Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yves Rocher Haul

I thought maybe I have heard of this company before but wasn't sure.  I shop on which is a saver website.  You register on the site and get cash back on purchases.  You can either get the cash back by check or paypal which is super convenient for me.  There are multiple vendors, probably all the stores that you buy from already are on ebates so you just log on to the site, click on your store and ebates will provde you with a coupon code so they can keep track of your cashback. 

So for example:
Target 3%
Ulta 3%
Nordstrom 5%

There are so many more.  They seem a bit low right now but if you were going to order from Target anyway, why not pocket some cash back on your purchase?  It really adds up...

So I needed shampoo a while back when Yves Rocher was having a sale and was offering cash back.  Well I stocked up.  I took a chance though because I do not recall every buying shampoo on-line before.  So I had a 30% off coupon code, spent $35 so I had free shipping, qualified for a $75 free gift , free samples and the cash back which amounted to $14.42 so I ended up saving close to $30 on the order well if you had in the free gift $105! I think they added a couple more things in there as well.

The shampoos came up to $2 a piece.  I also bought a cleanser and tonor as well which I haven't tried yet.  Check out the picture. Everything came up to $38.00 minus the cash back so about $24.  I'm really impressed with the shampoos so far.  Especially on my daughter's summer pool hair, talk about tangles.  We can get a brush through her hair now with no tears! 

I'm trying out a bodywash right now as well.  I grabbed a couple of eyeshadows which I forgot to include in the picture.  I needed a pearly white for my inner corner.  The body wash was around $1.50 and I am quite pleased as well.  I'll keep trying everything out for a little while before I do a full review on everything but so far, I'm impressed.  I hope that when I run out of everything, I will be able to get a similar deal!

Right now if offering 9% cash back on Yves Rocher and the Yves Rocher site is offering free shipping with a $40 order.  Everyday shipping is $4.95 which is not too bad.  My free shipping took 10 days...  So it does take a while.  I'm wondering if it is quicker to pay for the shipping.  I noticed with e.l.f. it's like that.  When I order things with free shipping it takes a few days, if I pay for shipping, I get my order in 2 days...  Anyone else notice that???