Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sale Alert!!! is having a 15% sale off everything in their store!  Yay!

Liole Beyond the Solution BB Cream $18.45 which is already at a savings because it retails at $25.  Plus 15% off  $15 and change...  This is my fave BB cream so far.  Good color match.  Currently I cut it, one drop of BB cream to one drop of L'OREAL Youth Code, both have pumps which I love.  I mix them together on my finger tips and smooth over my face.  I just need to go over it with my PF Translucent Light 50 spf.  And I'm done!  (Well a little Benefit Erase Paste under the eyes and maybe be some Maybelline Dream Mousse on the cheeks.  Then I'm done!  No eye make up for the beach and pool.   I am lemming for some Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara...  Hmm...  I haven't been shopping in a couple of weeks...)

Lioele also has a Water Drop BB cream which looks interesting.  Here's the details from the website:

Intensive water supplement.

Water drop formula both moisturizes and covers skins imperfections.

Water capture system provides increased hydration when compared to W/O Type BB Cream on the market and has a feel of soft moisturizing cream when applied. Water droplets form upon application, making skin feel cool and moist with a light wear allowing for no stickiness.Contains various plant extracts to keep skin moist and healthy, providing a natural color.

Water Drop BB Cream SPF 27 PA++

Water Droplet Moisture Supply Provides natural Skin Glow, rather than by adding pearl

Cool relief of Reddened Skin

Simultaneous blocking of UVA and UVB

"Cool relief of Reddened Skin" and "light wear allowing for no stickiness"  both sound good to me.  Beyond the solution is really thick so I feel the need to cut it but I have to go over the both with powder.  Maybe this product would be better for me.  From reading the revews however, it seems like it would be too dark.  I need to get color matched at MAC to see if I am a NC15 or 20.  I'm probably in between at the moment.

A mascara I wanted to try is still out of stock.  Lioele Waterproof Up & Down Mascara  It has a small wand for the lower lashes.  I rarely put mascara on my lower lashes because I usually use a jumbo wand mascara and it gets all over the place under my eye.  Not cute!

Now that I think about it.  I think all these products were reviewed by Jen From Head to Toe.  I did a search after Tati used Liole BB cream in one of her videos.  I can't remember when Jen reviewed them but it was a while ago.  All the sun and surf is erasing my memory.  She also reviewed a blusher Lioele Carry with Me Blush and a multipurpose tint like Benefit's Benetint, Lioele Blooming Pop

I would love to order but where do I send them?  lol  Can't send them to NY, can't send them to the hotel because we could get housing soon.  I will have to wait until the next sale.  :(

Have a great 4th of July weekend!