Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NIVEA body Happy Sensation

Happy Sensation indeed!  This lotion is divine I tell ya!  It's smells delicious and absorbs super quickly which hasn't been my experience in the past with NIVEA.  Don't get me wrong, NIVEA is great for some skin types, mine not so much unless we are in the dead of winter and my skin is flaking off. 

I'm in love with this lotion.  It is made with bamboo extract and orange blossom scent.  You certainly don't smell like a citrus tree though.  I would be even happier if it had a little SPF in it.  The sun has been strong in recent years and I'm trying to reverse past damage, not receive any more!   Please, please please NIVEA make a Happy Sensation lotion with SPF 15 or better yet, 25 or 30 for us of the fair skin variety! Thank you!

You can grab a bottle at your local drugstore for under $6.