Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dry cuticle solution

Nothing looks worse than dry, ragged cuticles.  I have a tendency to of course rip at those dry cuticles instead of doing the sensible thing of cutting them back.  When I have the urge, I reach for  Mango Tango Mango Magic Cuticle Oil Treatment.

It has really made a difference in the appearance of my nails and it lasts longer than lotion.  After you work it in, it doesn't have an oil slick appearance and it lasts after several handwashings.   I have found that it also makes a manicure last a bit longer as well. 

I tend to wash my hands a lot during the day and this cuticle oil has really helped to keep my cuticles from drying out.  It has a lovely mango sent as well.  You can pick it up at Sally Beauty for under $4.