Wednesday, July 31, 2013

AVON Brushed Metals & Opal Top Coat!

Disclosure: AVON Brushed Metals in Dusky Copper & Opal Top Coat are SavvyBeauty purchases.

So just continuing on with my AVON haul...

AVON makes some decent nail polish and I decided to pick up 2 of their newest installations.

This is 2 coats of Brushed Metals Dusky Copper and 2 coats of Opal Top Coat.  Not sure why I wanted to pair the two but I do like the result!

The topcoat has pretty good flakie distribution on one swipe.  But I wanted more of course.  :)

AVON has 5 other colors in their Brushed Metals collection: Brushed Gold, Platinum, Textured Topaz, Lilac Quartz and Burnished Copper.

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I'm planning on ordering more.  I love the textured finish.  A coat of Seche or two will smooth and shine them up for you as well.

The Brushed Metals have an intro price of $3.49 in Campaign 18 and the Opal Top Coat $3.99 also in Campaign 18.  After that campaign, they will be $6.  So depending on where you live, C-18 should begin in the middle to late August.

What do you think?  Remember flakies from a couple of years ago?  I missed them!