Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I use for damaged hair

After coloring, I usually head straight for Aveda Damage Remedy.  It seems to take care of dryness right away, well after a couple of washes.  It has a great spa smell.  I love to have products that smell like a spa in the shower.  I can't always go to the spa so it is a great alternative!

I have found it is best to use a shampoo like this a week or two before you decide to color your hair more than a couple of shades lighter from your current color, especially if you are going lighter. 

Recently I had my hair highlighted and I was using Hair One (cheaper version of Wen) for the weeks before, ran out and then used the Aveda Damage Remedy after the coloring.  No dry hair!  I didn't need and haven't needed any deep conditioning treatments or any other leave in treatments.  My hair has stayed soft and silky the entire time. 

Conditioning is really key before the coloring so your strand will lock in that color for longer.  Hair One works great at conditioning your hair.  Hair One is a process though.  If you are not normally a long shower taker, be prepared for at least 15 minutes of working it in, combing it through, letting it sit, and rinsing.  However, I found that if I used regular shampoo first and then followed up with Hair One I didn't have to let it sit for the 15 minutes that they recommend.  It really works incredibly well if time isn't a factor.