Saturday, June 19, 2010

My favorite lipstick

I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks. I do not like the way that they feel, taste, smell etc… I also do not have a “perfect” lip outline. I always have several lipglosses on hand in my bag wherever I go. When I did put on lipstick in the past, it would be a delicate and time consuming process of applying a lip liner, dabbing it off, oops too much dabbing, re-applying, then smudging. The process of putting on the actual lipstick would be very similar and I would end up being annoyed and then wiping everything off and applying my tried and true cherry chapstick. That stuff is great by the way! Nice subtle color, it does the trick nicely. Things were much easier for me when lip glosses came into vogue.

With age comes some experience with makeup. Well not as much experience as other bloggers, but I have found some great lipsticks from AVON that do not have an offensive taste, smell or thickness. Smooth Minerals Lipstick with SPF 15.  They have a sheer but buildable coverage, perfect for the lipstick challenged. This smooth, creamy and non-drying formula makes it the perfect lipstick. The colors I have are Apricot Glow (right) and Plum Craze (left). Retail is $8 but if you know AVON, everything always goes on sale and you can probably pick them up on a Buy One, Get One special.