Saturday, June 5, 2010


Since the April issue of Vogue, I have been intrigued by Gisele's new skin care line.  I just really wanted to try it.  I've been doing a lot of research on "all natural" and "organic" products.  In quotes because sometimes, you really don't know what you are going to get quite frankly.  That argument aside, it has really been a wake up call for me as I started actually reading through ingredient labels.  And of course with the pregnancy, I just want to eliminate all those extra things from my diet and my skin care routine.

So back to Sejaa...  I read this website quite frequently.  Collin gives tips on how to save using coupons and constantly updating her website with amazing deals, basically free stuff.  She has the inside on free shipping codes, on-line coupon codes, and where to print off coupons for in-store savings.  You need to check it out.  Well Sejaa just happened to be the most recent giveaway.  It was last Friday night, first week of nursing school completed, I was totally stressed out and I just went for it! 

So this line is unfortunately very pricey.  Currently, there are 3 products, a mud treatment, day and night cream.  Nomally $180 for the set which includes a very soft dark grey face cloth and a wooden applicator for the mud mask.  The night I ordered, the set was priced at $120 and I was able to score 50% off with a hip2save coupon code.  So for $60 I just couldn't pass it up.  I was really hoping not to like it, really I was.  Because when I like something, I just have to have it!

So the mud mask is great.  It goes on smooth and very lightly.  You feel something like a tingle, but not really, more of a slight cooling sensation.  There is virtually no smell.  Which is nice b/c sometime the earthy smell of clay doesn't agree with me.   After 10 minutes of drying and a rinse, most of my pores were cleaned out.  I have combination/oily skin, oily in the summer, on the dry side in the winter.  The past week has been consderably hot and humid for upstate NY and my face was all clogged up.  It does say on the container that it may cause breakouts after the first couple of uses due to the impurities being lifted from the skin.  After continued use this is supposed to clear up.  I really hope that doesn't happen.  So far so good!

I followed up with the night cream even though it was only 3 in the afternoon.  Hey, I have a ton of studying to do, I'm not going anywhere!  The night cream is light and silky and again goes on super smooth.  My skin feels amazing.  Oh and the smell is amazing too.  I'm sure a fragrance line is coming out soon and hopefully they will bottle it up because I want to smell like the night cream.  It's clean, maybe light sandlewood, I can't describe it.  I'll use the day cream tomorrow and within a week's time, I'll update to let you know if I have seen any improvement.

I did read on the Sejaa facebook that there will be a cleanser coming out in the 4th quarter.  So the line launched in March maybe their 4th quarter is October?  Looking forward to it!  I don't like to mix and match products.  I like to stay consistant.  So if I don't like one of the pieces of a skincare line, I don't bother with the others.

So hopefully now that I am in the swing of nursng school, I will be able to update more regularly.  I have been trying lots of products, receiving make-up samples, etc...  I'll do my best!