Thursday, March 15, 2012

A tale of the broken blush...

Once upon a time a blush arrived straight from Australia... shattered...

Such a beautiful color...  No worries though, this is how I fixed it!

Step #1:  I scraped the palette out into a bowl and further crushed it back into powder.

At this point, I thought I would put into a sifter jar... if I had one.  Plus I wanted to try this out.  I've watched youtube videos on it before but of course couldn't find the one I was looking for until just now as I write this!  lol

Kandee Johnson shows how to fix pan eyeshadows quicker and simpler here.  But I like to complicate things, so here was my method.

Step #2:  I cleaned out the palette with 70% isopropyl alcohol to sterilize it and get it ready for the blush.

Step #3:  I made a blush/isopropyl paste.  I didn't measure, but it should be a thicker paste that you can spread back into the palette.

Step #4:  Smooth the blush paste into the palette.  Mine sort of poured in.  :)

Step #5:  Mine was a bit too wet, but it worked out fine.  I could have left it like this but I wanted to press a pattern on to it.  I didn't feel like going the my fabric stash for some muslin so I grabbed a papertowel and a piece of cardboard to press the wet blush.  I like the pattern it made.

Step #6:  Let dry!  I set it out on the window sill in the sun.

Step #7:  After it is dried thoroughly overnight, enjoy your newly fixed blusher!

I think next time I will try Kandee Johnson's way as she crushed the powder in its pan and then added the alcohol.  It's less messy and less wasteful.

This is what I had left over from my blush paste.  However, there is definitely plenty left over for me.  The reality is, I will never ever finish this blush before it expires as it is super pigmented.

So there you have it!  Don't throw your broken blush or eyeshadow away!  You can fix them so easily.

Good luck!