Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shop 'till ya drop!

And that's exactly what I did.  This was my first day off in forever.  I went to Walgreen, CVS, Target, to another Walgreens, to another CVS and then Wegmans.  Holy Crikey!  I put everything away from my first three stores so I won't have anything but words to show.  Hopefully I can keep it all straight. 

I'll start with Wegman's since I have a picture:

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Sally Hansen DVD and Sinful Colors, a black shade.  The sticker is not on the bottom.  Sinful Colors were on sale at Wegman's for 99 cents!  Yay!  I was really looking for the flakie Deep Ocean that I heard was re-released but none were to be had.  I was close to finding it at Walgreens this morning but of course I found the display at a register I never go to and the St. Patrick's Day display was nearly empty.  So irritating!  The display wasn't even the beauty department.    I've been looking for SH DVD for a long time and sure enough good 'ole Wegs had it.  $5.29!  And I paid full price. Gasp!  It came with a bonus top coat.  Makes it a little better right?

Before Wegman's I dropped by CVS for the second time because I forgot to Seche Vite the first time that I was there.  Glad I went to a different CVS because I found Physician's Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara with the Try Me Free peelie!  Yay!  So I had a $3 off PF coupon from the Magic Red Box from a couple of weeks ago and I had $10 ECB from earlier this morning.  So my total came up to $7.50 and I will be submitting for the $9.99 rebate so a $2.50 money maker!  Good timing to because I am in need of mascar.  My fave Rimmel is almost done.  It's getting dried out.  Bummer.  Rimmel Lash Accelerrator.  I love it.  I will definitely be getting more when I can find a good deal on it.

This is my first Seche Vite.  Can't wait to try it.  Chloe's nails always look amazing.

So at Wags this morning I grabbed 3 of the Olay Luschious Embrace Cleansing Body Washes on sale for 3/$12.  I had 2 $1/1 coupons (one from my sis!) and I got back $3RR.  So 3 for $7.  Not amazing but I'm on my last little bit of my last Nivea from my stockpile.  I also grabbed some Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner with were on sale for $1.99 each with $1RR.  I had a coupon (again from my sis!) for BOGO Free.  So the two for 99 cents.  Not bad.  Love the Hello Hydration.  I have reviewed it before.  Good stuff.  I think that I should have gotten 2 $1RR but oh well...

So at CVS the first time I went in for Seche Vite and Chex Mix of all things.  I had a $3 off $15 beauty purchase and $5 ECB from the Beauty Club.  I start walking around.  I totally forgot about the Seche Vite when I scnned my card at the red box.  So I get a $3 off $10 Baby care purchase, excluding diapers.  Now I was already thinking about the $25 purchase on select baby items get $10 ECB so I ended up doing it.  The big box of Pampers diapers was $20 and I had a $2/1 mc and I grabbed 4 $2.50 CVS tub wipes to get to my $10.  So before coupons $30 after coupons $25 and then the $10 ECB so $15 for a ton of diapers and a ton of wipes.

So then I walk around and grab my Chex mix 2 for $3 and I have a $1/1 so $1 a piece.  Then I swing back around to the beauty aisle to grab $15 worth.  I grabbed an Aveeno lotion since I sent away for the free one and received my coupon for up to $10.49 and I grab to Lumene Vitamin C Day lotions on sale for BOGO 1/2 off so those were $6.  There's my $15.  But actually it cost me $3 since I had the $13.49 in coupons. 

And don't forget I had $5 in ECB's to spend so everything, box of diapers, 4 tubs of wipes, Aveeno lotion, 2 Lumene lotions, 2 bags of Chex mix $18 and some change.  Can't stand NY sales tax.  Gets me everytime when I have my calculations in my head and it comes up to a crazy amount over it.  I wonder what the tax in NC is going to be?

Oh I mentioned Target but all I got there was baby food and formula.  lol  I also got more baby food at Wegmans.  Gotta use up those coupons!  I think I mentioned everything I purchased.  Oh I went to Walgreens a second time to see if they had the Sinful Colors St. Patrick's Day display, but they didn't.  :(  I'll have to check ebay or see if my sis can pick up Deep Ocean.

Tootles for now!