Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Best Cold Cream...

This is the best cold cream I have ever used!  Well, I have only tried one other cold cream before for make-up removal but I'm super happy that this was the first one I bought and it was cheap.  I got it for nearly $2 from Botanic Choice.  I had a coupon code for the website and it was on the SuperSaver list. 

I have been scooping it out with a cotton ball and swirling it all over my face.  Even my eye make up comes off pretty good.  Depending on how much I have piled on that day I might have to go over it a couple times.  I am out of eye make up remover at the momemt but this cold cream works really well.  My skin feels soft and smooth upon rinsing, which it comes off quite easily.

My mom has used Pond's cold cream for years.  Not for makeup removal but for a moisturizer.  Can you say dry skin?  I have my dad's skin for sure, as oily as they come.  Which is fine with me, less wrinkles right?  But years ago I did try the Pond's cold cream as a makeup remover and it did work okay around the eyes but it was exceedibgly difficult to rinse off without the scrubbing of a face cloth. 

Botanic Choice Freshen Up Cold Cream rinses off like a cleanser.  It has a nice clean smell, like a cleanser, not a soapy smell, but you know it is a cleanser, not a moisturizer.

Here's their product description:

"Deeply cleanses without dryness. Leaves your skin feeling silky soft, radiantly clean, and richly moisturized. Never dry or tight. Quickly removes makeup, dirt and even stubborn water-proof mascara. Ideal to use daily on even the most sensitive skin. Light delicate fragrance contains Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Chamomile Oil, Cucumber Extract and other luxurious emollients."

If you sign up on the Botonic Choice website they always send you shipping codes and coupon codes to make the savings even nore sweeter.  Right now the cold cream is $4.99 for 2 oz.  It does get used up pretty fast.  Even with my oily skin it cleanses beautifully.  It's not drying and I don't wake up in the morning sopping with oil so I know it's not stripping my natural oils which is super important for those of us with oily skin.  We can keep taking it off but our skin will keep producing it, in excess at that!  So do your face a favor, cleanse gently daily and maybe every 3 days or so, if needed, deep cleanse.

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