Friday, June 25, 2010


I've talked about Orglamix a few times and I finally have a swatch to show!  I'm reviewing the blush Anise and a whole grain mineral powder.  You can purchase Orglamix on Etsy.  I had sent Cheri the owner a message asking her if she had anything close to Nars Orgasm.  She said that Anise was close but more on the pink side.  Which is fine with my because I have very fair skin.  This color is perfect for my complexion.

I don't have Nars Orgasm to actually compare it to but this was the color I was looking for.  And at $4.99, you really can't beat the affordability of this line.  There is 1.5g of product in 8g jar.  I know it will last me quite a few months.

The other product I ordered was a Whole Grain mineral powder.  Since the humidity has been on the rise, I needed a finishing powder.  This powder can also be used as a foundation.  Organic products just give you that piece of mind that you aren't putting anything harmful on your body.  She has a ton of other shades of mineral foundation that will be trying out at some point. 

And Cheri is great.  Super fast shipping, always replies to your questions promptly and she gives out samples!  She sent a full size jar of an eyeshadow in Moss.  I'll be swatching that out soon along with the rest of my Orglamix collection which is becoming pretty sizeable.  Hence the Project 75 Pan Challenge!