Saturday, August 21, 2010

Origins A Perfect World Cleanser

This cleanser is a mouthfull...  Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea.

They had me at antioxidant of course.  Who doesn't need some antioxidants in their lives?  We are inundated with free radicals daily, from the food we eat, to the sun that shines down on us, to all the pollutants that smack us in the face as we walk to our gas guzzling cars, busses, trains...  Where am I going with this?  Ah yes, an antioxidant packed cleanser to combat the damage caused by free radicals to our delicate facial skin. 

Product deets on the Origins website:

"This perfect foaming-face wash is formulated with nature’s rare Silver Tipped White Tea. In a pre-emptive sweep, dirt-grabbing minerals combined with the gentle, skin-compatible cleansing action of Palm, Coconut and Oat Amino Acid reach deep to help detoxify and free skin of harmful, free radical-releasing impurities before they settle down and cause skin-aging oxidation, deterioration, dehydration and even some forms of irritation. Skin is perfectly clean, smoothed and refreshed."

It is a very silky, creamy cleanser that lathers amazing well for those of us that really like that!  It is lightly scented, nothing heavy or perfumey and cleanses spot on.  You just need a tiny dribble of the product for your entire face so the product lasts and lasts.  At $20 for 5 fl.oz. it is going to stick around for a few months unless you are washing your face 5 times a day.  Morning and night for me and I had it for months it seemed. And if you sign up on their website they always send out coupons codes...

Another lovely product from Origins!