Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little sparkling sunshine...

I picked up China Glaze Luxe & Lush over the weekend, (like I need another flakie top coat!) as it was the only one that really stood out from the Hunger Games collection.  When you have as much polish as I do, I've gotten to the point where I see the new colors as combination of polish that I already have.  It's my savvysense kickin' in!  But this flakie top coat looks like flecks of broken iridescent glass and I really like it!

Early spring always has me reaching for pastels and Sunshine Sparkle is a favorite. I love the pale yellow!  The formula is a terrible streaky mess though but this year it has dried out some and has improved.  Like a fine wine...  Well that's a bit of a stretch but it went on so much easier.  Only 2 coats!  I had a bubble or 2 and reached for something to layer on top.

Even my husband noticed my nails!  At dinner last night he remarked, "Your nails look like Easter eggs."  I guess he liked them?  lol

Excuse my cuticles, gardening is taking it's toll...  It will all be worth it when I'm crunching on fresh crisp spinach in my salad!

Sunshine Sparkle in the sunrise!

Enjoy the sunshine!