Monday, July 18, 2011

Makeup Storage

So I'm so excited and cannot wait for my 2 new Muji Acrylic Case 5 drawers to get here!!!  I received the email just about an hour to go so if you want these, you better hurry.  I've been trying for 2 months now.  I've been looking for a new storage solution forever and after watching countless youtube videos for ideas I found, well watched someone's video with the muji acrylic cases and I just think it will be perfect.

Well they would be perfect if the drawers were an inch in height, but they are somethin like 3mm short of 1 inch.  But what makes these storage drawers nice is that they don't allow for stacking of cosmetics and everything is right there in plan view.  And at $23.95 a piece and $9.95 shipping they are very affordable. 

The sterlite plastic drawers I had before were deep enough for me to stack and eyeliners, lipglosses, you name it were lost under the others and things are forgotten about.  And I always forgot what was in each drawer so I had to constantly open up every drawer to figure out which on had the eyeliners, finishing powders, blushers, etc...

The obvious disadvantage is the drawers do not allow for bigger products.  Revlon Photoready and other foundations, paint pots, some bareminerals containers unfortunately are too big.  When the 2 drawer units with the lids become available, I'm thinking I will get 2 of those.  The drawers are deeper and allow for those larger products.  They are $22.75 a piece.

These will be available mid-August.  It's best to send Muji an email requesting to be put on the email notification list.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter and Eyeco Lilac Polish.  1 coat of the Lilac, 3 coats of the glitter.  Love this look!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well I popped over to Target for some essentials tonight and noticed a lot of clearance items!!!  SH nail polish, Sonia Kushuk brushes, John Frieda shampoo...  Which I'm going back for because I didn't have all my coupons with me, shocking I know!

So the $1 MC for Nicole by OPI really got me excited.  I have never bought a full size Nicole by OPI before.  Too expensive for me.  $7 a bottle?  Forget it.  Not this girl.  I mean, it has to be a very weak moment, a crazy unique color.  Well, I thought, if I'm starting off $1 less, I knew I could make a deal somehow. 

Since I've been on "vacation" so to speak for a couple of weeks now, I'm running low on face wash.  I'm not super happy with the one I have right now so I'm ready to make a switch.  It's a Biore shower one.  It does a great cleaning job, just too good of a job to use everyday.  So I did my research of course and found out that the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge and Energizing Cleansing pads were both on sale and when you bought them together, you receive a $5 Target GC.  I had $5 MC for the power cleanser and $2 off for the refills.  OOP I paid $11 something for the both of them and got back $5 GC making them like $3 a piece.  Not bad. 

But of course I turned around and used the $5 GC on 2 Nicole by OPI polishes along with my 2 $1/1 MCs making them $3.50 a piece.  I grabbed one from the Bieber collection, One Less Lonely Glitter.  Which is a fun light purple glitter.  Love it!  I have 4 coats on my middle finger right now.  I also picked up, It's not me, it's blue. In the store under the bright lights it looked like a dark bluish purple.  Maybe I imagined that after I read the name.  Then I got it home and looked at it and I was worried that it was just like that LE Revlon.  But swatching it on my thumb it is a glittery graphite.  I'm not under the best of light right now so I can't wait to do a full mani.  Absolutely love it already and I will be wearing it a lot I'm sure. 

They both have completely different brushes.  The purple glitter bomb from the Bieber the One Less Lonely Girl Collection has a very wide "perfect stroke" brush.  And the other a very thin, Orly type brush.  They are both suitable for the formulas.  Both polishes dried pretty fast.  I applied thin coats and they were dry to the touch in about 2 minutes.  All in all, I'm pretty happy with my choices and I'm going to want more for sure.

Oh I also used up my free Ecotools coupons.  I grabbed the retractable kabuki brush for my mom.  She was needing a new one.  Hope she likes it!  And I found a Bambo Bronzer brush for me.  OMG so soft!!!

So that's that for now.  I am heading to CVS this week because I have $10 in Beauty Club ECBs to print out.  Gotta keep rollin' em!

Hope you are enjoying the week and stay out of the hot sun!  I'm going to wash my face...

Urban Decay Fall Collection

So here we go...  What a surprise!!!  And it is now live!  I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay ever since I broke down and spent the money on a Naked Palette.  Best investment ever.  I use it almost everyday, well I did before I packed it up for the move.  I was too afraid the shadows would break in travel bag.  The shadows are like butter, literally, they have a smooth buttery consistancy and super pigmented so a little goes a long way.

For the fall, UD has come out with their 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection...  Temptalia and Jen From Head to Toe both swatched it out for us.  so 15 eyeshadows, limited edition, they are full size, 0.05 oz.  Regular full size 0.05 oz UD eyeshadows are $17.  So we are talking $3.67 per shadow.  I think that's an amazing value for the high quality of UD products.

There is also a newly designed eyelash curler.  They did away with the side bars that I know always pinch and usually manage to suck in a lash or two on my ends.  It is $20.  I decided to wait on this one.  I hope I don't regret it!

UD has also come out with 24/7 liquid liners.  I wish I had picked up the 24/7 anniversary eye pencil set.  And a new Lush and Lash mascara.  In addition some eye brow products and lip pencil products.

Let me know what you pick up from the UD new Fall Collection!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Stripper to go

So these amazing inventions came in the mail curtesy of Birchbox last month and yes I am just getting around to trying them.  I figured glitter polishes weren't the best test polish.  Basically the product is your standard acetone but has some nicer ingredients like my fave lavender essential oil and aloe vera extract.  Nice touch and leaves the cuticles soft and not dried out.

There is some extra remover in the packet so keep it upright after opening.  The mitt is a clever idea and works really well.  I was worried it would be similar to a cotton ball.  You know when you grab a handfull and then get comfy to do your mani and you know you need another cottonball but just are too lazy to get up and the polish drags and stains your fingers?  Well this doesn't happen with the Deborah Lippmann finger mitt.  The polish stays put on the cloth and is successfully removed from the nail.

So did they work?  Oh yes.  All 10 nails.  Now it was getting a little hairy at the end, my right thumb, but I dipped the finger mitt back into the packet and soaked up some more remover and it worked like a charm.  I'm impressed.  I had 6 coats of polish on 4 nails.  Yes, 6, a base coat, 2 WnW Diving for Pearls, top coat, swatches of Pure Ice Crackles and another top coat.  The rest of my nails had 4 coats.  

$12 will get you 6 mitts.  I think that's a fair price.  You don't have to worry about lugging around a bottle of remover and cotton balls while on your travels and you can still change your polish.  My nails always chip carrying around luggage.  They tuck neatly away anywhere. 

Right now Birchbox still has free shipping.

Pure Ice Crackles!!!

Yes I found them!  After a couple months of looking and forgetting, I spied a display, actually 2 at Walgreens when we got back into NY to meet the movers.

There was also a yellow, neon green, black and white.  These were the 3 colors that stood out to me that I wanted.

From left to right, Jetsetter, Hot Coutube and Strike a Pose.  Strike a pose is a blue/teal duochrome.  I just did quick swatches over Diving for Pearls.  I like how they crack.

On my ring finger Strike a Pose looks stright up teal with a metallic sheen.  Love it.  I like the blue metallic sheen of Jetsetter on my middle finger.  The pink Hot Coutube dries matte.  Which is still nice, but I would have like it more with the metallic sheen of the other 2.

But look at them with a top coat! 

And I'm thinking I'm done with the crackles.  Well I wanted a couple of the China Glaze Metallic Crackles specifically the pink and purple ones...  I might need a white one...

Silver is still my fave and I wear it still a couple times a week.  Probably need a back up.

CVS haul

Again, went a little nutz, but it had to be done.  I had ECB's expiring on a stinker sales week compared to this week's.  But alas, I couldn't change the expiration dates.  So this is what I got!

I got the Milani Top coat which I just previously talked about it, Essie brazillant which came with toe separators which I needed, 3 Milani Haute Flash glosses, which were just dumped onto the Milani Nail polish display.  In another CVS I went to, they were all neatly lined up with the lip pencils on their own display.  Weird.  But I got Star Flash, In a Flash and Flashy.  I also bought PF Eyeliner trio for Green Eyes, Maybelline EyeStudio Amethyst Ablazed and Lumene Vitamin C Radiant Day Cream.  This is my 4th one.  Good stuff.

Coupons used:
CVS $10 off $50
ECB $20 (rapid lash purchase)
ECB $10 Beauty Club
$4 PF MC Yes I still find them all over the place. 
CVS $5 off any Lumene Vit. C purchase
$1 MC Maybelline (tear pad)

Subtotal was $65.  After coupons $15.  And I will be getting back $5 in ECBs for the Beauty Club and I got back $1 ECB for Green Bag Tag.

So we are talking $9 for all of the above...  Not bad.  Not my best, but not bad. 

Milani Quick Dry Top Coat & NOTD!

Well what do we have here? A less expensive alternative to Seche Vite?

Seche is my HG, my savior, the only reason why, the only way I can paint my nails. Without it, my nails would only be bare and were until I broke down and spent $8.99 on a bottle of it a couple of years ago at CVS. Believe me, that was tough decision, no coupons, no ECBs, straight up $8.99 plus tax. I don't regret it for a minute!

Seche Vite ranges in price from $5.99 at Sally Beauty, in bulk on ebay $19.99 for 6. Or in a pinch you can grab it at CVS for nearly $9.

Now I'm running low on my only bottle! I gave my back up to my mom. Awesome, I'm staying at my mom's house right now.  Perfect!

When I was at CVS this past week grabbing Milani HD lipglosses as fast as I could (They were laying on another display. Just laying there!) I saw a clear bottle of Milani. I read the label aloud, "Hmm, Quick Dry Top Coat? And it's $4 cheaper than Seche. Hmm..." I scratch my head and throw it in the basket and I put back the Seche Vite I previously grabbed.

Fast forward to today... It is now the moment of truth. Side by side I compare them.

Left hand Seche Vite, right hand Milani.

Left hand: It almost has a blue hue like coating, so so very subtle, a glow maybe? I mean ever so slightly, you can discern a difference. It is way more shiny, smooth as ever.

Right hand: During the application of the Milani it is noticeably thinner in consistency, cool when drying. Very different from Seche. The nails are not quite as smooth, not as shiny. Dried within 45 seconds to the touch. Not rubbing, just slight touch. Again, they are smooth, but not Seche smooth. Also I notice right away color from my nail in the brush as I smooth it over each nail. But the brush bristles are white, Seche are black...

Here's the deal... I know from several discussions, some do not like the high gloss finish that Seche provides, others would not have it any other way. I'm of course in the latter group. I love the smooth, sleek and shiny look of my nails. If you don't like that, Milani is the one you want to pick up. And it dries super, super fast.

I should have had a stop watch to compare the drying times but both were smooth to a light touch under a minute.  Completely dry within 3.

Now here's the rub, well the chip after less than 24 hours...  I wasn't at the beach digging in the sand, wasn't even doing a lot of dishes...

Milani chipped.

My other hand with Seche...

This is WnW Diving for Pearls.  Love this color but man WnW, what is going on with your brushes?  Seriously.  2 crappy brushes from the same collection.  I haven't had a problem with their brushes any other time.  Not happy because this is a pretty color.  I'll suck it up though and wear it again I'm sure but WnW please don't skimp on the applicator. Your polishes are so lovely! 
Now granted, I am now realizing that I used the Milani on my dominant hand. That could have made a world of a difference in terms of wear.  So my experiment/test is not over...  I will use both again on opposite hands and document the results! 

Stay tuned!  (seriously, did I just write that.  Does anyone know what that means anymore?  lol)

Missha Haul!!!

One day after reading the Pink Sith's post on Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream, I thought nothing could compare to my Lioele Beyong the Solution BB cream.  Well I jumped on the Missha site as soon as the Polish Insomniac said that they were having a 50% off sale.  All you have to say is sale and I am there!

So I went a little crazy, what else is new...

I got not 1 but 2 of these sample sets!  I can't remember why now, I got free shipping with a $40 order and the sample set and I think the other sample set was for a first time order?  Not sure but I will take it.

The BB Deluxe set comes with Perfect Cover #21, #23, #31, BB Boomer, and Cleansing Oil.  It is on sale right now on the website for $21.99 and I received 2 for my $40 order.  Nice deal.  I already know that #31 will be too dark and I'm pretty sure #21 will be a good match, if not now, in the winter.  I can always darken it up with the #23.

I thought that I was going to review this while on my extended "vacation" but alas, it was packed.  Oops.  So I will have to stick with by Lioele BB cream for the time being.  Which isn't really a bad thing, however, it is running low!  gasp!  I swatched it quickly on my cheek before the movers got their hands on it and it looked good.  It's grey but seems to oxidize out.

I also ordered a travel size of the shiny BB cream, full size Perfect cover in #21, Style Eye Prime Boomer which I wish I had right now also because I'm running out of my UD primer potion, The Style Easy Drawing Cake Eye Brow.  I never use brow products.  Occasionly, if I remember, I grab a clear masacara.  I know, I'm busy (lazy).  But lately I've been looking/scruntinzing pictures of myself and realizing that this is a necessary step.  No joke.

The Style Art Designing Makeup Fix  I didn't even open this up but I'm hoping it's like MAC Studio Fix Plus.  And last but not least, The Style Magic Eye Change basically you mix this with your eyeshadows to make a liner or to foil the color.  I usually use water so I'm curious about suing this.  I have a similar product from Orglamix but because of the recent "scandal" I'm actually afraid to try it.

As you can tell I was so excited about this haul that I let the movers take it to their storage unit.  Awesome.  I swear I threw it in my makeup duffel...  But I'm looking in it right now and nope, not there!  Sad face.

Friday, July 8, 2011

$3 off a Crackle!

Make sure that you head over to Rite Aid's facebook page, "like" them, click on "All Things Beauty" and print out your coupon for $3 off a Sally Hansen Crackle.

Not that any of need any more.  If you haven't picked one up yet, maybe you should spare yourself the burden of starting the addiction!

I of course printed one out.  I need/want a white... 

Oh and I'm working towards 20% off in 2012.  Serious.

Adapt and Overcome

So if you have been following me on twitter and reading my blog, you might now that I have moved.  The movers are at the house right now packing up our remaining belongings and soon they will be en route to NC.  Where in NC I'm not sure.  Most likely storage. 

But where am I?  Well Massachusetts of course!  It was made quite apparent that a house would not be available for us in the near future and 5 person family to a single hotel room just doesn't work for an extended period of time.  We tried it for 8 days.  Turned out to be a fun vacation at the beach but difficult to establish a routine which is so important for little ones.  So I drove to my mother's house and my husband will be bussing it to NC.

So during this time of "transition" and moving, my new motto is "adapt and overcome."  For starters, I have 3 pairs of shorts and 3 tops.  The rest of my clothes are in NC since I thought we were all going back there.  So how many outfits can I make?  In order to overcome that dilemma, I might have to go shopping!  lol

As far as adapting, I have my entire makeup "kit."  I've had to use a variety of products to make my face work in the heat and humidity of NC to the cold and damp of MA so far.  And the best part?  I have an address for on-line shopping!  Yay!

My nails have farred the worst in this time of "transition."  I've picked and peeled off most of my nail polish during this first 15 hour drive from NC to NY and then the rest from NY to MA last night.  And my cuticles have been ripped and gnawed on.  But I have my entire nail polish collection at my disposal!

Yes I'm being overly dramatic, just trying to make light of the situation.  lol  It's difficult for our family to be apart because we love being together!

Okay that being said I have a ton of blog posts that I am working on so look for those in the next couple of days!  Yay!

Don't forget!

Pretty and Cute Sale 15% off... "Inde4" 

Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale  25% off... "FFSUMMER11"

I know I will be picking up a couple of things!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

WnW Sea Witch

Love this color, hate the brush.  I always forget to check the brush before I purchase a polish.  I got unlucky.  But this is a really nice plum with a blue shimmer.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I've actually painted my nails 3 times.  I'm at the end of my Seche Vite and it's acting up and ruining my manis.  Well I guess it could be all the digging in the sand and swimming in the ocean?  I digress...

This is Zoya Charla and it is amazing.  I love this color!  Please excuse the lovely hotel parking lot backdrop.  lol

I just painted my nails last night and they were already chipping by the morning.  More so after returning from the beach.  But my Revlon Grape chipped even faster.  I wasn't even able to get a pic!  Huge peeling chips too.  Maybe it's the humidity down here.  I've never had that much of a problem with Seche.  Seche doesn't mix well with Zoya I've noticed though.

While we were driving to the beach, I wanted to stop off at CVS.  I have been looking for some Maybelline eyeshadows since they are BOGO 1/2 off this week but none to be found down here in the NC.  I'm kicking myself for not grabbing them before I left NY.  Oh well. 

But I did run into a Mermaid's Cove display and grabbed the 3 that were left on the display.  Ocean Grotto, Sea Witch, and Sea of Dreams.  I had $8 in ECBs so they were free.  I grabbed a pack of gum for the kiddos as well.  lol

I also ran into the new Milani displays, eyeshadows, nail polishes and HD lip glosses but at full price, I just couldn't do it.  I scanned a lip gloss and it was $9.29.  I know that they are MAC dupes but I want more than one!  So I walked away.  I'm sure I will be back.  I have $30 in ECBs that are expiring next week!

This is Onslow Beach, Camp Lejeune, NC.  It is just amazingly nice living, well soon to be living, so close to the water!  We've been to the beach every day since we arrived!

Sale Alert!!! is having a 15% sale off everything in their store!  Yay!

Liole Beyond the Solution BB Cream $18.45 which is already at a savings because it retails at $25.  Plus 15% off  $15 and change...  This is my fave BB cream so far.  Good color match.  Currently I cut it, one drop of BB cream to one drop of L'OREAL Youth Code, both have pumps which I love.  I mix them together on my finger tips and smooth over my face.  I just need to go over it with my PF Translucent Light 50 spf.  And I'm done!  (Well a little Benefit Erase Paste under the eyes and maybe be some Maybelline Dream Mousse on the cheeks.  Then I'm done!  No eye make up for the beach and pool.   I am lemming for some Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara...  Hmm...  I haven't been shopping in a couple of weeks...)

Lioele also has a Water Drop BB cream which looks interesting.  Here's the details from the website:

Intensive water supplement.

Water drop formula both moisturizes and covers skins imperfections.

Water capture system provides increased hydration when compared to W/O Type BB Cream on the market and has a feel of soft moisturizing cream when applied. Water droplets form upon application, making skin feel cool and moist with a light wear allowing for no stickiness.Contains various plant extracts to keep skin moist and healthy, providing a natural color.

Water Drop BB Cream SPF 27 PA++

Water Droplet Moisture Supply Provides natural Skin Glow, rather than by adding pearl

Cool relief of Reddened Skin

Simultaneous blocking of UVA and UVB

"Cool relief of Reddened Skin" and "light wear allowing for no stickiness"  both sound good to me.  Beyond the solution is really thick so I feel the need to cut it but I have to go over the both with powder.  Maybe this product would be better for me.  From reading the revews however, it seems like it would be too dark.  I need to get color matched at MAC to see if I am a NC15 or 20.  I'm probably in between at the moment.

A mascara I wanted to try is still out of stock.  Lioele Waterproof Up & Down Mascara  It has a small wand for the lower lashes.  I rarely put mascara on my lower lashes because I usually use a jumbo wand mascara and it gets all over the place under my eye.  Not cute!

Now that I think about it.  I think all these products were reviewed by Jen From Head to Toe.  I did a search after Tati used Liole BB cream in one of her videos.  I can't remember when Jen reviewed them but it was a while ago.  All the sun and surf is erasing my memory.  She also reviewed a blusher Lioele Carry with Me Blush and a multipurpose tint like Benefit's Benetint, Lioele Blooming Pop

I would love to order but where do I send them?  lol  Can't send them to NY, can't send them to the hotel because we could get housing soon.  I will have to wait until the next sale.  :(

Have a great 4th of July weekend!