Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So this is embarassing...  Right after I published the last post I realized that I still haven't received Edyta that I ordered with the 3 free deal back in January.  Everytime I think to call it is after business hours.  I've attempted to send them emails as well.  Anyway, I just called.  There was a glitch and the backordered orders were cancelled but they had no way of knowing which ones.  Well my order apparently was cancelled hence the 2 month delay.  Well I noticed that there were 2 charges on my account back in January so I thought it was paid for.  The women I spoke to on the phone said that they originally charged $13.95 to "make sure that funds are available."  Weird.  My order was for shipping $6.95.  So I need to make sure that I was indeed reimbursed for the last Edyta mix up because I will be charged $7 today.  I won't be charged shipping and I will be getting Edyta at the old $7 price.  I didn't know that they raised their prices to $8.  So that was nice.

So long story short, I just "bought" another polish after I said that I wouldn't.  After I realized that she was going to be charging me for a second time, since the first order was cancelled I could have said no, but I had a weak moment.  hahaha  Please forgive me. ;)