Monday, June 7, 2010


AVON really has some really great, inexpensive products.  Especially in the outlet books!  You should definitely have a rep just to browse through their website every once in a while.  I found these two marimekko blushers, gems if you will, in the outlet for I think $3.99 a piece!  marimekko designs have been featured on episodes of Sex in the City.  I believe Carrie had curtains and maybe a few pieces of clothing like a bikini.  The Finnish company is known for their patterns and bright colors.

These blushers certain do not disappoint.  They are highly pigmented.  Poppy bloom is the darker of the two.  I swatched it heavy to see the color.  The lighter, Poppy bouquet is a great shimmer, perfect for highlighting.  The palettes are cute too!  Love the design of the flowers.  I've worn them both together.  You certainly do not need to pile on Poppy bloom but it can definitely be used for high drama!  I like to use Poppy bouquet for quick sweep of a highlight on my cheeks on top of any blush I decide to wear day or not.  I've also used it on my brow bone.