Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday night shopping trip!

What a night! 
So here's what I did.  I went to Walgreens first and grabbed an Almay intense i-color for hazel eyes because I wanted the green.  Handed over the Walgreen's $2 coupon and my $2 MC and paid $2 dang NYS taxes!  lol  I got back $5 in RR, so $3 MM.  So I did that twice because I had 2 $2 Almay coupons.  I have another $1 one, I might go back today and get some make-up remover wipes or something. 

I rolled that $10 and another $3 RR into my next transaction.  I bought 2 tubs of oxiclean, on-sale for $5.99, normally $10.99 and I had a 50 cents/1 coupon, 2 Spot Cleaners BOGO, $6.99, $1/1 MC (wish I had 2!), 3 chex mix 3 for $4, $1/3 MC, Woolite, on-sale for $5.99, normally $9.99, $2 MC, 2 Maxwell coffees, $2.59 ea., $1 MC.  So GC of $16.14 plus that blasted tax.  I think I did pretty good.  Hefty sum OOP but I got a bunch of stuff that I needed.  Those Spot cleaners are amazing.  The kids have destroyed the diningroom chairs.  I used the last of a can on one chair.  Worked like a charm! 

Now on to Rite Aid.  I walked around forever looking for Benefiber!  Of all things.  It was on an end cap.  So it was $12.99 with $3 +up rewards and I had a $2 coupon.  Might go back and grab some more.  This is a huge bottle.  But wait let me back up.  I started off with 2 Reach toothbrushes, $2.99 with $2 +up rewards and I had a $2 MC.  I'm going to do that again too.  Is there a limit with the wellness card?

Anywho... I got back $4 +up rewards so I made 2 cents, well not really because of tax but essentially they were free.  So I rolled that $4 onto the next transaction.  I bought 2 Purex detergent sheets, I just love those things, throw them in the washer and your done, no measuring and spilling detergent.  They were BOGO and I had a $1MC.  There was only one Clorox wipes on the shelf and my coupon was $1/2 but they let me use it anyway (young male teenager, how is that for profiling?  Well he was the only one up there.  lol), so it was $1.99 with $1 +up rewards and then my $1 coupon so FREE! 

I have been using these wipes like crazy.  I bought them on a whim last week at Walmart.  I am normally way more environmentally conscious and yes I feel pretty guilty filling up the local landfill with all my wipes but I'm already doing 2 loads of laundry a day with extra for another load the next day, if I add in cleaning rags, we could be pushing 3 loads.  Detergent, water and energy to clean and dry all three loads a day has a greater impact.   I would hang my laundry but a. we never get any sun and b. we just got another snow storm this morning.  Lovely isn't it?  Yes I do think about these things.  Do they keep me up at night?  Yes the did but thankfully not anymore.  lol

Okay, let me get back on track, at Walmart 2 packs were on sale for $2.  Silly me only bought one.  I went back a couple days later and they went up to $2.52 and the 2 packs were pushed way in the back.  I grabbed the last 2.  Now I am currently hooked. 

I almost grabbed some Irish Spring 8 packs.  They are on sale for $3 and when you buy 3 you get a $2 +up reward.  That's almost too much soap.  I only had one 50 cent coupon.  If I can find some $1 coupons, I might do it.

Oh and I grabbed one of those Freshmatics.  I know they are BOGO at Walgreens but my area stores (I have 2) only have the Ultra and it's not $7.99, it's $14.99.  I only like to buy things that I don't really need $1 or less.  Rite Aid had it for 50% so I thought why not, only 99 cents after my $4 MC.  I almost forgot my Eccotools Body Butter.  This stuff is amazing.  Love the scent as well.  It was great during the dry winter.  They were BOGO and I had a $1MC. 

All said and done, I got back $4 +up rewards for this trip.    So essentially another $16 for the Rite Aid trip.

I'm definitely going back later on today.  I have another $2/2 Reach toothbrush coupon, another $2 off Benefiber.  I will roll my $4 +up rewards.  I will get back $7 in +up rewards so it will be like $4 for all 3.

I almost forgot about CVS.  This was pretty confusing, I'm going back today because I grabbed 2 $3 Physician's Formula peelies at Rite Aid to use on CVS's 40% off sale.  I was going to forego the sale but since I found the peelies, it's a go again.  As I was making my rounds trying to figure out how to use the coupons that spit out of the red box, another 25 cents off some candy bars, I have 6 of them now...  I came across some clearance Lysol Healthy no-touch soap dispensers for $6.49.  I have a $3/1 coupon.  So I look on the regular shelf, yup there are some there, look identical, but mine has the clearance price.  I go up to the register to see if they qualify for the $6 ECBs.  I ask the cashier and she says, "Uh, ya no."  So I take her word for it.  Dumby-me.  I should have just had her ring them up  (listen to me, ring them up), ummm, scan them and see.  I thought about it for a second but didn't want her to go through the entire void session if it didn't.  Well today I'm going back and we will see what happens.  That would be pretty sweet, with my $3 MC and $6 RR it would be a $2.50 MM then I will roll that on to my Physcian's Formula purchase so that would be very little $$ OOP.

I also got 4 Dawn dish soaps.  I had a 20 cent coupon, two 25 cents coupons and one $1.00 so $1.16 for all 4.  Not bad and I grabbed some Kotex pantyliners.  They are extra long ones.  Oops.  But of course they were on clearance and I had a $1 MC that was burning a hole through my baseball card holder.  You spend all this time clipping and sorting and organizing and to not use them seems wasteful....  Right?  My time is worth money too.  hahaha 

Plus I got this 25% off non-sale items coupon in my email for CVS and I was trying to find a way to spend it.

It might be easier if I use it on-line.  Plus I'm at $92 and change for the Beauty Club Rewards and 3 for the Green Bag Tag so after today's trip with the Physician's formula I will get a $5 ECB and $1 off for the gbt for the next shopping trip.  Go me!  Just kidding...

I will keep you updated on my progress and I swear I might need to lay low for a little while.  Right, who am I kidding.