Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fitness Log Day #5

Okay so I walked the dog... no running involved.  I just wasn't ready.  I have to work myself up to certain challenges.  lol  It was freezing I might add.  I should have worn gloves.  If I was warmer I might have walked longer.  My hands hurt so bad! 

Also when I talk about walking the dog, all I have to do is walk up the street and there are some major hills.  I walking up works my calves and butt and then walking down the steep ones totally work out my quads.  They are burning people!  So serious hills.  I used to like sprinting up hills back in the day.  Not too long ago, okay it's going on a few years now, my daughter is 6...  Umm, let's just keep it at a few years.

I did the 15 minute core work out twice and a few 3 times and then I did some more ab work from 6 pack abs that I found here.  I also did a little yoga to stretch out and I attempted a Pilates 100 but didn't make it.  This youtube version has 3 version.  I was trying to do the 3rd.  lol  I forgot that I can keep my knees bent and work my legs straight as I get stronger.  I'll try again tomorrow.

I need to get some cardio in though.  Hopefully the weather will turn warmer soon!

Tomorrow I'm going to do more 6 pack abs, the 100, and arms and back with free weights.  I probably should work some legs in there too. 

Hope that you are keeping up!