I would help if the sun was out today but the Southern Tier of NY only receives on average, 120 days of sunshine a year...  For a comparison, San Diego averages over 260 days of sun!  Trust me, you do notice the lack of sun around here for sure!

Beauty Sales

So lots of beauty sales going on this week.  My inbox is flooded!  Drugstores have some pretty good things going on as well.


Garnier:  Spend $15, get $5 ECB  Moisture Rescue is $5!
L'OREAL:  Spend $20, get $5 ECB
Physician's Formula:  40% off!  I already have a ton but last time I checked there were $3 peelies all over the place.  And according to people are printing out $6 PF CVS coupons from the red box.  So that could amazing savings.
Milani and Almay:  BOGO 1/2 off.

Also if you are a beauty club member (it's free to sign up!) you will receive $5 in ECBs for every $50 you spend.

Rite Aid:

L'OREAL BOGO 1/2 off and with every 3 items purchased, $5 +up reward
TRESemme BOGO as well as a ton of other brands and stylers
Tugaboos wipes, great make-up removers BOGO
Covergirl Mascaras 40%  Lashblast is amazing.  I did want to try the waterproof version.
Revlon Eye is $2 off and I still have some coupons leftover from a couple weekends ago.
Almay:  Buy intense eye color Get eye makeup remover pads FREE!  And you can submit for a $1 SCR.
Cutex nail polish remover BOGO (I know I go through this stuff.)


I have some RR I need to use up this week. 

Method hand soap is $2.99 with $2 in RR
Olay, Roc, Maybelline, Revlon, L'OREAL BOGO 1/2 off
Almay 30%
$3 in RR with any $10 Suave purchase

Coldwater Creek:

20% off entire order WZH9245.  Love their jewelry, especially their necklaces.  Lots of fun things in the outlet.

Ann Taylor Loft
50% off taken off already reduced sale items!

JC Penney
REd Zone Clearance and mystery discount when you enter promo code Madness at checkout.

20% off entire site and 5% will go to the relief efforts in Japan.  Use Code Japan
They also have a 2 day March Madness 83 pieces for $3.50 with a $30 purchase MC350 at checkout.

Estee Lauder
Free gift with $42.50 purchase.  Your choice of a 14 day supply of 3 different moisturizers, Cool or Warm Deluxe Eye and Cheek Palette and then a 10 day supply of Advanced Night Repair, Advanced Night Repair Eye, Sumptuous Mascara and a cosmetic bag.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My coupon binder

Here is how I score the deals Ladies and Gents!

I swear I never thought I would be that lady, that coupon lady, holding up the line with a million coupons...  but now I am!  I never really hold up the line though, I shop at odd hours and only once, when I wasn't organized, did I hold 2 people up and yes, I was mortified but I was more annoyed trying to find my dang coupon. 

I remember it vividly, I was at Rite Aid, I had a huge deal going on, with four separate transactions.  The store manager was checking me out and everything was going great until I lost a coupon, then everything went down hill.  One person jumped in line, then another...  I still couldn't find my coupon.  My baby started to cry, my toddler started growing impatient and running around the store...  If there was ever a nightmare scenerio, this was it!

I was using the envelope method at the time, as well as this green plastic accordian coupon filer.  Both methods work fantastic when they work, if you get what I mean.  I had found another great deal and needed a coupon from another envelope and couldn't find it.  Soon after I dropped my green accordian flier and it busted open, coupons spilling out everywhere.  It was a complete and utter disaster.

I ended up messing up my first transaction which messed up my 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  I paid way too much out of pocket, people were behind me waiting and the manager made some comments about my organization methods.  Another cashier came up front and told me to get a binder.  So that's what I did.

Never again, hopefully, will the above situation occur with the binder.  All my coupons are there, organized by category and all I need to do is flip through and take them out.  I take the coupons out moments before I head up to the register or sometimes I take them out as I choose a product while shopping.  I try not to separate things out ahead of time like that fateful day at Rite Aid.  When I do this, the product is out of stock or it is a different price than I had anticipated.  Or I realize in the store that I relaly do not need another face wash.  I'm totally stocked and even though it is free, I just don't need another!  But occassionally I do pre-pull when I am doing match ups.

So here it is!

I have it separated into similar categories as the Krazy Coupon Lady's 36 Categories.  I have things organized a little differently but she helped me get started.  I also have dividers for CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Wegmans, Price Chopper and Freebies.  Freebies I got from Hip2Save's binder organization video.  It is a good way to keep track of the BOGO coupons and it is right up front so you don't forget about them!  I found that the more specific your categories, the faster you can flip through to find the coupon that you are looking for.

I bought baseball card holders at Target.  (There were none to be found at Wally World the day I shopped for my binder.) They are Ultra Pro, 9-Pocket Pages, 65 sheets for $10.   At Walmart I grabbed a 1.5 inch Avery Heavy Duty One Touch EZD binder for $5.99 and Avery Style Edge Insertable Plastic Dividers for $2.88 a piece.    The initial time spent setting up the binder was around 3 hours.  I watched 3 episodes of Chicago Code on Hulu.  It probably wouldn't have taken me that long if my accordian file had busted open.  I had put all my coupons is a large 8.5 by 11 mailer.  Now that I got that 3 hour session out of the way, it takes me about an hour a week on Sundays or Tuesdays to clip, sort and put away.  I filled up the 1.5 inch binder immediately so I wish I bought a bigger one.  If there was a 2.5 inch one, I would want that.  3 inch binders just seem way too big!  lol

I bring the binder with me everytime I shop.  Seriously, every time.  The few times that I don't, I see a great deal.  But at the same time, it's okay to pass up on deals.  You don't have to score every one!  As soon as you realize that, the better couponing will be for you.

The binder stays in my bag and up in the front seat of the cart it goes for easy flip though.  I don't even have to take the binder out of my bag.  When the straps are pulled up when I am holding it, you can't even see the binder.
So there you have it!

How do you organize?

Love freebies!

From Right at Home...  Love snack pack baggies!

I need to keep a running list of all the freebies and samples that I send away for.  I know I have been sending away for some cool stuff, especially in January.  But nothing has arrived except for this gift pack so far.

Also rebates...  I always forget about those and then it's a nice surprise especially for the big ones.  As soon as I send them out I forget about them.  lol

Does anyone have a running list, like a spreadsheet that they use to stay organized?

ZOYA update: Did you check your account yet???

BOGO from today 3/21 to 3/25.

More details from the ZOYA blog:

As an ADDED BONUS for taking part in the exclusive account holders only BOGO Offer* standard shipping will be only $2! (Order more than $55 and shipping will be free!)

You can BOGO* any colors from our new Zoya Summertime, Sunshine and ModMatte collections! With 15 new colors to choose from you are bound to find plenty of BOGO offer options to love!

How it works:

•SIGN IN – to your account** on


•Once you are in your account go to the left hand side of the page and CLICK on MY PROMOTIONS AND COUPONS

•APPLY the code that reads ZOYA SUMMER BOGO*.

•Then ADD - Any combination of polishes from the new summer collections to your shopping cart.

• (This BOGO* you can buy up to 7 bottles and get 7 FREE(of the new summer collections)

•ADD any additional items you would like to purchase

•CHECK OUT (BOGO* applies to polish from Summertime, Sunshine and ModMatte collections ONLY!)

•Please double check all information IS CORRECT and ALL FIELDS have been completely filled out PRIOR to submitting the order. There is NO WAY to issue a new code after the order has been processed.

•SUBMIT – your order.

And there you have it!  I might have to lift my no nail polish ban just this one time. ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free shipping at

Another free shipping deal and this one I am going to take advantage.  I am in need of a moisturizer and I've heard great things from Tiffany D about VitaZing.  She says it's life changing.  Even if it's half that, I will take it!  I tried a sample way back when and I did like it and now I am in need!  It has a slight tint to it.

In addition to free shipping they are offering a free 3-week supply of some of their moisturizers with the following codes:

Starting Over – START
Brighter By Nature – BRIGHT
A Perfect World – PERFECT
Youthtopia – YOUTH

I haven't decided between Starting Over or Youthtopia.  I think with the Supermoon last night, Starting Over will give me a fresh start.  lol  I might go with that.

And in addition to the 3-week moisturizer supply, you will also get a choice of 1 of 3 other samples.  I'm going to grab the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Sample Advanced Face Serum.  I've been wanting to try it forever but it is so dang expensive.  I'm sure it will be amazing.

Happy Shopping!

The Body Shop!

Lots of announcements today!

Okay last day for free shipping and with a $25 purchase and a free body butter...  Love free shipping...



Not sure how they are going to top the 3 free bottle promotion that they had back in January...  That being said, make sure you go to and make sure that you have an account created by 5pm EST so that you can qualify for the promotion.  So exciting! 

Also I received ZOYA Edyta yesterday (so quick!), I can't wait to try it!  It's is dark green with flecks of gold.  Love!

Alright, don't forget to create your account by 5pm EST!


So I was a bit lazy today.  I just slapped on another coat of ZOYA Audrina and covered up all imperfections with Sinful Colors Frenzy.  Loves it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bath and Body Works!

Nutz!  I forgot to mention that Bath and Body Works is having their "I Love Fragrance" Event.  They are giving out full size body lotions of their new scent Country Chic and a tote bag.  It smells wonderful.  It has hints of lemon and flowers.  I love it. 

You have to purchase a full size Sgnature Collection item to get the freebie.  I grabbed a White Citrus body Lotion.  My favorite scent.  They also included a coupon for a free Signature Collection of your choice with any purchase of $10 or more valid on-line or in-store April 18 through May 8.  Oh and print out this coupon to get a free travel size Signature Collection item with a purchase.  I grabbed a travel size of Sensual Amber body lotion.

Dancing Waters was my all-time favorite until they changed the formula.  I just couldn't get used to the new scent.  It changed so dramatically for me.  Bummer.  But then I discovered White Citrus.

Anywho...  I also grabbed 5 of the anti-bacterial hand gels for $5.  I realized this week that I had no hand sanitizer.  Oh and I finally brought my LUV BBW CLUB and they allowed me to receive March's items of the mini candles.  Usually you have to go on a Thursday with your club card to receive your free gifts.  I don't think you even have to purchase anything either.  Great deal. 

The kids were with me and they picked out Calypso Sun and Pink Sangria.  The labels of the candles are quite reminiscent of Yankee Candle.  They say Slatkin & Co but the label is identical to Yankee Candle.  Weird.  The candles retail at $3.50 a piece.  They are a little smaller than the Yankee Candle Samplers.

So there you have it.  Run out to BBW.  You have about an hour!


I am working on a bunch of stuff during Spring Break!  Yay!

My first every giveaway!!!  I know tons of people are reading and I want to say thanks!

More reviews!!!

More couponing adventures!!!

More nails of course!!!

Maybe some organization tips!!!  I'm still working on it.  My system right now is not the best.  So I am testing out a couple of things.

Stay tuned...  lol

Friday, March 18, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me

So I sent away for color samples recently, twice actually and honestly, I wasn't given enough to decide.  Of the light, I have 115 on the right side of my face, 120 on the left side of my face and 125 on my chin and for the life of me, I can't even see that I have any foundation on.  For good measure I just put 130 on my forehead.  I'm even more confused now!!!

Which is a good thing but in my case a bad thing because I'm looking for that porcelain finish.  Not of course with a sample but when I do layer it on, I want to make sure it matches my skin tone!  Now that my skin is aging (gasp!) I need a little extra foundation in my life but I'm not at the point where I need a thick layer.  This foundation has a wonderful consistancy, very light, but certainly not a full-coverage, though it could be buildable. 

With the next sample, I tried the chin test.  I applied swipes of the foundation on my jaw line and looked for the one that disappeared.  I couldn't get a good picture.  They are all too yellow.  Here are my awful blackberry pictures.

The lightest shade is 110 on the far right, 115 is the midde and 120 is on the left.  In this picture 120 seems to almost match though the yellow stands out a bit.  Might be good to neutralize my pink...

120, 115, 110 blended.  None of them are a good match I don't think.  I would really need to put a ton on to cover up all my pink and to make it look blended.  If I missed a spot, it would be quite noticeable.  Interestingly, the lightest probably is a great match for my neck which is stark white.  Tough decision but I might have to pass on the Fit Me collection.  My skintone is just too difficult to match!

My Neutrogena Healthy Skin in Natural Ivory 20 had been working well I thought until this week when I found myself needing to blow my nose alot and on the tissue would be this orange residue.  YIKES!   Rushing to the mirror everything looks fine but the contrast on the tissue is too much for me to handle.  I don't want to look like an orange mess!  I mean I looked great when I left my bathroom mirror a couple hours before...

Oh foundation woes...  It's all going to change soon as the weather becomes more humid and warmer.  Already my skin is starting to freak out.  My Garnier Moisture Rescue worked amazing in the dry winter but now I am noticing an oil slick even with my L'OREAL Magic Perfecting base.  It's only March!  Not good. 

Here we go again!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Sinful Colors a nameless black, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie on top.  Nail Junkie is ridiculously thick.  I need to add something to thin it out for the next mani.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So this is embarassing...  Right after I published the last post I realized that I still haven't received Edyta that I ordered with the 3 free deal back in January.  Everytime I think to call it is after business hours.  I've attempted to send them emails as well.  Anyway, I just called.  There was a glitch and the backordered orders were cancelled but they had no way of knowing which ones.  Well my order apparently was cancelled hence the 2 month delay.  Well I noticed that there were 2 charges on my account back in January so I thought it was paid for.  The women I spoke to on the phone said that they originally charged $13.95 to "make sure that funds are available."  Weird.  My order was for shipping $6.95.  So I need to make sure that I was indeed reimbursed for the last Edyta mix up because I will be charged $7 today.  I won't be charged shipping and I will be getting Edyta at the old $7 price.  I didn't know that they raised their prices to $8.  So that was nice.

So long story short, I just "bought" another polish after I said that I wouldn't.  After I realized that she was going to be charging me for a second time, since the first order was cancelled I could have said no, but I had a weak moment.  hahaha  Please forgive me. ;)

It's official...

Yes, it is official, I am banning myself from purchasing nail polish. 

I just couldn't help myself at Rite Aid.  I went in for Motrin PM.  The 40 ct. are on-sale for $3 and I still have a $6/2 coupon.  The other night I wished I had some because I fell sleep early, 7pm and awoke at midnight.  Then I was wide awake with a splitting headache for another couple of hours.  Anywho, they were out so I grabbed a rain check for the next time they have it in stock.  No worries except I won't be getting my +up rewards.  Apparently they take the rewards off instantly.  Which would be nice if I were paying cash without a coupon but I have a coupon.  They will probably just adjust it down. 

So while I was walking around I saw that Borghese nail polishes were on clearance for 75% off!  I grabbed a couple and then kept walking and then saw some Sally Hansen at 75% off as well.  So the Sally Hansen came up to $1.23 and the Borghese $2.  Borghese is normally $8.  Crazy.  Great formula by the way but so is Sally Hansen. 

Also I noticed that Essie is all over the place in the drugstores now.  I've seen it for $8 and $8.29.  That is craziness.  Not all Walmarts carry Essie but if yours does, you can get Essie for $5. 

This is a horrible swatch.  My cuticles are rough!  Ugly I tell you.  Believe it or not I put some mango oil on them earlier.  I have been washing my hands a lot due to constant nose blowing.  I need a serious remedy. 

But on the pinky is Borghese Plummagio Purple which is more like a blue.  First swipe had turquoise in it.  Strange.  But the bottle looks purple.  This was only one coat.  I'm planning something for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow so this one will have to wait. 

Ring finger is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in  Blazin Blue.  Love the brush.  One swipe and just one swipe of color.  Love.  Middle is SH in Jumpin Jade.  Another lovely color.  And pointer is Borghese Belissima Rose.  I really like this color.  It's perfect for my skin tone.  I always gravitate towards darker shades for some reason now that I have branched out into color over the last year.  For years I wore nude colors all of the time.  I hated color.

So this is it.  No more nail polish even if I can get it for free.  You just have to say no sometimes.  Well maybe not forever but I need to wait a really long time, so let's say 6 months.  I still have a bunch that I bought a couple months ago to swatch including Eyeko!

So I ended up paying $3 and change for all 4.  I had $3 in +up rewards to spend.

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller

Love this stuff.  I have been using it for a few weeks now.  However, it is a tad bit dark.  I cannot roll it on underneath my entire eye from inner to outer corner because it doesn't match my skin tone.  It just looks too dark.  I have white circles above my naturally pink (red) cheeks.  However, if I just dab, not roll, dab it on under the inside corner of my eye (does that make sense?) and go straight down slightly, it offers the best light refracting shadow cover that I have ever tried.  Before this product entered my life, I was caking on thick concealer.  Then I would look at myself and try to decide what looks better, tired dark circles or caked on concealer.  It was truly a toss up. 

On days that I need a boost, I put on a light coat of my regular concealer, Revlon Age Defying, and then lightly dab on the Garnier.  Works like magic.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I just wanted to take a moment to say how devastated I am about what is going on in Japan right now.  

It is truly heartbreaking.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by this natural disaster.

Shop 'till ya drop!

And that's exactly what I did.  This was my first day off in forever.  I went to Walgreen, CVS, Target, to another Walgreens, to another CVS and then Wegmans.  Holy Crikey!  I put everything away from my first three stores so I won't have anything but words to show.  Hopefully I can keep it all straight. 

I'll start with Wegman's since I have a picture:

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Sally Hansen DVD and Sinful Colors, a black shade.  The sticker is not on the bottom.  Sinful Colors were on sale at Wegman's for 99 cents!  Yay!  I was really looking for the flakie Deep Ocean that I heard was re-released but none were to be had.  I was close to finding it at Walgreens this morning but of course I found the display at a register I never go to and the St. Patrick's Day display was nearly empty.  So irritating!  The display wasn't even the beauty department.    I've been looking for SH DVD for a long time and sure enough good 'ole Wegs had it.  $5.29!  And I paid full price. Gasp!  It came with a bonus top coat.  Makes it a little better right?

Before Wegman's I dropped by CVS for the second time because I forgot to Seche Vite the first time that I was there.  Glad I went to a different CVS because I found Physician's Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara with the Try Me Free peelie!  Yay!  So I had a $3 off PF coupon from the Magic Red Box from a couple of weeks ago and I had $10 ECB from earlier this morning.  So my total came up to $7.50 and I will be submitting for the $9.99 rebate so a $2.50 money maker!  Good timing to because I am in need of mascar.  My fave Rimmel is almost done.  It's getting dried out.  Bummer.  Rimmel Lash Accelerrator.  I love it.  I will definitely be getting more when I can find a good deal on it.

This is my first Seche Vite.  Can't wait to try it.  Chloe's nails always look amazing.

So at Wags this morning I grabbed 3 of the Olay Luschious Embrace Cleansing Body Washes on sale for 3/$12.  I had 2 $1/1 coupons (one from my sis!) and I got back $3RR.  So 3 for $7.  Not amazing but I'm on my last little bit of my last Nivea from my stockpile.  I also grabbed some Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner with were on sale for $1.99 each with $1RR.  I had a coupon (again from my sis!) for BOGO Free.  So the two for 99 cents.  Not bad.  Love the Hello Hydration.  I have reviewed it before.  Good stuff.  I think that I should have gotten 2 $1RR but oh well...

So at CVS the first time I went in for Seche Vite and Chex Mix of all things.  I had a $3 off $15 beauty purchase and $5 ECB from the Beauty Club.  I start walking around.  I totally forgot about the Seche Vite when I scnned my card at the red box.  So I get a $3 off $10 Baby care purchase, excluding diapers.  Now I was already thinking about the $25 purchase on select baby items get $10 ECB so I ended up doing it.  The big box of Pampers diapers was $20 and I had a $2/1 mc and I grabbed 4 $2.50 CVS tub wipes to get to my $10.  So before coupons $30 after coupons $25 and then the $10 ECB so $15 for a ton of diapers and a ton of wipes.

So then I walk around and grab my Chex mix 2 for $3 and I have a $1/1 so $1 a piece.  Then I swing back around to the beauty aisle to grab $15 worth.  I grabbed an Aveeno lotion since I sent away for the free one and received my coupon for up to $10.49 and I grab to Lumene Vitamin C Day lotions on sale for BOGO 1/2 off so those were $6.  There's my $15.  But actually it cost me $3 since I had the $13.49 in coupons. 

And don't forget I had $5 in ECB's to spend so everything, box of diapers, 4 tubs of wipes, Aveeno lotion, 2 Lumene lotions, 2 bags of Chex mix $18 and some change.  Can't stand NY sales tax.  Gets me everytime when I have my calculations in my head and it comes up to a crazy amount over it.  I wonder what the tax in NC is going to be?

Oh I mentioned Target but all I got there was baby food and formula.  lol  I also got more baby food at Wegmans.  Gotta use up those coupons!  I think I mentioned everything I purchased.  Oh I went to Walgreens a second time to see if they had the Sinful Colors St. Patrick's Day display, but they didn't.  :(  I'll have to check ebay or see if my sis can pick up Deep Ocean.

Tootles for now!