Monday, July 18, 2011

Makeup Storage

So I'm so excited and cannot wait for my 2 new Muji Acrylic Case 5 drawers to get here!!!  I received the email just about an hour to go so if you want these, you better hurry.  I've been trying for 2 months now.  I've been looking for a new storage solution forever and after watching countless youtube videos for ideas I found, well watched someone's video with the muji acrylic cases and I just think it will be perfect.

Well they would be perfect if the drawers were an inch in height, but they are somethin like 3mm short of 1 inch.  But what makes these storage drawers nice is that they don't allow for stacking of cosmetics and everything is right there in plan view.  And at $23.95 a piece and $9.95 shipping they are very affordable. 

The sterlite plastic drawers I had before were deep enough for me to stack and eyeliners, lipglosses, you name it were lost under the others and things are forgotten about.  And I always forgot what was in each drawer so I had to constantly open up every drawer to figure out which on had the eyeliners, finishing powders, blushers, etc...

The obvious disadvantage is the drawers do not allow for bigger products.  Revlon Photoready and other foundations, paint pots, some bareminerals containers unfortunately are too big.  When the 2 drawer units with the lids become available, I'm thinking I will get 2 of those.  The drawers are deeper and allow for those larger products.  They are $22.75 a piece.

These will be available mid-August.  It's best to send Muji an email requesting to be put on the email notification list.