Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pure Ice Crackles!!!

Yes I found them!  After a couple months of looking and forgetting, I spied a display, actually 2 at Walgreens when we got back into NY to meet the movers.

There was also a yellow, neon green, black and white.  These were the 3 colors that stood out to me that I wanted.

From left to right, Jetsetter, Hot Coutube and Strike a Pose.  Strike a pose is a blue/teal duochrome.  I just did quick swatches over Diving for Pearls.  I like how they crack.

On my ring finger Strike a Pose looks stright up teal with a metallic sheen.  Love it.  I like the blue metallic sheen of Jetsetter on my middle finger.  The pink Hot Coutube dries matte.  Which is still nice, but I would have like it more with the metallic sheen of the other 2.

But look at them with a top coat! 

And I'm thinking I'm done with the crackles.  Well I wanted a couple of the China Glaze Metallic Crackles specifically the pink and purple ones...  I might need a white one...

Silver is still my fave and I wear it still a couple times a week.  Probably need a back up.