Sunday, July 10, 2011

Missha Haul!!!

One day after reading the Pink Sith's post on Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream, I thought nothing could compare to my Lioele Beyong the Solution BB cream.  Well I jumped on the Missha site as soon as the Polish Insomniac said that they were having a 50% off sale.  All you have to say is sale and I am there!

So I went a little crazy, what else is new...

I got not 1 but 2 of these sample sets!  I can't remember why now, I got free shipping with a $40 order and the sample set and I think the other sample set was for a first time order?  Not sure but I will take it.

The BB Deluxe set comes with Perfect Cover #21, #23, #31, BB Boomer, and Cleansing Oil.  It is on sale right now on the website for $21.99 and I received 2 for my $40 order.  Nice deal.  I already know that #31 will be too dark and I'm pretty sure #21 will be a good match, if not now, in the winter.  I can always darken it up with the #23.

I thought that I was going to review this while on my extended "vacation" but alas, it was packed.  Oops.  So I will have to stick with by Lioele BB cream for the time being.  Which isn't really a bad thing, however, it is running low!  gasp!  I swatched it quickly on my cheek before the movers got their hands on it and it looked good.  It's grey but seems to oxidize out.

I also ordered a travel size of the shiny BB cream, full size Perfect cover in #21, Style Eye Prime Boomer which I wish I had right now also because I'm running out of my UD primer potion, The Style Easy Drawing Cake Eye Brow.  I never use brow products.  Occasionly, if I remember, I grab a clear masacara.  I know, I'm busy (lazy).  But lately I've been looking/scruntinzing pictures of myself and realizing that this is a necessary step.  No joke.

The Style Art Designing Makeup Fix  I didn't even open this up but I'm hoping it's like MAC Studio Fix Plus.  And last but not least, The Style Magic Eye Change basically you mix this with your eyeshadows to make a liner or to foil the color.  I usually use water so I'm curious about suing this.  I have a similar product from Orglamix but because of the recent "scandal" I'm actually afraid to try it.

As you can tell I was so excited about this haul that I let the movers take it to their storage unit.  Awesome.  I swear I threw it in my makeup duffel...  But I'm looking in it right now and nope, not there!  Sad face.