Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun with Emerald Black

So I saved the best for last...

Models Own Emerald Black which I will be wearing this weekend in honor of St. Patrick while eating some brown bread dunked in an boil of corned beef and cabbage.

It is a shimmery emerald green in a black base.  It is dark, gorgeous and of course green!  I was so disappointed the first couple of times that I wore because of the "bubble issue."  So annoying.  But I thought, why not layer and cover it up?  Strange thing is, the bubbles are gone!  lol  Whatever noxious chemical gasses that were trying to escape did apparently and now I have bubble free polish!  Yay!  It still is pretty stinky though but *sigh*...  beautiful!

I also wanted to show off some more green from my collection!

From left to right:  Models Own Emerald Black, Sinful Colors Green Ocean, Finger Paints Motley and Nostaligic Underground

 Nostaligic Underground

Sinful Colors Green Ocean

 Finger Paints Motley

I have 2 layers of Emerald Black on my nails.  On my index finger is just Emerald Black.  Middle has Green Ocean, ring has Motley and pinky has Underground.

Isn't it funny how much Green Ocean and Motley look on the nail but how different they look in the bottle?   Green Ocean has some lighter blue flakies which makes it appear brighter and it is thicker as most Sinful Color polishes are.

I believe Green Ocean should be in Walgreens now!  But I wouldn't know because I haven't been in a drugstore in months. :)  Last year I rushed out only to find an empty display but I will keep my fingers crossed for you.  I'm sure ebay has you covered, that's where I scored mine last year.  But if you have Finger Paints Motley, I'm not sure that you need it though.

And now that my bubble issue has resolved, I get to wear Emerald Black all by itself!

Only 2 days more to go!