Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Annoyed at Rite Aid

I got all of this for 54 cents.  Why am I annoyed?  Well I went in for some Natureluxe because RA has Covergirl on sale for 30% off and I still had the BOGO Natureluxe foundation get the lip balm for free.  Well as I was walking around I saw signs for the John Frieda, Biore deal!  I was freaking out because I still had another set of $2 off John Frieda styling aid and BOGO Biore strips and get Biore face wash.  I also had 3 NYC coupons that will be expiring on 3/31.  So I get up to the register and of course the $10 +up rewards do not print out.  The cashier goes to the aisle and grabs the sign.  She can't figure out how to give me the rewards.  The deal happens to start today, 3/30.  I failed to read the fine print.  So we start refunding and re-ringing, the manager comes up to help.  He ends up taking off $10 off my order. 

However, this is where I am annoyed, one I already used my coupons and 2 I had in my hand $10 off in other coupons that I now couldn't use.  In the perfect scenerio I could have used those $10 coupons, pay the same 54 cents and got back another $10.  See my frustration?

So in the future, read your signs, I've messed up this deal twice this week and lost all my coupons.