Friday, July 8, 2011

Adapt and Overcome

So if you have been following me on twitter and reading my blog, you might now that I have moved.  The movers are at the house right now packing up our remaining belongings and soon they will be en route to NC.  Where in NC I'm not sure.  Most likely storage. 

But where am I?  Well Massachusetts of course!  It was made quite apparent that a house would not be available for us in the near future and 5 person family to a single hotel room just doesn't work for an extended period of time.  We tried it for 8 days.  Turned out to be a fun vacation at the beach but difficult to establish a routine which is so important for little ones.  So I drove to my mother's house and my husband will be bussing it to NC.

So during this time of "transition" and moving, my new motto is "adapt and overcome."  For starters, I have 3 pairs of shorts and 3 tops.  The rest of my clothes are in NC since I thought we were all going back there.  So how many outfits can I make?  In order to overcome that dilemma, I might have to go shopping!  lol

As far as adapting, I have my entire makeup "kit."  I've had to use a variety of products to make my face work in the heat and humidity of NC to the cold and damp of MA so far.  And the best part?  I have an address for on-line shopping!  Yay!

My nails have farred the worst in this time of "transition."  I've picked and peeled off most of my nail polish during this first 15 hour drive from NC to NY and then the rest from NY to MA last night.  And my cuticles have been ripped and gnawed on.  But I have my entire nail polish collection at my disposal!

Yes I'm being overly dramatic, just trying to make light of the situation.  lol  It's difficult for our family to be apart because we love being together!

Okay that being said I have a ton of blog posts that I am working on so look for those in the next couple of days!  Yay!