Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So it's not very often when I try product that I am blown out of the water.   I'm usually impressed with a product if I get a really good deal on it, or get it for free...  It is the price that I like more often than not.  Well a few weeks ago I picked up a sample (of course!) of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair.  All I can say is that this formula is amazing.  My skin looks amazing.  After I wash my face and smooth on the serum, it looks like I have flawless skin, like I have make-up on.  It's really incredible.  My skin is usually pretty clear, I do not break out at all but I do have larger pores and have to be diligent at cleansing to prevent the dreaded blackhead.  But my skin tone is evened out and my skin feels so smooth.  Usually when I try a product out for the first time my skin will look great because it's new and sometimes your skin needs a break from the old routine. 

As of late, I literally get 4 hours of sleep at night between being pregnant, going to school, studying, cooking, cleaning and taking care of my husband and two kids!   It's insane!  I do not have bags, circles, or discoloraton under my eyes at all.  I really think that this nightly routine has saved me.  One thing worth mentioning, I had a broken caplillary or 2 on the end of my nose.  Nothing covered it up, not concealer, nothing.  It was really starting to bother me having this red dot at the end of my nose.  It is gone!  It may have spontaneously went away on its own as it spontaneously showed up a couple of months ago, so it may be just a coincidence that since I have been using the Advanced Night Repair it went away... Not so sure though!

The sample was supposed to last 10 days, well I have been using it for 3 and a half weeks now (I think?) and I probably have a couple more nights left. I am already bummed and wondering if I should go to the Estee Lauder counter and purchase. The sample size is 7ml or .24 fl.oz.  It comes in 3 sizes as well, 1.0, 1.7, 3.4 oz. the 1 oz is $47.50. By my calculations, 1 oz could potentially last me 4 months? It's worth it! Buying it on-line with free shipping a free gift works too! Right now free shipping with $25 purchase, your choice of 2 free samples which the eye cream is offered. Eye cream samples last me months as well!