Friday, August 20, 2010

planet spa mediterranean olive oil firming neck and chest serum

I love this stuff.  I was using it every day for 2 weeks until I read the directions and noticed that it said to use a couple of times per week so I slowed down a bit.  I had a couple of lines forming across my neck that I really wanted to take care of.  I have a very sensitive neck.  If one vapor drop of perfume lands anywhere on it, I'm doomed with a hyper sensitivity break out reaction.  It is quite strange.  Thankfully the skin on my face does not react that way.

Anyway, my chest has been a bit bumpy lately, probably TMI but not sure if it's skin damage from the sun, pregnancy hormones or age.  Not breakout bumpy just red blotchy and not feeling smooth.  So I gave this planet spa product a try and I really like the results.  The lines on my neck are gone and my skin is very smooth.  I've been using a little on my upperback and shoulders as well.  It does have glycolic acid as an ingredient and potent skin smoother but also has olive leaf extract, olive fruit oil, and olive fruit extract.  And olive oil is amazing for the body, inside and out.

I'm not seeing the serum on the AVON website right now but all the planet spa products are on sale.  The other formulations that they offer are African Shea Butter, Himalayan Goji Berry, Palm Desert Rose, Greek Seas in addition to the Mediterrean Olive Oil.  The products come in shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, facial cleansers, masks, hair conditioning masks...  They all see to be on sale actually.

I really like the Mediterrean Olive Oil lotion and body wash.  I usually stock up on it when it is on sale.  I go through it so quickly!