Friday, June 18, 2010

Ah... the classics!

I'm always looking for the new when I head to the store.  But sometimes, the tried and true just seem more practical!  I'm talking Neutrogena Rain Bath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel and Neutrogena Original Formula Transparent Facial Bar.  No crazy colors and scented perfumes.  Just the basics.  These products have been around forever and I do still pick them up from time to time.  Summer is upon us now and with it humidity.  To keep the oils at bay and the pores clear, the transparent facial bar works wonders in the shower.  I usually try to stick with cream cleansers as to not dry out my skin and have my pores overcompensate which truly happens with combination/oily skin.  Striving to cut through the grease per se but in doing so we strip our delicate skin of essential oils.  When faced with adversity, the skin does what it knows best to protect itself, produce more oil!  This oil is still generated despite our best efforts to load up an oil-free moisturizer.  Your skin is no dummy, it can tell the difference and it wants to feel comfort with it's own natural oils...  That's my public service announcement of the day!

As for the Rain Bath Shower Gel, I don't feel the need to lather up in lotion as soon as I dry off.  My skin is soft and moisturized.  Though I do always follow up every shower with Lubriderm Daily Moisture with SPF 15 Lotion on my arms, hands and chest.  My fair, sun-sensitive skin thanks me for this essntial step in my routine!  If I find myself at the beach, an SPF of 70 is a must for me but for everyday, walking to and fro the car, house, store, a light feeling 15 does the trick!  Oh and don't forget the backs of your hands.  Keep them young and youthful and protected from the sun!