Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just a day without shoes...

Today April 10th, 2012 is "One Day Without Shoes."  To kick it off, TOMS and Essie teamed up to develop a Limited Edition nail polish called barefoot in blue.    

15,000 bottles were given away between March 7th and March 21st via facebook and I was lucky enough to receive one!   It's a gorgeous periwinkle blue jelly.  I love it!

But the real issue here is not about polish, but to "raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life by taking off our own."  

So I encourage you to take off those shoes, sandals, flip flops, for one day and see what it is like for a child growing up in poverty faces every day of their lives.  When we live in a world of excess, it is hard to imagine what life is like without such necessities.  Just never lose sight of how fortunate you really are.  Be thankful and grateful for each day.  :)

I will spare you of pictures of my feet.  This polish looks much nicer on my fingernails.   

Essie "barefoot in blue"