Sunday, July 10, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Stripper to go

So these amazing inventions came in the mail curtesy of Birchbox last month and yes I am just getting around to trying them.  I figured glitter polishes weren't the best test polish.  Basically the product is your standard acetone but has some nicer ingredients like my fave lavender essential oil and aloe vera extract.  Nice touch and leaves the cuticles soft and not dried out.

There is some extra remover in the packet so keep it upright after opening.  The mitt is a clever idea and works really well.  I was worried it would be similar to a cotton ball.  You know when you grab a handfull and then get comfy to do your mani and you know you need another cottonball but just are too lazy to get up and the polish drags and stains your fingers?  Well this doesn't happen with the Deborah Lippmann finger mitt.  The polish stays put on the cloth and is successfully removed from the nail.

So did they work?  Oh yes.  All 10 nails.  Now it was getting a little hairy at the end, my right thumb, but I dipped the finger mitt back into the packet and soaked up some more remover and it worked like a charm.  I'm impressed.  I had 6 coats of polish on 4 nails.  Yes, 6, a base coat, 2 WnW Diving for Pearls, top coat, swatches of Pure Ice Crackles and another top coat.  The rest of my nails had 4 coats.  

$12 will get you 6 mitts.  I think that's a fair price.  You don't have to worry about lugging around a bottle of remover and cotton balls while on your travels and you can still change your polish.  My nails always chip carrying around luggage.  They tuck neatly away anywhere. 

Right now Birchbox still has free shipping.