Monday, March 28, 2011

The Latest Damage at Rite Aid

So going out shopping yesterday, I had heart palpatations.  Seriously.  I had gone on Hip2Save and found that Rite Aid had a $10 +up reward on $20 of John Frieda and Biore.  Of course it ended up being a regional promotion and apparently, not in my region.  I was so bummed!    And I was going to do it twice! 

Ugh!  I had it all planned out.  Here was my plan:

I had a Buy Biore Strips pack of 6 and get a free cleanser coupon.  I also had my $2 off $10 beauty purchase from the Video Values, $1 RA John Frieda Styler coupon and a $2 John Frieda Style Product MC.  So OOP I paid $7.18.  I thought I was going to get back $10 to put on my next transaction of 4 Quaker oatmeals, 2 wonderful pistachios, 4 Stayfree products and Revlon tools.  But they didn't have the pistachios and I had the kids with me and I got all flustered after the $10 +up reward didn't spit out.  So I did the Revlon tool deal, Revlon is 40% off and I had 3 $2 Revlon tool coupons so I paid $4.32 and I got back $4+up rewards and $1 SCR which I need to submit for.  So I rolled that $4 and the $4 from my last Rite Aid trip on the my last transaction with the Stayfree and Quaker Oats and I paid $7 OOP and got back 2 $1.49 +up rewards for the Stayfree.

Coupons I had:

3 $2 Revlon Tools MC (found on the Target Coupon website)
2 BOGO Stay Free MC
1 50 cents/1 Stay Free
4 $1/1 Quaker Oats MC
Buy 1 Biore Strips, Get 1 Cleanser Free
$4 +up rewards from last trip
$1 John Frieda from Rite Aid Video Values
$2/$10 Beauty Purchse from Rite Aid Video Values

$4 +up rewards for $10 Revlon purchase
2 $1.49 +up rewards for each 2 Stayfree purchases
So essentially I paid $11 for everything.  It wasn't the greatest trip.  It would have been amazing if I got the John Frieda deal.  I was thinking that I would return the 3 items...  Still deciding.  Not sure how they would return the money I used for the coupons with the free item.  I've returned make-up at CVS before and they gave me a CVS giftcard.  That was before I was serious about coupons, forgot I even used a coupon to pay for it and was totally confused why they gave me the coupon money back but of course was happy.