Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's official...

Yes, it is official, I am banning myself from purchasing nail polish. 

I just couldn't help myself at Rite Aid.  I went in for Motrin PM.  The 40 ct. are on-sale for $3 and I still have a $6/2 coupon.  The other night I wished I had some because I fell sleep early, 7pm and awoke at midnight.  Then I was wide awake with a splitting headache for another couple of hours.  Anywho, they were out so I grabbed a rain check for the next time they have it in stock.  No worries except I won't be getting my +up rewards.  Apparently they take the rewards off instantly.  Which would be nice if I were paying cash without a coupon but I have a coupon.  They will probably just adjust it down. 

So while I was walking around I saw that Borghese nail polishes were on clearance for 75% off!  I grabbed a couple and then kept walking and then saw some Sally Hansen at 75% off as well.  So the Sally Hansen came up to $1.23 and the Borghese $2.  Borghese is normally $8.  Crazy.  Great formula by the way but so is Sally Hansen. 

Also I noticed that Essie is all over the place in the drugstores now.  I've seen it for $8 and $8.29.  That is craziness.  Not all Walmarts carry Essie but if yours does, you can get Essie for $5. 

This is a horrible swatch.  My cuticles are rough!  Ugly I tell you.  Believe it or not I put some mango oil on them earlier.  I have been washing my hands a lot due to constant nose blowing.  I need a serious remedy. 

But on the pinky is Borghese Plummagio Purple which is more like a blue.  First swipe had turquoise in it.  Strange.  But the bottle looks purple.  This was only one coat.  I'm planning something for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow so this one will have to wait. 

Ring finger is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in  Blazin Blue.  Love the brush.  One swipe and just one swipe of color.  Love.  Middle is SH in Jumpin Jade.  Another lovely color.  And pointer is Borghese Belissima Rose.  I really like this color.  It's perfect for my skin tone.  I always gravitate towards darker shades for some reason now that I have branched out into color over the last year.  For years I wore nude colors all of the time.  I hated color.

So this is it.  No more nail polish even if I can get it for free.  You just have to say no sometimes.  Well maybe not forever but I need to wait a really long time, so let's say 6 months.  I still have a bunch that I bought a couple months ago to swatch including Eyeko!

So I ended up paying $3 and change for all 4.  I had $3 in +up rewards to spend.