Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Empties!

I'm still here!  Haven't dropped off the face.  Where did March go?  It certainly slipped away from me but that's okay because today officially starts my birthday month!  Yahoo!

I am also still plugging along on my never ending stash of products.  SOP anyone?  I'm slowly using and gifting items away.

This month I finished up the following, again like previously, no particular order:

  1.  Gilette Venus & Olay:  This was an Influenster box item which I have a post about but never published!   But I'm saying I used this up because it only came with one razor but also a coupon to purchase more, which I will be doing.  This blade has 2 moisturizing strips and you really do not need any shaving gel.  I felt totally comfortable shaving without.  Nice razor.  And it's for girls!

  2.  John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 9A Light Ash Blonde.  I bought 2 of these on clearance at Target this month for $5.98 a piece.  Wish I bought the entire lot of them however.  Actually, now that I think about it, these were the last 2.  I thought I would use the both of them for one hair coloring experience but I only used the one.  I made sure to saturate my roots then I combed the color through the rest of my hair.  I also concentrated some color on the underneath side of the back of my head if that makes sense.  I have a lot of hair on the back of my head, 3 layers worth and the underside tends to brass out.  The color is perfect.  Like I have said before, John Frieda knows blonde hair.  Since this was discontinued, one would hope that a new and even perfected Ash Blonde is now on the market. :)

  3.  Listerine Whitening Vibrant White Multi-Action Pre-Brush Rinse.  I'm pretty sure this whitened my teeth or did not make them worse.  I've only really noticed a difference with Rembrandt and Crest Whitening strips but I liked that this is a pre-brush rinse.  My teeth felt super clean after brushing so I know that this made a difference.  I will repurchase.

  4.  Salma Hayek Nuance Facial Cleansing & Toning Towelettes.  These were bone dry, sitting in my bathroom cabinet.  I had previously opened them and consequently pushed them aside for my favorite Noxema wipes.  I added some water to them, but I still do not like them.  Not when there are much better products out there.  They certainly work in a pinch to wipe off the hands.  I do not recommend them for makeup removal however.

  5.  Nivea Happy Sensation Daily Lotion Bambo Extract, Orange Blossom Scent.  I absolutely love the scent of this lotion.  I love the lightness of it.  I love how it absorbs quickly and easily.  But it has those dang parabens in it.  UGH.  I know the paraben/breast cancer study was flawed, etc, etc.  I'm just not going to take any chances anymore.  Do I have products currently with parabens in them?  Yes.  I'm not going to be wasteful and toss everything but I won't repurchase if I can help it.  My exposure to environmental toxins is way beyond my control but this is something that I do have a say.

  6.  Olay Luscious Embrace Cleansing Bodywash jojoba butter and crushed orchid extract.  It's a nice bodywash, not totally wowed by it but it smells nice and kept my skin feeling soft.  I will be looking for something a little more natural in the future.  I think I have one more bottle as well.  It's more of a winter scent for me though.  I tend to go for lighter more citrus like scents in the summer.

  7.  Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo.  It's not bad, my hair is getting super long all of a sudden.  lol  I know it's not the shampoo but it may have some protecting qualities.  I have a few bottles of this to get through as I bought a bunch on CVS clearance and coupons so I think I got them for 8 cents a piece or less.  Pantene always gets a bad rep for "coating" the hair.  This shampoo does not leave the hair feeling like I remember my hair did using Pantene in the past.

  8.  Hair Fertilizer.  I loved this stuff until someone sent out a tweet that there is a serum now.  I will be checking out the serum for sure... after I use up some coconut oil.  It's great stuff, I used it as a overnight conditioning treatment.  Smells okay.  Love that it is organic, do not love the parabens though.

  9.  Noxema Clean Moisture Makeup Removal Cloths.  Love, love, love these.  Have I said that before?  :)  Best makeup remover wipes I have ever used.  They are the perfect "wetness", not too damp that they drip, not to dry that they scratch.  Just the perfect amount of moisture to wisk across the face.  They remove almost every stitch of makeup including the eye.  I do still need to go over my eyes a bit as I do not rub my eye area at all.  The skin is way too delicate to be rubbing and pulling.  I bought these on deep clearance at Rite Aid.  Still haven't checked to see if they are still sold.  I have no idea what chemicals are housed in these as it is not disclosed on the package but it says alcohol free and contains Vitamin E.  I may have to break down and buy a package as I am all out of wipes.

10.  ecotools Body Butter.  98% from nature...  Love this body butter.  It absorbs nicely for soft skin.  Very soft and pleasant scent.  I bought 2 of these when I exchanged my non-environmentally friendly body puffs in when they were doing their recycling promotion.  In fact, the year before I bought 2 as well.  So I have gone though 4 tubs in 2 years or so.  I will certainly re-purchase if I ever get back to a drugstore.  I've been drugstore free for 3 months.  I did walk into a Walgreens with my sister-in-law on a trip to VA, but I did not purchase a thing!

11.  Aveeno Nourish & Shine Conditioner.  I did like this at one time.  Not my favorite.  Kind of has a moldy scent?  I know it probably isn't mold, hopefully, but there is something about it that makes me think of mold.  I used it to shave my legs, pre-Gilette Venus & Olay razor.  It's my favorite way to use up conditioner!

12.  AVON Expert Instant Gel Cuticle Remover gel.  This tube has lasted me forever.  I have 2 but they just last and last.  I use it almost every time I paint my nails.  It doesn't remove my cuticles at all but softens them up enough to push them back and then I remove them with a cuticle cutter as needed.  I actually mistook the bottle for my eye cream and smeared it under my eyes.  I had no ill effects for my mistake as I realized less than a minute later and washed it off immediately.  I supposedthe active ingredients have long expired.  The odds were in my favor at that moment!  Whoopsie!

13.  Lumene Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover.  I used to love this stuff and I always purchased it when I got a CVS coupon for $5 off Lumene purchase.  I think this runs about $5.99 in some CVS'.  Others I have seen it at $6.99.  Weird they all have different prices.  Anywho...  I also cleanse with oil and I noticed that the oil was working much better at removing my excess makeup that this left behind.  I never noticed it that much before.  I do heavily rotate mascaras.  I never use water-proof.  Well never is so strong, very rarely do I use waterproof mascara and liners.  Though I probably should for numerous reasons.  Oily skin, oily lids, avid sweaty runner & gym goer, swim a lot in the summer, pools and beach at least once a day in the summer...  I'm constantly wiping underneath my eyes.  :)

14.  LaROCCA 24K Gold Cleanser Exfoliant.  I really like this product.  To fully appreciate it and love it, I need a full size.  But while I did use it, I liked how soft it made my skin feel, no redness to be had as most exfoliants make my cheeks.  The smell didn't wow me but I suspect it had something to do with the plastic jar it was housed in.  I'm intrigued though and it is on my list to repurchase, not at the top, but it is there nonetheless!  This was a Beauty Army sample.

15.  John Frieda Precision Foam Conditioner.  Why can't they bottle this up and just sell it already?  We would all so buy the conditioners that come in our boxes of color.  Wouldn't we all?  Love the smell, love the way it makes my hair feel.  Probably full of parabens but coloring your hair is awful for it anyway.  What can you do?  Well probably not color your hair but I do not claim to be perfectly un-vain, do I?

16.  Tom's "Long lasting" aluminum-free unscented deodorant.  This made me smell something awful.  Even my husband commented on it.  Um, yeah.  Good thing we are already married.  lol  For this one I will be wasteful and just pitch it.  I gave it an honest try, about a month as I was told or read that your body needs to get used to it or something.  It just didn't work for me.  Even on my non-run/gym days.  Yuck.

17.  Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.  This just stays wet.  I really wanted to use it up because it is free of parabens and aluminum but it's just too uncomfortable.  So I am cringing using another aluminum laden deodorant.  le sigh

18.  Lumene Time Freeze stick.  I've been through 2 of these.  I love it.  You lightly go over the under eye area or just outer eye area for an instant cooling effect.  It just feels so lovely.  It dries quickly under the eye, depuffs, perfect base for makeup.  All around good stuff.   If I ever get a good coupon/deal, I will repurchase.  I'm maxed out on eye creams at the moment, but I like to use this one on the top of my cheek bones under the outer corner of my eye in that crows feet area.  It truly makes a difference.  I just recently, well today re-discovered another Lumene Time Freeze eye serum that I have to use as well.

19.  mark.  no place to run long wear eyeliner in foxy brown.  I loved this the first time I wore it.  It's the perfect dark almost black brown.  Unfortunately I dropped it, broke the tip off and can't for the life of me find a way, if there even is one, to advance the liner.  It's a plastic container, so I can't sharpen it.  But I also can't imagine that this is all you get.  One mere tip of liner?  The bottom twists but it still doesn't advance.  Very disappointing.  I won't repurchase because of it.

20.  mark. eyemarker in jet.  I loved this liner too!  This one twists up but unfortunately the liner just falls out now.  The mechanism inside the liner broke.  UGH!  I used this for a couple of months and was very happy with it as a upper and lower waterline liner.  I have other black liners to use so I won't be repurchasing any time soon.

21.  Bath & Body Works white citrus triple moisture body cream.  I love this scent.  It's a go to fresh and clean scent that I gravitate towards.  This is a thicker cream that softens the skin.  It's a good one to have around to soften elbows and knees.  I'm due for a trip into Bath & Body Works but I'm always hesitant because I hate being attacked by sales people in that store.  They are overly aggressive.  Sometimes helpful but even if you make it clear that you are just looking, they keep laying it on hard.

22.  Origins Starting Over Age-Erasing Moisturizer with Mimosa.  This sample lasts me a long time as it is a thick heavy moisturizer for my oily skin.  However, I do not shy away from such moisturizers, I just use them in small amounts or mix them with foundation to make a tinted moisturizer.  I will always welcome another sample of this one but I probably would never buy a full size until the winter.

23  Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream.  This smells like coconutty heaven!  It's super oily thick, definitely an overnight treatment for driest of feet or for those of us who love to have super soft feet.  This was a sample I received from a order.    I like it but I have a ton of straight up coconut oil to slather on my tootsies.  I just wished it smelled as good as the Burt's Bees though.

24.  Cell Ceuticals biomedical regenerative skin treatment.  I would use this after a good exfoliating cleansing like the Cell Ceuticals Micro-Resurfacing skin treatment.  This is another one that I need to have to use a full size to really see a difference but I liked that I didn't wake up with greasy face after using this the night before.  I will someday repurchase this.

25.  Cell Ceuticals Micro-Resurfacing skin treatment.  This is one of those face changing exfoliants.  You see smoother and feel softer skin after using this.  I would love to buy a full size to see what it can really do long term.

26.  Befine Night Cream.  I was really sad to see this used up. I want more!  I have a few others to use before I do repurchase this, but I definitely would rather be using this.  It has cocoa, millet and rice bran, super moisturizing, but not greasy, absorbs nicely and evenly into the skin.  It does say it will improve skin tone I believe it has.  If my cheeks turn scarlet in the next week or so, I will know for sure I need this product immediately in my life.  It is on my list to repurchase.

27.  EO Serenity Bubble Bath french lavender with aloe.  This was one of those crazy amazon deals that you don't know are a mistake or a real price.  I picked up 3 of these bottles for 99 cents I believe and they were actually shipped to me and the order was not cancelled.  I'm pretty sure I have one more bottle.  I love lavender and I put it in the kids baths as well.  It's paraben, polysorbate, disodium EDTA and sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free. It bubbles up to give you that luxurious soaking bath.  Yeah, it's all that and a bowl of kale chips.  Amazing stuff.

Okay, so I lied, I did leave the last 3 for last.  Sort of by design as I picked up all the other ones first and wanted to talk about these 3 last.

28.  L'OREAL Ever Creme Sulfate-Free Cleansing Conditioner.  This deserves a full review on it's own.  I've touched upon it before but this is the best cleansing conditioner, low poo (hate that term) sulfate-free one that I have tried and it is the best for my straight hair and slightly oily scalp.  I've tried Wen (too expensive) and I tried the Sally Beauty discount Hair One.  I like L'OREAL for a variety of reasons.  It is readily available and coupons for it are frequently available.  So you can purchase it anywhere from free (drugstore rewards & coupons) to $7.99.  $6 is the most common price.  I love the way is smells, like Bath & Body works Sensual Amber to me.  I love the way it makes my hair feels, hydrated, soft, smooth, with volume.  Both Wen and Hair One I felt like I needed conditioner.  I would have tangles and it was difficult to run a wide tooth comb through it.  I thought I was using them wrong, not using enough, using too much, used some as a leave-in treatment.  I didn't have to struggle to use L'OREAL.  You do have to work it in and it does lather, albeit slightly.  Add some more water, work it in.  And I can go 2 days without washing.  I cannot do that with any other shampoo, Wen, Hair One, Lush shampoo bar, etc.  A couple things I don't like.  It's only 8.3 ounces.   I need 20 pumps to do a full head (long hair and a lot of it).  I believe Wen and Hair One are 16 ounces.  Still a couple dollars cheaper than Wen, more expensive than Hair One.  However since I love it that much, I will and just did repurchase.  Without a coupon.  Yes I did.

29.  Pangea Organics Facial Mask Japanese Matcha Tea with acai & Goji Berry.  This one and Shea Terra Black Soap are neck and neck.  Shea Terra is still going strong though, it lasts a lot longer.  :)  However, I love this stuff.  It's stinky, makes your face look disgusting, total man-repeller, but it makes your face feel spa treatment-like clean and soft.  It really helps with the tone of your skin.  After most cleansers, toners, masks, my face will turn red, not with this one.  It's made with super ingredients and all the bad stuff is left out.  It's on my list to repurchase, as well as Shea Terra Black Soap.  I love them both!

Okay now the absolute best for last.

30.  VMV Hypoallergernics Re-Everything Eye Serum.  This was a sample from Birchbox in January I believe.  This is a life changing product.  I'm serious.  At first I liked it, kind of dismissed it as way too expensive.  Then I start seeing changes.  I thought I was getting wrinkles.  Well they are gone now.  Probably just dehydrated skin, but this penetrates and hydrates.  It plumps, firms, and depuffs in all the right places.  I really think it's one of those miracle products.  It's an $80 product so it should be performing miracles in my book.  Yeah I know, definitely one of the perils of sample boxes.  But at 30 mL, it will last me upwards of 9 months since the 12 mL sample lasted me 3 months of pretty much day and night use.  I do have a couple other night creams in my rotation, but this one is that special.  I do have a bunch of Birchbox points, time to cash them in!

So there you have it.  My March Empties!  It's amazing how much I go through.  I was going to keep all my empties for the entire year but I broke down and put my other 3 bags at the curb for recycling.  But I am starting to find those Holy Grail products which is very exciting.  Yay for sample boxes!

This is going to be another busy month for me!  2 trips planned so far that involve air travel.  One being IMATS NYC!!!

Very exciting stuff!

Hope your March was fab and your April even better!

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