Wednesday, August 25, 2010


While flipping through my latest issue of I think Allure, I came across some ads.  I like to cut out looks and paste them into a look book.  Sort of like the look for less.  I barely ever bring my look book into a store and shop.  I should.  I constantly buy pieces that I love on the rack but never have anything at home to pair them up with.  Of course I am a sale or clearance rack shopper so that doesn't help either. 

Buying entire outfits is the plan for me this fall.  So I cut out the first look, love the jacket and shoes.  I had no idea it was Kmart because I just cut out the look.  I went back to the magazine to figure out the brand and where I could buy it and I saw that it was Kmart.  CRAZY but very exciting!  When I think Kmart, I think affordable.  In fact, I believe the military jacket is $39.99.  I hastily cut out the picture and I'm pretty sure the first digit was a 3!  I'm not really into fur or faux fur but the skinny cargo pants look fun in the 2nd picture.

Fashion shouldn't be about how much you are spending, though I tend to have an expensive taste, but never satisfied believe me.   It's the texture of the fabric/material that I look for.  I immediately went on-line to order, it has been years since I stepped foot into a Kmart, but this look isn't available yet unfortunately.  Looks like most if not all the pieces will be available September 1st.  I'm thinking it is going to be a quick sell out.  I hope that the quality is there. 

Target has some great trendy affordable clothes but I have found that after a couple of washes, the color fades, the fabric breaks down...  For pieces that I love and want to keep new and crisp looking I use Woolite on the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.  It never seems to work out for my despite my efforts so I haven't bought much from Target in a while.  Pre-pregnancy, I did a lot of my shopping at TJ's, my other faves are Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic (mind you sales only) and the GAP. 

But I'm excited that Kmart is updating their image and making fun clothes.  I will defintitely be on-line September 1st to see what is available!

Check out the line here. 

Kmart is also have a $100 shopping spree giveaway. You just have to watch a quick video and answer a question.