Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Covergirl Lashblast Volume

I've been a big fan of AVON's superSHOCK mascara for about a year now.  I've also gone through about 4 tubes of it.  The formula seems to loose it's integrity after a couple of months.  It starts to dry out and get clumpy.  It could of course be user error.  I do tend not to "pump" the wand when I am applying because this method does indeed introduce air into the tube, which would cause drying.  And at the same time, I think you are supposed to replace your mascara after 3 months anyway?

I tried to get a picture of my lashes for comparison of AVON superSHOCK and Covergirl Lashblast Volume but of course I couldn't get it to turn out well.  They are both very similar in formulations as far as I can tell.  The Lash Blast is brand spanking new and goes on really beautifully.  The superSHOCK is of course a couple months old.  But all in all I'm happy with the results of both.  Both lengthen, add volume and hold my curl.  My lashes are super straight and need to be curled with a little blast of heat from the hairdryer for maximum results.

So you can purchase superSHOCK for $8.50 or when it is on-sale for about $4.99.  Which again, AVON always has sales.  Lash Blast will run you about $7.  I think Target has a 2 pack for $10.99 right now.  Both work great and a great price too!