Thursday, March 5, 2015

Finish 7 by Spring Update

So much for the February update!  Whoopsies...

I can tell you that I have a brown paper shopping bag filled with empties which I should probably dive into but I have some other products just about empty so I will keep you in suspense for just a couple more weeks.

But for progress, I can share!  I am loving the Isomers line and probably won't finish the set until at least April.  My skin has changed for the good and I really don't think I should venture out and try anything else.  I am having a difficult time finding the line.  I found some products on Amazon and websites that I have never heard of before.  I will need to do some more research.  But of course summer is coming and everything can and will change...  But lately I have been enjoying my normal skin.  

The Maybelline Color tattoos...  Probably never, ever going to finish...  Not a pessimist over here, just a realist.  Bodycare I always fly through.  Hair care...  I'm trying my best to use product, but time is of the essence in the morning. Shampoo and conditioner?  Easy peasy.  Serums, spray, styling aids...  I guess I'm more of a minimalist.

Skincare is a different story!  Currently I'm searching for the perfect daytime SPF and have purchased 3 so far...  

Olay Complete all day moisturizer with SPF 15
Aveeno positively radiant daily mositurizer with SPF 15
L'OREAL men's expert Vita Lift Anti-Wrinkle & Firming moisturizer  Pro Retinol with SPF 15

The last one was a random, clearance purchase for $2.  I couldn't pass it up.  It says non-greasy, but I disagree.  It is a touch sticky if left alone.  However, my skin has needed extra moisturization lately.  The smell is strong, total man smell but I don't really mind it.

Olay Complete was my first purchase.  I'm not sure how my skin is getting along with it.  I've used this one the longest and I can't seem to use it every day or my skin reacts with clogged pores.  

Aveeno seems to be the best for my skin.   It absorbs nicely and dries down after a few minutes.   Im didn't like it under most of my foundations this winter.  Most if not all my foundations are matte formulations.  So this moisturizer under a matte foundation looks a bit dry on my skin.  I'm hopeful as soon as the humidity returns, this will work out well...

And another issue with all 3...  SPF of 15 is not enough for Southern Summers.

I will check back in on March 21st of shortly thereafter with all my empties!

How is your Finish 7 by Spring going?!