Monday, April 2, 2012

Birchbox Teen Vogue

I'm really behind on posting as you can tell!  But over a month ago Birchbox contacted some of their subscribers and asked if they wanted a Birchbox that was filled from items picked out by Teen Vogue editors.  I thought why not?

I was happy with the selections.  I can always use blotting tissues for my oily skin. I have used these and they do sop up quite a bit of my oilness.  I remember a friend of mine from way back was lucky enough to get her hands on Shiseido samples as her boyfriend's mother in college worked at the counter.  The product line just seemed so luxurious to me.  It's still does actually.  One that I really haven't tried.

I am very curious about trying the Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation as FleurdeForce on YouTube raves about it.  I just have no idea what my shade would be and have no way to get matched.  I suppose I'm somewhere between SP40 and SP50.  It's super waterproof and I would really benefit from that.  I love my BB creams but the humidity has already set in here in NC and I'm an oil slick way too early in the morning for my taste!  I do go on to every once in a while.  One of these days I will be brave enough to order it.

I've been using the Twistband Gold Metallic HairTie almost every day since I received it.  It is a bit stretched out but has outlasted the black bands I usually use.  I like to twist my hair up into a bun when it is damp for a head full of no heat beachy waves the next day.  I learned about this technique from BeautyFashionFitness on YouTube.  She uses Goody Spin Pins which I really want to pick up but with the Twistband you don't get the lines either.

The 2 full size products are essie a cut above and Tarte Lipsurgence natural lip tint in peaceful.

This wouldn't be a color that I would buy in this range of product due to the expensive nature of Tarte but I am very happy with it and use it quite often.  Usually when I am spending money on products like this I would pick something a bit more bold, more bang for my buck right?  And then it will sit in drawer for me to look at waiting for an appropriate time to wear it.  Sounds crazy but pretty much true!

It looks nice and subtle on the lips with a little plumping action from the peppermint oil.  It has a lovely scent and taste of it as well.  It's not sticky and feels more like a balm.  It is also formulated with Vitamin C & E and jojoba seed oil and all the bad stuff, i.e. parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrances are left out.  

I like the twist up applicator as well.  Sharpers and I do not get along.  I would like to try a darker color out to see if it truly stains the lips and see how long it actually lasts.  You can see this on my lips but it is subtle.  Which is what I do like about it.

Tarte has created a lovely range of products that I am looking forward to trying in the future.  You know, next year... :)