Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garnier Skin Renew Brusher Cleanser

Let me start off first by saying I like Garnier products.  But this one, is just awful.  I'm not coordinated at all so for me to squeeze the tub upside down and then quickly turn it upright so that the gel cleanser doesn't drip and is wasted in the sink or shower is an impossible feat.  You cannot squeeze it while it sits upright.  Then I find myself trying to squeeze more out while I am working the brush in circles around my face.  So I have to shake it down, then squeeze... The brush on this is uncomfortable as well.  No thanks. 

I've resorted to squeezing the gel cleanser on my Olay Pro-X.  And it's difficult to squeeze it out. 

So bottom line, like the cleanser, it smells lovely, rinses beautifully and my face feels nice and smooth but the bottle and brush are the worst.

 Stick with an old-fashioned face cloth.  They work wonders...