Monday, July 29, 2013

AVON Mega Effects Mascara

Disclosure:  AVON MegaEffects mascara was a SavvyBeauty purchase.

AVON's newest mascara installment is in my hot little hands!  In terms of revolutionary design, this is it.  I've never seen anything quite like it!  I will admit, I had to read the instructions in order to figure out how to take the cap off.  :)

Per instructions on the package:

1.  "Grip at sides and remove cap." 

2. "Rock brush from side to side to pull out."

I do recommend rocking the applicator a few times in order to remove excess product from the wand.  And be careful not to apply the mascara to your eyeball.  It will sting.  Using this product does come with a slight learning curve.  It's probably just me though.  ;)

Here are my naked, sparser than usual, uncurled lashes...

Here is with one coat.  It definitely lengthens very nicely, with little effort. 

When trying to build up this product, it gets spidery/clumpy real fast on me. 

But the wand/applicator is so unique that you can hold it horizontal for one quick swipe or vertically to get every lash, section by section.  (I don't usually like to apply mascara on my bottom lashes or inner corner as my eyes tend to water quite easily in the sunlight, a/c, wind, you name it.  I will have mascara running under my eyes in no time.) 

I think the only issues that I will run into is the drying out factor.  I see that happening very quickly.    For the first few applications this mascara is very wet and straightened out my lashes.  Now that it has dried out slightly, my curl will hold.  My lashes are super straight though.  I have to curl them before and after most mascaras. For the pictures above, I did not curl my lashes...

I feel that AVON Mega Effects mascara is very comparable to higher end mascaras.  It retails for $10 right now which so far I think is a fair price for the .3oz of product.   Urban Decay's Supercul Curling mascara has been in heavy rotation for a while now and after trying Mega Effects, I'm not missing it yet.  Plus it saves me 10 bucks!  :)

This is my second favorite mascara from AVON.  I really enjoyed using SuperSHOCK for years.  I do go back to it every once in a while during a sale.  SuperSHOCK runs around $8 so slightly less expensive.  It dries out pretty quickly too but I never really was too concerned since I could always pick it up on a sale. 

So when was the last time you flipped through an AVON brochure? It's probably about time!  I have a few more AVON product reviews coming up soon!