Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a thought...

So I was reading this interesting article I think in Women's Day last night.  The author was describing how she once read about the toxins that were found in dryer sheets and how they disperse all over your clothes and subsequently, one breathes in all of these toxins.  Upon learning this new information, she then discarded the rest of the box to avoid such future exposures.  Then she got to thinking about the toxins in the pesticides on her food and so she made the decision to buy all organic.  Then she realized all of ther cleaners had toxins in them as well and her children were being exposed.  It just cascaded from there and she began to have trouble sleeping at night, worry about the dangers and toxins that her children were still being exposed to. 

So as I read this article, I thought of myself.  I too once stayed up late one night pondering about all of the potential dangers that which my children were being exposed. I switched to all organic foods, hormone free milk, all natural cleaners, I stopped by canned tomatoes and vegetables, I even comtemplated making my own dish and clothes detergent.  I drove myself crazy for a few months worrying.  Worrying about everything including exposure to radiation!

I'm less "crazy" now.  I did my research.  Did you know every time you fly, you are exposed to as much radiation as 200 chest x-rays?  The thing is, you can limit your exposure, but you can't eliminate it.  I still buy organic but less.  I buy organic berries, lettuce and some veggies.  And I still buy hormone free milk.  In the summer I try to buy at Farmer's Market.  When we have a yard, I will definitely grow my own garden.  I do not buy dryer sheets for that same reason.  I still have "natural" cleansers, but seriously, nothing cleans my bathroom better than Scrubbing Bubbles!

The summer before last, I threw away most of my nail polish and makeup when I became pregnant after reading the cosmetic database. I looked up all of my products and anything over a score of 3 I got rid of. Some of my products that I own still have a rating of 4-5. For instance Covergirl Lash blast is a 5, which is a "moderate" hazard. I can live with that. But it is a real eye opener for sure. I encourage you to read up on the ingredients in the products that you use.

But don't go over board. Just be aware.