Sunday, August 29, 2010

EcoTools Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign

Everyone knows about this program right?  You send in some products and Ecotools sends you coupons to try theirs.  Well I forgot all about it.  I meant to do this months ago and sure enough, they are still have the offer.

So they want you to swap your supplies.  We all have some things laying around that we didn't like, that we are not ever going to use anymore because they are a fail etc...  Here are the products/supplies EcoTools will swap for a coupon to try their brand:

To encourage women to get gorgeously green with their beauty routine, EcoTools will collect used cosmetic brushes and bath + body care products to swap them for an EcoTools alternative. The Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign strives to show women that EcoTools will keep them stunning – and sustainable.

Examples of items to swap include:

•makeup brushes

•body washes and scrubs

•body lotions/butters

•hand creams

•body mists

•bath sponges
I'm sending in two bath sponges.  I've been wanting to try EcoTools forever.  I have even had brushes in my cart before on more than one occasion.  So I'm ready to take the EcoTool plunge!

The address to send your products to:

Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign
c/o Skirt Public Relations
2320 N. Damen Ave., #2D
Chicago, IL 60647

They are limiting it to 2 coupons per household which is quite reasonable.  You send in 2 products and they send you two coupons for $7.99.

Here is the link.