Friday, June 25, 2010

Arbonne Intelligence

I've had this sample pack for a few months now and I am finally getting around to trying it out.  It came with 5 samples of the Intelligence line:  daily cleanser, exfoliating masque with thermal fusion, daily balancer, daily eye cream and daily moisturizing cream, day and night.

Here are my thoughts...

daily cleanser:  Great creamy lather.  Took off all of my makeup and most of my liner and mascara.  My skin
felt soft and smooth.

exfoliating masque:  The exfoliating grit was a bit large and harsh for my taste.  I don't have particularly sensitive skin thankfully or this stuff would have scraped my skin off!  I didn't feel the "thermal fusion" but again it was a sample and I've had it for a few months.  There really wasn't enough in the packet to give it a good test.

daily balancer:  I like that it didn't sting or dry out my skin.  It had a nice cooling feel about it. 

daily eye cream:  Plenty in the sample packet, I will use up the rest of it through the weekend.  It's a nice eye cream. 

daily moisturizing cream, day and night:  This cream is thick, a little goes a long way for my skin.  I thought it was going to be too heavy for my normal to sometimes oily summertime skin, but suprisingly it dries nongreasy and feels almost like a primer.

All in all the line is great but not great enough for a switch to the routine that I am currently quite fond of.  I really like the non-greasy formula of the daily moisturizing cream though.  That is a rarity for me.