Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's not an illusion, or is it?

AVON Illusion is from the new spring collection.  This is such a cool polish!  It is also very difficult to photograph.  It's looks like a murky pale green/grey in most photos.  But while it is a murky pale green which in itself is cool, but it also has a fuchsia shift, making it super cool to look at on the nails and in the bottle.

However, capturing that elusive fuchsia is proving quite difficult indeed.  It is more prominent in real life but it is also interesting that the camera pics up a periwinkle blue which you don't readily see on the nail.

AVON Illusion

This is a very cool polish!   I really like interesting combinations, duochromes, multichromes, what have you. AVON is very affordable, I picked this up on sale of course, $1.99 or so.  Great formula, dries moderately fast.  I've had it on since yesterday about this time and no chips or dings.  Which seems funny, 24 hours, but most polish is chipping on me by now.  I'm very hard on my nails to say the least!

2 coats, 1 coat of Seche.